Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 280

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 280 Killing An Inborn Expert With A Single Palm Strike 2

"Heavenly Sound Acute Strike!"

Seeing four assassins approaching her, perspiration broke out on Tang Yinxuan's beautiful face.

Her fingers moved quickly on the zither and dense water attribute energy shot out like a waterfall.



Suddenly, Tang Yinxuan was shocked to notice that a string on her zither broke.

She slammed both of her hands heavily on the zither and a dense layer of water appeared in front of her.

The layer of water that spanned five to six meters and possessed immense energy swept towards the four approaching assassins.

"Haha, there's a saying in Heavenly Sound Sect that goes, 'One perishes or thrives with his instrument!' What an apt saying!"

When the four Half-step to Inborn experts saw the string on Tang Yinxuan's zither break, they smiled with bloodthirst.

The four assassins waved their daggers heavily. Dazzling glow shot out from the daggers and split the layer of water.


Crack crack crack!

The four daggers landed on the zither, breaking it. Cracking sounds broke out.

"Let's go!"

Seeing her broken zither, tears welled up in Tang Yinxuan's eyes. Nonetheless, she turned around rapidly and, to the astonishment of Wang Xian, carried him up and fled in the opposite direction.


Wang Xian was shocked to be carried by a beautiful girl.


Picking up the scent of Tang Yinxuan, Wang Xian was slightly embarrassed. He had wanted to make his move previously. However, he had not expected Tang Yinxuan to carry him away.

Do I need a woman to protect me?

Wang Xian was speechless. However, he felt a little apologetic when looking at Tang Yinxuan.

She chose to carry him away while sacrificing her beloved zither. This made Wang Xian a little touched.

"Escape? If you can escape from the hands of us, the Dark Conjurers, we wouldn't be known as the Dark Conjurers!"

An arrogant voice propagated, and soon, four hidden weapons shot towards them.

"Shit, hidden weapons!"

Tang Yinxuan was shocked. She immediately stopped in her tracks and dodged the hidden weapons by landing on the water surface.

She had Wang Xian carried in one hand as she was worried he would fall into the water. As she turned around, her face turned as white as a sheet as she saw the four assassins approaching.

Pa pa pa pa!

The four assassins surrounded Tang Yinxuan and stared mercilessly at her.

"Escape? You've got to ask if we, the Dark Conjurers, agree to it!" the four assassins said mockingly while staring at her.

"It's over!"

Tang Yinxuan's pale face stared intensely at the four Half-step to Inborn experts from the Dark Conjurers.

She turned her head to Wang Xian and remarked with a bitter expression, "I'm sorry. I had not expected these assassins to be this strong. Sorry for implicating you in this."

Seeing her apologizing to him, Wang Xian shook his head in embarrassment.

Luring the culprits out was his request and now they were stuck in such a situation.

Wang Xian felt that he had gone overboard by acting weak.

"It's alright. We will be fine too!"

Wang Xian smiled plainly at Tang Yinxuan before scanning across the four Half-step to Inborn experts from the Dark Conjurers.

Huh? Tang Yinxuan was confused to see Wang Xian smiling.

However, Wang Xian's voice sounded at this moment and disrupted her thoughts.

"This... Although my strength is that of Level 7, killing them is still an easy task for me!"

As she heard Wang Xian's response, she saw Wang Xian smiling at her.


Four cries sounded around her. Tang Yinxuan was astounded as she looked around her immediately.

Her eyes popped wide open as she looked on in disbelief.

The four Half-step to Inborn experts were being held by water streams. Horror filled their faces as they desperately tried to break free with all their strength.

However, their attempts were futile and their bodies sank below the water's surface. Their eyes were filled with desolation and horror as they slowly sank below the surface.

"Sink!" said Wang Xian light-heartedly.

"Cough, cough... This... How... is this possible?"

The four assassins' eyes widened as their bodies sank gradually towards the bottom of the water bed.


Tang Yinxuan turned her head around immediately and stared at Wang Xian in awe.

Feeling her arm still wrapped around his body, Tang Yinxuan immediately let go.

"Hehe. I wanted to make a move previously but you... Suddenly..."

Wang Xian shrugged his shoulders as he saw the expression on Tang Yinxuan changing and her eyes shimmering.

"Why didn't you make a move earlier? Tsk!" Tang Yinxuan sneered, turned around and dashed for the shore rapidly.

A poisonous snake attempted to bite her but was sent flying away with a wave and died horribly.

When she reached the shore and saw the zither that had cracked, she took a deep breath, slowly lowering her body and looking desolate.

She picked the pieces up one after another.

Wang Xian smiled bitterly and looked at the battle between Mo Qinglong, Mo Yuan and the other four assassins. A cold murderous light flashed in his eyes.

Mo Qinglong was pinning down two Inborn experts. He was just like a devil dragon in human form as he swung his dragon claw around.

The two experts from the Dark Conjurer battling him looked wretched. On the floor, the poisonous bugs weren't moving at all. Some were dead while others were shivering in fear.

"Finish that guy quickly and help us out!"

That ugly old man was trying to defend himself bitterly as he shouted to the two experts from the Dark Conjurers fighting with Mo Yuan.

"Damn it!"

The other two experts from the Dark Conjurers were engaged in a bitter battle too. Although they had the upper hand against Mo Yuan, Mo Yuan's horrifying physical body didn't allow them to take advantage at all.

It would be extremely hard for them to defeat Mo Yuan.

How could they be so strong! the four experts from the Dark Conjurers thought to themselves bitterly.

They were planning to flee the moment Tang Yinxuan was killed.

"You shall pay with your lives for killing the people from our Dragon Sect! We will definitely eradicate the Dark Conjurer!"


Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan shouted in unison as they launched a fearsome barrage of attacks.

"I'll definitely eradicate the Dark Conjurers!"

Wang Xian walked over and locked onto the four Inborn experts from the Dark Conjurers. The next moment, he struck!

"Shit! Where are An Ying and the rest?"

When the old man that was engaged in an intense battle with Mo Yuan saw Wang Xian attacking him, he was shocked.

A bad feeling welled up in him.

"Just a brat and you're thinking of interfering. Let me kill you first!"

The old man broke free from his battle with Mo Yuan instantly. Moving like a phantom, he attacked Wang Xian.


As an assassin, his movement techniques and speed were definitely top class.

The old man was extremely fast as he attacked Wang Xian. However, the speed he was knocked back at was also very fast. It was as though he was hit by a cruising airplane!

A black figure was knocked back!


The body of the old man was entrenched into the mountain directly, his eyes still opened wide and filled with disbelief.


The other three old men from the Dark Conjurers were completely dumbfounded as they looked across.

They saw... that young man brushing off the dust from his hands casually.

Killing an Inborn expert with a single strike!


A short distance away, Tang Yinxuan, who was picking up the pieces of her broken zither, saw it too. Her eyes opened wide and were filled with astonishment. She wasn't as composed and calm as she used to be at all.

"This rascal!"

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