Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 283

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 283 Crushed The Dark Conjurer With The Abyss 3

"Gentlemen, could you spare us a fire to start ours?" a young man said to Wang Xian and the gang as he approached. But soon enough, he was stunned by the sight of the Dragon Ball on the ground.

Emitting a gentle flame, the Dragon Ball helped to roast the peasants and hare caught in the wild.

"Gentlemen, this fire-starter of yours, what what is it?" the young man asked as he expressed his shock.

"There's no fire to lend. Off you go!" a Dragonian replied to the young man apathetically as he raised his head. Donning a face mask from the Abyss and speaking indifferently, the Dragonian appeared strikingly aloof.

As he saw the Dragonian's icy gaze, the young man turned and stepped away. "Just say so if you don't wish to spare. No need to say there's none when it's just right there!" the young man pouted.

When he returned, he was received by another young man in sarcasm.

"Ah ha! Why did you fail? Like I said, one look and you can tell that group of men is difficult to get along with," the latter remarked snidely.

"Humph, just a few who can't even show their faces! What's so great about them?" the young man complained in resentment.

"Though I have to admit, their fire-starter looks pretty amazing. It's a bead colored bright crimson. And the bead emits fiery red flames from the top!" the young man continued.

"A Flame Bead?" this fellow asked with a face full of doubt, slightly taken by surprise.

To which, the young man replied, "Yeah, a bead. One which emits streaks of flames from the top!"

"A bead?" came a questioning voice. The conversation between the young men was overheard by several middle-aged elders nearby.

Astounded, one of the elders sporting crimson hair began to shift his gaze. He looked over in the direction where Wang Xian and the gang were.

When he spotted the Dragon Ball on the ground, a glow flickered over his eyes as they narrowed.

"What is it, Old Huo?" a one-eyed elder asked. He had a look of doubt on his face, as if sensing something amiss.

"That's a Flame Bead!" the red-haired elder exclaimed while turning his head. As he said so, his eyes squinted into a deep gaze.

"Flame Bead, huh? That's a Spiritual Treasure of the Fire Element!" the one-eyed elder said in response.

"To think that they're using such a gem to feed a fire. What a waste!" the red-haired elder continued.

To which all the middle-aged elders sitting around turned their heads and looked over with sparkling eyes.

Every Spiritual Treasure has its strengths. Those of exceptional powers can even help their owner challenge someone to a class-superseding fight.

The crowd fixed their gaze on the Spiritual Treasure which was sustaining the fire with a glow in their eyes.

After exchanging glances, the elders said "Come on!" in unison and slowly made their way over.

"Greetings, I am Leng Wujian from the Guang Shan Sword Sect!" The red-haired elder introduced himself.

While walking over, he eyed Wang Xian and the gang; but his eyes were mainly fixated on the Dragon Ball.

"Speak!" Mo Yuan answered sparingly.

"Everyone, it's a waste to be using this Flame Bead for a fire. I would like to buy this Flame Bead with fifty Spiritual Stones. What do you say?" the elder offered.

Although Spiritual Treasures such as the Flame Bead and Water Bead were not exceptionally rare, an ordinary Flame Bead would have cost anything between sixty to seventy Spiritual Stones.

Fifty Spiritual Stones, as offered by the elder, was a price much lower than usual rates.

"No, we're not selling. Leave us alone," Wang Xian rejected outright as he looked over at the five.

"Are you not?" the red-haired elder inquired again, completely unaffected by the response.

He briefly skimmed past the people around.

Stretching his hands, ten Steel Beads appeared in each of his palms, each the size of a thumb.

Which thereafter, went straight for Wang Xian and the gang, and began to attack.

But each one of the Steel Beads had not struck them at their vital points, which made it obvious that this was merely a test.

Bang, bang, bang!

A Dragonian swung his arm, and the stones lying around began swerving towards the Metal Beads in counterattack.

Scores of stones had managed to intercept the Steel Beads mid-air.

"Eh?" the red-haired elder exhaled. His eyes dimmed wearily, seeing how one person was all it took to intercept the attack by his ten Steel Beads.

Standing next to the red-haired elder, the one-eyed elder waved his arm at Wang Xian and gang.

"Haha! Such Kungfu skills you have, gentlemen! I'm in awe!" he praised. [1]

Meanwhile, the one-eyed elder exuded a mild but powerful Inborn aura, which could not go unnoticed.

"Sorry to have disturbed you, gentlemen!" the elder excused himself and gave a wide smile. As he turned around to take his leave, the rest in his company followed quietly and left with glistening eyes.

"Huh?" A few Dragonians gestured as they eyed the elder and company, before turning towards Wang Xian and the gang.

"Kill!" Mo Qinglong ordered in a single word when he saw Wang Xian remaining silent.

"The masked man who stopped my Steel Beads earlier. He's rather capable, a Half-Step Inborn expert to say the least. But the abilities of the other nine are unknown," commented the red-haired elder.

"We'd better not antagonize them since we don't know what they're capable of!" the others chipped in.

"Such a pity though. I wonder what level that Flame Bead of theirs is!" the group of middle-aged elders trailed off as they went.

It was very common for people to kill and loot within these deep mountains and meandering streams.

But they were more alert in comparison, having tested the abilities of the other party.

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

Just then, they heard the sound of stomping coming from behind. The faces of the five intensified and they turned around immediately.

They saw a group of masked men coming straight at them. They were closing in for a fierce attack as ferocity filled their faces.

"What?" the elders screeched, mildly shocked.

"They have a death wish. How dare they attack us!" hollered the red-haired elder. With an unyielding face, he drew his long sword.

"Hah! Do you realize your foolishness for testing an assassin from the Abyss earlier!" a Dragonian ridiculed unsparingly. As bloodthirst filled their eyes, the Dragonians charged directly at the elders.

Mo Yuan too made his move, and he targeted straight for the one-eyed Inborn elder. Whereas the other three Half-Step Inborns focused on the red-haired elder. After all, Mo Yuan was an Inborn Expert as well.

"Assassins from the Abyss?" blurted the crowd from Guang Shan Sword Sect, slightly startled. Faces dimmed as they drew their swords immediately.

"I don't care who you guys are. By attacking us, you're asking for doom!" the red-haired elder and one-eyed elder bellowed in unison. In a change of stance, the duo imposed a terrifying Inborn aura, which surged ahead toward Mo Yuan's group of eight.

"Tsk tsk, I'll send the bunch of you to the Abyss!" a Dragonian remarked.

"Send them to the Abyss!" the rest of the Dragonians chimed in and charged ahead with bloodthirst.

"Send us to the Abyss" one of the middle-aged elders mumbled.

Little by little, his face was overcome by shock. "You are Assassins from the Abyss!" the elder shrieked in realization.

"What! Assassins from the Abyss!" five elders yelped in a state of panic.

Assassins from the Abyss, or the Abyss in short, was a group of powerful killers that had newly emerged in the underworld.

The Abyss became known after having wiped out another assassination group within the underworld. In addition, they had risen further in fame when they assassinated an Inborn Expert from the Gambling City within a short time span.

This powerful force had made their mark despite its recent establishment. This no doubt made it a force not to be reckoned with.

Assassins, one of the most haunting existences in the underworld.

Faces on the members from the Guang Shan Sword Sect grew bleak. Never had they expected to incur the wrath of the Abyss Assassins with a mere test.

As for the assassins, they would show no mercy. Incur their wrath, and endless killing awaits!


[1] Kungfu refers to "Martial Arts"

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