Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 286

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 286 I'll Send You Guys Into The Abyss 1

Wang Xian looked ahead. The base under the lake spanned three to four kilometers. It was just like a small town with some poisonous plants planted around it.

In the central location, the words "Dark Conjurer" were engraved forcefully over the entrance.

A blue light shimmered in the eyes of Wang Xian as he looked ahead of him.


However, he spotted two humongous animals resting at the two sides of the entrance.

Two huge pythons over fourteen to fifteen meters lay to the left and right of the entrance.

The pure black eyes of the anacondas emitted a soul-wrenching aura. When curled up, they were still three to four meters tall.

Blood Python: Level 10

Extractable Dragon Energy: 15,432

Two Inborn Realm Blood Pythons guarding the door! How extravagant. It seems like the Dark Conjurers are much stronger than the Flame Palace, Wang Xian thought to himself. As one of the top two assassin groups in the Underworld, the strength of the Dark Conjurers was unquestionable!

Wang Xian looked through the entrance and saw assassins living in different rooms.

In this place, there were all kinds of equipment. However, the people in it didn't show any emotions on their faces at all.

Some assassins were raising different poisonous animals in their rooms while others were sitting cross-legged in their rooms and cultivating diligently.

In the middle of the base, there was a huge training ground. The training ground could be separated into three regions.

In one of the regions, a group of teenagers were undergoing gruesome and bloody training. All of them looked younger than twenty years old.

These teenagers had a savage demeanor. Clearly, they could no longer be seen as innocent teenagers.

Addressing them as executioners might be more appropriate.

The savage and cold vibes emanating from them indicated that they had definitely killed humans previously.

This is what a real assassin group is like. Nurturing and training people into killing machines without any personal thoughts.

Wang Xian heaved a sigh when he saw the group of teenagers. Everyone in this place had murderous and savage vibes surrounding them.

Compared with Mo Yuan and the rest before they had become dragonians, the differences were stark.

No matter whether they were male or female, they were now all killing machines.

Close to the middle of the base, there was a relatively large room. Wang Xian took a closer look and saw a group of elders in the room.

There were a total of six elders. They stood in the room and were all looking towards a position above them.

"Huh? They are able to see what's happening above the lake from their room!"

Wang Xian was slightly shocked. The lake was seven to eight meters deep and wasn't exceptionally clear.

Looking down from above the lake surface, one wouldn't be able to tell what was below it. However, the Dark Conjurers were able to supervise the situation above the lake with another method.

Clearly, the sudden arrival of a group of powerful forces had made them feel a little anxious.

However, the few elders didn't show it on their faces. They were very confident about their base and were convinced that no one would find them here.

Even if the group of experts were in the vicinity of the lake.

"The entire Dark Conjurers' base has more than a thousand assassins and six Inborn experts. Furthermore, there are countless poisonous animals and two Inborn Realm huge pythons guarding the entrance!"

Wang Xian squinted his eyes and explained to Mo Qinglong and the group about what he had seen.

"From now onwards, let's send them into the Abyss!" Wang Xian realized that he was in love with this cool slogan as he remarked plainly.

Mo Qinglong and the crowd smirked. Under the disguise of the Abyss Masks, they looked extremely creepy.


Moving off, Wang Xian shrouded his dragon power towards the two Blood Pythons.

Mo Qinglong, Mo Yuan and the seven dragonians also struck as they dashed into the base of the Dark Conjurers.

Sss sss sss!

The moment Wang Xian stepped into the base of the Dark Conjurers, the two Blood Pythons lying at each side were instantly triggered.

They stared coldly at Wang Xian with the blood-red pupils.

"I wouldn't want to kill you guys. Keeping you guys alive would be beneficial to me!"

Wang Xian waved his arms as the dragon power weighed on the two huge bodies of the Blood Pythons.

Beside the Blood Pythons, there was a tuft of red poisonous grass. A dense stream of Azure Dragon Energy was injected into it directly.

The poisonous grass started growing frantically and wrapped towards the two huge Blood Pythons.

Wang Xian increased his speed to the maximum and landed two punches on the heads of the two Blood Pythons, knocking them unconscious before they could react.

"Kill!" shouted Wang Xian. He didn't attempt to hide their arrival at all as he shrouded the entire base under his powerful aura.

"Kill. We will send the Dark Conjurers into the Abyss!"

Seven dragonians let out a mechanical-like voice from behind their Abyss Masks which resounded in the entire base of the Dark Conjurers.

"What's the matter?"

Stifling pressure and the cold voice spread to every corner of the Dark Conjurers' base. The upper management of the Dark Conjurers, who were observing the situation above the lake from the room in the central location, were taken aback and instantly turned gloomy.

"Someone has infiltrated our base!"

"This is bad. Our base has been found!"

The six elders were shocked. Moving off, they jumped out from the room through the roof as they looked around them.

"Ten people!"

"Over there! Ten people who are wearing the Abyss Masks!"

"They seem to be the newly emerged assassins from the Abyss!"

The six elders looked across and saw Wang Xian and the crowd at the entrance. Instantly, their expressions turned solemn.

"I had not expected anyone to be able to infiltrate our base. They must die!"

"Ten of them! Kill them immediately!"

The voice of two elders propagated throughout the entire Dark Conjurer base. The next instant, the entire Dark Conjurers base seemed to have come alive. Assassins emerged from various rooms and corners of the base.

Every one of them had bloodshot eyes and was staring at Wang Xian and the group harshly as they emerged from their rooms. They jumped to the roof and looked down on the ten people.

Some poisonous animals also crawled rapidly out of the room.

Poisonous snakes, scorpions, spiders, blood-red ants and large centipedes.

On the ground, poisonous gas shrouded the paths. An ordinary person would die instantly from just a sniff of it.

On the roofs, over a thousand assassins were in position.

Wang Xian and the group paused and stood in a single row in front of the entrance.

The seven dragonians looked solemnly across all the assassins.

Dark Conjurers had lots of experts, including thirty to forty Half-step to Inborn experts. Moreover, these top-class experts specialized in killing and risking their lives. Any single one of these Half-step to Inborn experts would be at the pinnacle of the same level when placed in the outside world.

Together with these poisonous animals, they were incomparably horrifying.

The six elders moved like phantoms as they quickly made their way to the row of houses before the entrance. From above, they looked down coldly at Wang Xian and the group.

"You guys managed to find our base by yourself?" an old lady questioned.

What was horrifying about her was the poisonous snakes above her head. When the old lady spoke, they were hissing and spreading their horrifying mouths.

This made Wang Xian recall a horrifying movie he had once seen.

The old woman's face was full of wrinkles and her voice was coarse. When she spoke, it sounded like the pitiful cries of a ghost. Her eyes were staring at Wang Xian and the group just like how a poisonous snake stared at its prey.

"Yep, just the few of us!"

Wang Xian looked at the thousand assassins and countless poisonous animals in front of him and spoke plainly.

"Alright then. You guys can die now!"

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