Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 282

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 282 Crushed The Dark Conjurers With The Abyss 2

"Tang Yinxuan, for the next month, let me arrange a safe place for you. We have some matters to attend to!"

Walking back from Lianfeng Lake, Wang Xian looked at Tang Yinxuan, who was hugging her broken zither, and spoke to her awkwardly.

"It's alright. I'll go back to my Sect. I will be extremely safe there!"

Tang Yinxuan took a glance at him and soon turned her head back. "I'll tell my father that your mission has been completed."


Wang Xian nodded his head and the group found a hotel within the city center.

On the second day, the four of them took a plane to Ning City. This was the sacred ground of the Heavenly Sound Sect.

Having sent Tang Yinxuan safely into her sect, Wang Xian looked at Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan and asked, "Have they arrived?"

"They are all waiting at the Dong Ling Mountain Range!" answered Mo Qinglong as he nodded his head.

Dong Ling Mountain Range was the largest mountain range in the country and spanned over a thousand kilometers with a width reaching two to three hundred kilometers. It was also the largest primitive mountain forest in the country.

Within this primitive mountain range, there were various kinds of wild animals and a Dong Ling River that was several hundreds of kilometers long.

Famous mountains and huge streams were known to be the breeding ground for monsters.

At the edge of the Dong Ling Mountain Range, Wang Xian, Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan approached rapidly.

There were few people in this area and they were surrounded by pine trees, red spruce trees, white birch trees, poplar trees and many other kinds of plants. Every single tree was huge and over ten meters tall.

Between the trees, there was a small path that led to the mountain ranges.

At this moment, barely anyone was using the path.

"Young master, they are in one of the mountain peaks ahead!"

Mo Qinglong pointed to the highest mountain peak in front of him.

Wang Xian nodded his head. Moving off, he was like a huge roc spreading his wings as he leaped several tens of meters in a single jump. Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan followed closely behind him.

"Dragon King!"

At the peak of one of the mountains, seven figures in black attire stood on seven different trees. Seeing that Wang Xian had arrived, the seven of them immediately went on their knees.

"Not bad!"

Wang Xian scanned across the seven people and revealed a smile. Among the seven people, three of them had reached the Half-step to Inborn Realm while the other four were Level 9 Martial Artists.

This was a remarkable improvement.

"Let's go to the nest of the Dark Conjurers!" Wang Xian said to the seven people.

"Yes, Dragon King!"

The seven people lifted their heads. To Wang Xian's surprise, all of them put on masks.

They were masks made of metal with the design of a horrifying and savage devil.

At the location of the forehead on the masks, there was the word "Kill" in red. The mask together with their black attire made them look extremely dangerous!

"That's pretty cool!" Wang Xian smiled as he looked at the seven stunning masks.

"Dragon King, we have a few more here!"

A dragonian took out three more masks and passed them to Wang Xian, Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan respectively

"Haha, just right! Ten of us!" Wang Xian laughed as he put on the Abyss Mask.

The mask felt a little cold but was comfortable. It also didn't affect one's breathing and speech. Wang Xian didn't know what material it was made of.

Together with the black casual sports attire he was wearing today, it was quite a good match.

Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan also received the masks and wore them.

In that instant, a faint silent killing aura surrounded the group.

"Let's go!"

Moving his arm, a black poisonous snake appeared on Wang Xian's hand. The head of the poisonous snake pointed in a certain direction.

The ten of them moved rapidly as they pivoted off the mountain peaks that were five to six hundred meters tall.

They were just like figures in mythology who could cover several tens of meters with a single leap.

"What a majestic view!"

Wang Xian landed on the tip of a tree on the mountain peak as he looked around and was slightly shocked by the scene.

Within the primitive mountain ranges, there were wild boars, rabbits, chickens and all kinds of animals running around.

As the poisonous snake did not have its intelligence manifested, it couldn't express an exact location. Therefore, the group could only search for the location.

Nonetheless, their speed was incredibly fast. When moving at full speed, they could reach a hundred kilometers an hour.


After moving through the mountain ranges for four hours, a huge waterfall appeared in their sight. Below it was a huge river.

This must be the Dong Ling River! Wang Xian thought to himself before taking a glance at the surroundings.

"Let's take a break here. Go get some wild animals to eat!"

"Yes, Dragon King!"

The dragonians nodded their heads and dispersed to the surroundings to look for food.

Wang Xian walked to the edge of the river and looked at the waterfall.

Soon, the dragonians returned with wild chickens, rabbits and some fish.

Wang Xian opened his mouth, took out the dragon ball and placed it on the floor like a piece of roasting equipment.

The wild animals were delicious and more fragrant than typical meals. The aroma of the meat could whet one's appetite.

Wang Xian sat on a stone bench while observing the surroundings with a faint smile.

Rattle rattle rattle!

"There's water ahead. We finally found a water source! This mountain is really dirty. Wash up and let's have lunch!"

"I wonder if we could find that spiritual treasure. Eh! There are people here!"

At this moment, a group of over a dozen people walked out from the forest. The group was made up of men of different ages.

They had uniform style longswords in their hands and everyone wore identical yellow attire.

The group walked out from the forest of the mountain and looked inquisitively at Wang Xian's group.

When their eyes fell on the masks on their faces, they were baffled.

"What a strange group of people!"

"They are most likely martial artists!"

They whispered softly among themselves and headed towards where the river was.

"Xiao Yuan, get a few people with you to hunt some wild animals and start a fire here. We will be taking a break!" a middle-aged man instructed a few young men.

"Yes, master!"

The group of young men nodded their heads before dispersing. Some went into the forest while others went into the river to catch fish.

"I guess they are here to capture that spiritual animal too. It seems like there will be several sects and families who will be here!"

The middle-aged man took a glance at where Wang Xian and the group were before whispering to the two old men beside him.

"Hehe! We certainly must get the spiritual animals. Within this vast mountain range, there are really lots of treasures!" an old man commented confidently as he observed the surroundings.

The middle-aged man beside him smiled and revealed an equally confident look.

"Wandong, come over. Lend me your sword to start a fire!"

Beside them, a young man shouted at the other man.

"Don't use my sword! We can just start a flame by getting a spark from the others."

That young man pouted and directed his eyes at Wang Xian and the crowd.

"All of them are wearing masks and are likely not very sociable!" the young man saw Wang Xian's group wearing mask and reminded softly.

"Haha, we are just getting a spark from them. Moreover, they have to remove the masks at some point to eat! Otherwise, they will have to tear their food into shreds before eating!"

The young man chuckled and walked towards Wang Xian directly.

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