Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 284

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 284 Crushed The Dark Conjurer With The Abyss 4

"I'll send you guys into the abyss. What a catchy slogan!"

Wang Xian sat by the side and watched the seven dragonians chanting the slogan. On his face, a smile was revealed.

The seven dragonians created the Abyss and wore the Abyss Masks. Together with the slogan of "I'll send you guys into the abyss," they looked extremely attention-grabbing and cool.

He looked plainly at the seven dragonians battling the crowd from the Guang Shan Sword Sect.

These five people from the Guang Shan Sword Sect were rather interesting too. They were probing and trying to find out the strength level of Wang Xian's group initially. When they realized Wang Xian's group were stronger, they immediately wanted to leave.

Wang Xian was sure that if the other party found them to be weaker, the other party would definitely kill them and plunder their valuables.

"A group with no idea of death or dangers! What a stupid way to die!"

Assassins wouldn't be merciful. When the Guang Shan Sword Sect wanted to probe about their strength level, their outcome had been decided!

"Shit! Master, Elders and the Vice Sect Leader are fighting with them!"

At this moment, the disciples from Guang Shan Sword Sect, who were starting the fire and returning from their hunting in the forest, were shocked to see their people engaged in battle.

"I'll send you guys into the abyss. That's the slogan of the Abyss!"

"Assassins from the Abyss! They are assassins from the Abyss!"

"How did Vice Sect Leader and our Elders offend them?"

The group of Guang Shan Sword Sect's disciples were flabbergasted. They immediately grabbed their longswords and stared worryingly at the battles.

The young man, who had gone to borrow a light, was breaking out in cold sweat. Looking at the group of people in black attire and wearing the Abyss Masks fighting with his Vice Sect Leader and Elders, he couldn't help but swallow his saliva.

Luckily, he had not made rude remarks about them. Otherwise...

However, he soon recalled that he seemed to have mocked them previously.


At this moment, three cries resounded.

The old man with red hair and the old man with a single eye were surprised as they looked to the side immediately.

"It's time to enter the Abyss!"

A cold and deep voice sounded as the three middle-aged men lay on the floor. Their eyes were wide-open and their expressions were filled with disbelief.


The savage-looking masks appeared in front of the old man with red hair and the old men with a single eye. Feeling the powerful and intense attacks, the two old men were horrified.

"We... Why did we offend them?"

The despair that originated from the abyss slowly crept upon them. Their eyes were wide open as they narrowly withstood wave after wave of horrifying attacks.


In less than twenty seconds, two figures smashed heavily towards the waterfall. Signs of life had completely slipped off their bodies.

"Just two Exploratory Inborn experts and yet you dared to mess with us?"

Mo Yuan looked at the corpse being carried away by the waters with contempt before returning to the side of Wang Xian.

The other dragonians also turned their heads over and returned to their initial position.

However, one of the dragonians paused and looked towards that young man.

"No, no... Don't kill me. Don't kill me!"

That young man, who had mocked them previously, was shivering and fl.u.s.tered as he noticed the assassin from the Abyss that had easily killed his Vice Sect Leader and Elder looking at him.

The other disciples of Guang Shan Sword Sect were also horrified as they stumbled back constantly.

"Your tongue is a little loose. Let me send you into the Abyss!"

That dragonian stared at the young man. The next moment, he moved.

"No... Don't!" The young man waved the longsword in his hand and was screaming with desperation.

Argh... Cough, cough!

Soon, the cries died down. He landed on his knees before falling flat.


The dragonian walked back to his position emotionlessly, ignoring the remaining members of the Guang Shan Sword Sect.

The remaining disciples of the Guang Shan Sword Sect were shivering in fear at this moment as they witnessed the development of events.

"Run, run now! They are... They are the devils of the Abyss!"

The group glanced at the ten people wearing masks before running away in the opposite direction in horror.

"We will move out after eating!"

Wang Xian looked plainly at the corpses around him and didn't say another word.

The Abyss wasn't the embodiment of justice. If one had no idea of death or danger and offended them, his outcome would be identical to what the seven dragonians had said.

I'll send you guys into the abyss.

"Let's go!"

After finishing the meal, the group dashed towards the depths of Dong Ling Mountain Range again.

"We are almost there!" After an hour, Wang Xian slowed down abruptly and spoke to the dragonians around him.

He landed on the peak of a mountain and placed the poisonous snake on the ground.

Sss sss!

The black poisonous snake flicked its tongue out before crawling forward rapidly.

Wang Xian and the group followed closely behind.

Sss sss!

Just as the poisonous snake surmounted three peaks, it stopped and flicked its tongue out rapidly. Wang Xian and the group who had been following it were taken aback.

Ahead of them, countless small poisonous bugs lay on the ground.

The black poisonous snake flicked its tongue and these poisonous bugs seemed to have picked up the scent of their kind as they moved aside and opened a path.

"Poisonous bug! This mountain has lots of poisonous bugs!"

Wang Xian squinted his eyes and looked around him. On one of the branches, there was another black poisonous snake resting. If they were careless and were ambushed by it, they would likely die on the spot.

On a stone a short distance away, a scorpion lifted its tail up high. A faint green glow was shimmering on its tail.

"We are likely nearing the nest of the Dark Conjurers."

Wang Xian smiled faintly and commented, "The surrounding defenses of the Dark Conjurers are much stronger than the Flame Palace. Even an Inborn expert could fall and lose his life here if he was careless!"

Wang Xian waved his arms and the grass below the group grew at an astonishing speed.

The grass slowly surrounded them and prevented the poisonous bugs from attacking them or leaking the information of their arrival.

If the assassins of the Dark Conjurers could breed such poisonous snakes, these poisonous bugs would definitely be able to tip the Dark Conjurers off secretly.

Their bodies were almost entirely covered in grass as they followed behind the poisonous snake.

After surmounting two additional mountains, they noticed more and more poisonous animals. In fact, Wang Xian even saw a terrifying poisonous snake that was over six meters long.

The fangs of that poisonous snake were as huge as a person's fingers and looked horrifying. It would likely be able to kill experts below the Inborn Realm.

"Dangers are really lurking everywhere!"

Wang Xian observed the surroundings attentively. When they arrived at the peak, a huge mountain valley surfaced in front of him. Within the valley, there was a lake.

The lake was connected to the Dong Ling River.

The entire lake within the mountain valley was shrouded in fog. Heavenly rocs were flying over the lake and trees were grown around the lake. It was a majestic view.

"Huh? Who would have expected the center of what the poisonous animals were guarding to be such a beautiful lake."

Wang Xian looked down and saw the poisonous snake still crawling quickly. Its target seemed to be the lake in the middle of the valley.

Wang Xian wiggled, released himself from the grass that surrounded him, and followed behind the poisonous snake.

Grr... Woof, woof!

At this moment, an angry roar propagated and shook the atmosphere. The surrounding trees rustled from the shockwave.


Wang Xian was taken aback and looked to his left.

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