Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 287

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 287 I'll Send You Guys Into The Abyss 2

"You guys can die now!"

A ghastly voice was heard from the base of Dark Conjurers underwater. All the surrounding Dark Conjurer assassins raised the daggers in their hands as soon as they heard the voice.

Daggers, the sharpest weapon for assassination.

Deadly and fatal at the sight of the blood.


Thousands of assassins spun into quick action under the old lady's order. They moved like a gust of wind, stone cold looks in their eyes.

Murderous and savage aura, filling the entire Dark Conjurers' base, could almost make any average person suffocate to death.

The thousands of top-notch killers were simply terrifying.

"I'll leave them to you guys!"

Wang Xian told the rest of the nine Dragonians, including Mo Qinglong and Azure Dragon. He did not make his move as he stared coldly at the six elders in front of him.

These six elders were the most powerful existences of the Dark Conjurers.

In particular, the old lady in the middle, who posed a slight threat to him.

Even though this old lady is not at the same level as Sui Huang, that old thing, it's just a mere difference.

Wang Xian looked at the old lady and pondered to himself.

"Go to hell. You'll become the food of the Dark Conjurers for barging in!"

A Half-step to Inborn Expert of the Dark Conjurers bellowed coldly and attacked them with a swift move.

"Hiak hiak, I'll send you guys into the abyss!"

Seven Dragonians yelped as they stared at the outspreading Dark Conjurer assassins charging at them with bloodthirsty faces.


Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan sprang into action too. Nine of them exuded immense clouds of devilish aura that masked their figures. Only a malevolent and cold-looking Abyss Mask was vaguely seen.

"Claws of the Devil Dragon!"

Mo Qinglong, Mo Yuan, along with the seven Dragonians, revealed their maximum strength. Faint dragon scales could be seen on their arms.

The dragon claws formed with demonic aura exhibited black l.u.s.ter and were as sharp as razors.


Nine of them knocked against thousands of Dark Conjurer assassins!

Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan swept their dragon claws and slashed dozens of Dark Conjurer assassins straightaway.

They were already Pinnacle Inborn to begin with. Hence, they could easily slaughter anyone who was not an Inborn.

Countless poisonous animals who just made their way before them on the ground were trembling with fear. They did not dare to strike. Deep down in their souls, the poisonous animals were fearful of the Dragonians who had Divine Dragon bloodlines.

Dozens of assassins had been killed after a moment of close-quarters fighting.


Six elders, standing in the middle of a rooftop, swept their icy gazes across Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan.

"Kill them all!"

The old lady in the center gave orders to two Inborn Experts beside her after observing the situation with an indifferent look.


Bloodthirsty looks surfaced on their faces as their eyes turned red, giving off a violent vibe.

"Ha, I'm your opponent!" Wang Xian said in a cold voice when he noticed that the Inborn Experts on the roof were about to strike.

His voice came through his Abyss Mask, which sounded robotic and cold.

No one could tell the speaker's age by his voice.

"Hur? Then kill this fellow first!"

The old lady looked at Wang Xian with lifeless eyes that seemed offish. The poisonous snake on her head was lifting its head, staring at him with a pair of dark eyes.

"I'll slay you first. How dare a worthless Abyss assassin barge in on the Dark Conjurers!"

As the two old men spoke, they rushed down from the roof, side by side, with daggers in their hands.

The daggers were reflecting green radiance as they were smeared with venom. No one could survive a cut!

Wang Xian quirked his lips at the corner when he saw the two Dark Conjurer Inborn Experts assaulting him.

He reached out his arm, sending a fiery-red ball flying out with rapid speed.

The Dragon Ball emerged ahead of him with sounds of water gushing in.

"Damn you!"

Upon hearing the sound from the entrance, the old lady's expression changed. She grabbed the poisonous snakes on top of her head and hurled them at the entrance.


Only after they were being thrown out, one realized they were three-headed poisonous snakes.

It was terrifying looking with three heads sharing a body.

The poisonous snakes exhibited imposing might as they opened their mouths and spurted out an ink-colored toxic mist.

The toxic mist lingered around the entrance, blocking the incoming flux of the water.

Wang Xian was not bothered by it at all. He looked disdainfully at the two Inborn Experts who darted towards him.


The Dragon Ball suddenly exploded into flames, encompassing the two Inborn Experts immediately.

"What a strong Flame Bead!"

The two Dark Conjurer Inborn Experts were appalled. They dodged to the side swiftly.


At this time, a soft dragon roar was heard coming out of the Dragon Ball. Soon after, two Dark Conjurer Inborn Experts watched in disbelief as daunting dragon claws emerged from the Dragon Ball.

The dragon claws seemed to be solid, formed out of magma. Drops of magma seemed to be dripping from them.


They came down and attempted to claw at the two Dark Conjurer Inborn Experts' heads.

The solid claws were about a half-meter in size each, giving off scorching temperature.

Two of them were aghast with a drastic change in their expressions as they quickly raised their daggers to block them.

Ka Ka Ka!

However, the sound of something breaking was heard when the solid dragon claws tore them with daunting might and temperature.


Two painful shrieks were heard, and the two Dark Conjurer experts turned into liquid as soon as the dragon claws struck them.

The Dragon Ball jerked gently as it slowly formed a head, body, and tail of a dragon before Wang Xian.

The Fire Divine Dragon was even more realistic than the one during the fight with Flame Palace. Its mightiness was stronger after absorbing the Spiritual Flame Ball and Body Refining Spiritual Flame Ball.

It was almost a Level 11.


A Fire Divine Dragon, seven meters long, had appeared in front of the Dark Conjurer experts and killed their two Inborn Experts in a split second.

All four Dark Conjurer experts on the roof had dreadful looks instantly.

"How can this Divine Dragon be possible?"

Radiance flickered in their eyes as they warily watched the Fire Divine Dragon that hovered in the air above Wang Xian.

The Divine Dragon seemed to be a living dragon. They could not have believed it was transformed from a Flame Bead if they had not seen it with their own eyes.

Ge ge ge!


All the poisonous animals were lying on the floor in the base of the Dark Conjurers. Some of them even tried to flee to the distance in horror as they lost all their fighting spirit.

All the Dark Conjurer assassins in the base were taken aback with a tint of shock flashing across their inhospitable faces.

"Today, we'll send Dark Conjurers into the abyss!"

Wang Xian stood there and spoke to the four Dark Conjurer experts with an emotionless voice.

"Abyss Assassins caught me by surprise. I wonder...how did we offend you guys!"

The old lady on the roof squinted her eyes into lines, just like snakes.

"The Dark Conjurers killed two of our people."

"So, the entire Dark Conjurers must be annihilated."

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