Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 281

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 281 Crushed The Dark Conjurer With The Abyss 1

Finding it hard to believe, Tang Yinxuan gritted her teeth in anger.

How could this fellow have not taken a strike, given his incredulous powers? The fight would have ended long ago had he done so.


As she looked at her zither, she felt more enraged.

To the Heavenly Sound Sect, the destinies of the zither and its owner are intertwined. To make matters worse, this zither had been gifted to her by her mother.

Although this zither was no longer on par with her standards, she could not bear to have it replaced.

In the absence of her mother, the zither helped to alleviate some of her longings.

But now, the zither had been ruined.

"You how is this possible. Just how could this be!" the three Dark Conjurers fighting with Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan shrieked in astonishment. Fixing their gaze at Wang Xian in disbelief, their faces changed drastically.

"All followers of the Dark Conjurers shall die!" Wang Xian proclaimed. Despite his somber expression, he let out a glimpse of a smile.

Since it was an assassination group that had murdered Mo Ersan and Mo Sanyi, they shall be annihilated.

"Spare one, so we can find out about the Dark Conjurer's hideout," Wang Xian said dully.

"Trying to locate our base? Dream on! You're never going to find it, even at the cost of our lives!" the hideous Elder snapped with a grimace. His body was showing patches of crimson.

To which, all surrounding venomous worms were drawn to him. As they flew over, they attached themselves onto his body.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

The worms penetrated through his skin and into his body, forming patches of blood puss. The fact that they came in shades and hues made them appear all the more grotesque.

"We will seek revenge for us Dark Conjurers. All of you shall perish, including your loved ones!" said the nasty-faced Elder. Meanwhile, the attire on him started to melt rapidly as it gave off buzzing sounds.

A foul smell, with a mix of stale blood and whiffs of venomous liquids, was emitted from his body.

Soon enough, a monster-like creature emerged right before their eyes.

With a swerve, the monster lashed directly for Mo Yuan.

"Run!" two Dark Conjurer experts shouted, a drastic change of expression striking across their faces. With a swift turn, they tried escaping to further grounds.

"Trying to escape? Can you?" Mo Qinglong challenged them as he gave chase.

"Venomous creature?" Mo Yuan quizzed. He looked on coldly as the monster approached, about to attack.

As a memebr of the bloodline of the Divine Dragon, and one who practiced the Devil Powers, he showed no fear in the face of venom.

"How disgusting!" Wang Xian yelled. As he looked at the creature, which was oozing with the corpse fluid of venomous worms, he flanked his arm.

Streaks of water flowed from the riverbank and gathered over to his side.

Seizing the opportunity, Mo Yuan swept his dragon's claw past and smashed the claw into pieces.

Following the attack, Mo Yuan shifted his stance and chased after the two Dark Conjurer experts with lightning speed.

Given the capabilities of Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan, it took them little effort to apprehend the duo who were seriously battered.


Appalled, the two Elders were flung onto the ground, faces overwhelmed by pain and despair.

Raising their heads, they saw Wang Xian and the others approaching, and greeted them with grimaces.

Never in their wildest dreams had they expected to fail this mission.

Prior to this attempt, it had appeared to them that nothing would go wrong, having dispatched four Inborn experts.

Nonetheless, they still failed.

On the other hand, killing them appeared so effortless, thanks to the existence of this formidable trio.

From what they could recall, the only time they'd had to face such formidable experts was more than a decade earlier. During which, the Sacred Sect had sent out orders to exterminate the Dark Conjurers.

The entire Sacred Sect was deployed, and it was only then that the Dark Conjurers felt a looming sense of crisis.

Yet, this trio had given them the same impression this time round.

"Force it out of them. Make them spill out about the Dark Conjurers' hideout," Wang Xian told Mo Qinglong as they stood beside one another.

"Yes, Young Master!" replied Mo Qinglong while nodding. Slowly, he walked over to one of the Dark Conjurer experts and stared coldly in his face.

"Hah! Trying to make us spill on our hideout? Dream on!" the two Elders snapped. They glared on, eyes filled with bloodthirst; and as they turned, they were ready to end their own lives.


With quick reflexes, Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan reacted swiftly. Kicking at one of the Elder's Elixir Fields, they managed to stop them from attempting suicide.

After all, they had been trained assassins!

"Trying to end your life? How could we let you have it that easy?" Mo Qinglong snorted with a dismissive face.

"Hah! Hah!" laughed the two Dark Conjurer elders. Despite looking miserable, their gaze remained prickly cold.

Extreme disdain swept past their faces.

"You won't get any information from us; not even the Sacred Sect could manage. What's more, you people amongst all?" asked the two elders.

"Seems like there has been some serious brainwashing going on for these Dark Conjurers!" Mo Qinglong responded, slightly embarrassed. With a fling of his arm, he emitted a bout of devilish aura. The aura circled the duo's noses, eyes, and ears; before making its way into their bodies and entering their minds.

In an instant, the duo went into a daze, appearing as though their minds had gone blank.

"Out with it! Reveal your hideout," Mo Qinglong questioned flatly.

"Haha! Haha! Ah, ah, ah!" the two elders laughed goofily. Suddenly, this was followed by a loud cry.

This made Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan uneasy.

"Just kill them," Wang Xian replied, jaded.

Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan nodded as they looked on awkwardly.

"Little wonder why they remained in existence, despite the Sacred Sect issuing the order to kill. Each member of the Dark Conjurers has been hypnotized with a mental block. There's simply no way of learning about their base from them!" they said in realization.

"That remains to be seen," Wang Xian interrupted. Looking towards the river flow, he spotted a few of the black venomous snakes and peered at them coldly.

"Oh? Do you have a plan in mind, Young Master?" Mo Qinglong asked, somewhat stunned by the remark.

"There's a way," Wang Xian answered with a faint smile. He wanted to achieve what the Sacred Sect could not.

"This time, we'll wipe out the Dark Conjurers. We'll get ahold of the one who gave the order to kill us, and get rid of them altogether!" Wang Xian proclaimed placidly. As he did so, he stretched his arm out slightly, pointing in the direction of the river flow.

Instantaneously, the snakes shivered. As they lowered their heads, they swam towards Wang Xian, cowered in fear.

Tsk tsk. Tsk tsk.

Three snakes hissed as they lay beneath his feet, overwhelmed by fright.

"You happen to know where the Dark Conjurers are hiding?" Wang Xian asked the snakes composedly. Meanwhile, a message was being transmitted into their brains.

While the snakes were not bright creatures, they still knew a thing or two to say the least.

The three snakes nodded their heads, as if in response.

"Good!" Wang Xian returned with a toned smile. While the Dark Conjurers could induce a mental block on their assassins, they could not do the same on snakes.

Never would the Dark Conjurers have expected that as a Divine Dragon, Wang Xian could command other living creatures; even understanding them in their language.

Prowess of the Divine Dragon rules the entire animal kingdom indeed!

"Old Mo, summon those Dragonians from the Abyss as well. We should challenge those seniors since they too have founded a similar group. Let's see if we can pick up some of their skills!" Wang Xian instructed Mo Qinglong as he broke out in a radiant smile.

"Yes, Young Master. We'll contact the Abyss right away," Mo Qinglong answered while nodding. "To think that these seven founded the Abyss without a single henchmen. How absurd!" he chuckled.

"Let them be. The Abyss doesn't need much manpower anyway, so long as they're able to helm control over the world!" Wang Xian laughed back.

With the Abyss, we shall crush the Dark Conjurers!

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