Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 288

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 288 I'll Send You Guys Into The Abyss 3

"You... are really brazen!" the old lady stared intensely at Wang Xian and said with her coarse voice.

She looked to the Inferno Divine Dragon but wasn't fl.u.s.tered at all.

"It's still an Inborn Realm existence after all. Today, I'll destroy it. After which, I'll make you into a puppet," the old lady shook her head as she said. She had a rather long neck that made her look rather creepy.

"Kill him!" the old lady said casually. The moment she gave her orders, all the people on the roof disappeared from sight.


The other three men didn't hesitate at all. They had a hundred percent confidence in the strength of the old lady.

"Hehe, you are also an Inborn Realm existence!"

Within Wang Xian's vision, the old lady had appeared above him, carrying two daggers made of bones in her hands. Her speed was astonishingly fast and her strength wasn't something that Mo Qinglong could match.

However, she was still just an Inborn-level expert. If one was considering her cultivation realm, she was probably at the Half-Step to Dan Realm.

Wang Xian lifted his head slightly and the Inferno Divine Dragon above his head did the same.


A stream of dragon flames spewed forward.

"What a strong spiritual animal!" the coarse voice sounded from the void space. A faint shadow shimmered and appeared three meters ahead of Wang Xian creepily.

"How quick!" Wang Xian commented plainly about the old lady.

The moment the old lady charged towards him with the two bone daggers, the tail of the Inferno Divine Dragon swept towards her.


The old lady sank the two bone daggers on the tail of the Inferno Divine Dragon. However, she was still knocked back several steps.

Shock gleamed in her eyes as she turned solemn.

"Let me hold this spiritual animal back while you go and kill him. This spiritual animal requires his manipulation to move!"

The old lady quickly noticed the crux of the situation.

She deduced that the Inferno Divine Dragon was a dead thing after all and required the manipulation of a human.

Just as she had expected, the Inferno Divine Dragon required Wang Xian to control it.


Wang Xian smirked and looked towards the old lady and three Inborn experts from the Dark Conjurers attacking him.

"Use all your trump cards!" the old lady added plainly. She extended her hands and stroked her hair, which was tied up.

Her hair was long and could almost reach the floor. When she released the knot, her hair turned completely green.

Although having green hair was a hilarious idea, the old lady in front of him at this moment was definitely frightening. [1]

Her hair was green and was even emitting a faint green mist. Every strand of her hair was like a poisonous snake as it stood up.

Her hair pointed directly at where Wang Xian and the Inferno Divine Dragon were at and it swayed.

A green tinge of light was cast on the old lady's face due to her hair. This made her look just like a vengeful spirit.

The other three Inborn experts from the Dark Conjurers took out small bottles, gritted their teeth and poured the contents into their mouths.

Gulp, gulp, gulp!

A nauseating voice sounded from them. The three experts looked ferocious and emitted strong decadent vibes from their bodies.

It was as though they had transformed from a human into a rotting corpse.

They wouldn't feel pain but would have a substantial increase in defense and potency of attacks.

"Arghhh! I'm going to bite you into pieces!"

The three experts from the Dark Conjurers seemed to be in intense pain in exchange for the horrifying strength from their rotting bodies.

"Haha, this is interesting!" Wang Xian looked enthusiastically at the old lady and three experts. The four people had increased their strength to a horrifying level by using creepy methods.

Even Mo Qinglong wouldn't be a match for any single one of them.

Wang Xian laughed loudly and opened his mouth.


The Inferno Divine Dragon flew above Wang Xian before turning into the Dragon Ball and returning to Wang Xian's stomach. After which, Wang Xian stretched his body a little.


At this moment, a one-meter-long divine dragon circled around Wang Xian constantly.

In the end, the divine dragon rested its head on Wang Xian's shoulder.

"Let's fight!"

Taking off, Wang Xian revealed an arrogant and unyielding expression. This was the first time he was able to fight without worries with all he had in his human form.

"I'll let you bring along your assassins from the Abyss to hell!"

The old lady attacked Wang Xian like a poisonous snake.

The three experts from the Dark Conjurers with decadent vibes also attacked at the same time.

"I'm the Dragon King! Now die!"

Wang Xian threw his claws forward. The Inferno Divine Dragon's instantly wrapped around his arm, covering his dragon claws with flames.

Sss sss sss!

The old lady met Wang Xian's claw with the two creepy bone daggers. At the same time, her hair charged towards Wang Xian like a nest of snakes.

Her green hair was rapid and cold like poisonous snakes. Facing her hair was similar to facing thousands of poisonous snakes.


The daggers of the other three experts from the Dark Conjurers were shrouded in a decadent aura. Above the daggers, a unique liquid was flowing. The moment the liquid dripped onto the ground, it corroded the ground and left a hole, approximately half a meter deep.

Incomparably horrifying!

"Is this witchcraft?"

Wang Xian squinted his eyes. The old lady used the blood and essences of a thousand poisonous snakes and witchcraft to grow her own hair. This allowed her hair to possess horrifying attacking potency and poison.

"How could some poisonous snake essences be compared with a divine dragon?"


Wang Xian growled loudly. The moment the soundwaves hit the old lady's hair, her hair instantly lost its attacking ability.

"The dragon rules the world!"

Wang Xian extended his arms and the Inferno Divine Dragon around him moved quickly on his arms accordingly.

Dense flames gathered and shot towards the old lady and the other three experts.


The horrifying flames dried the land completely once again. The old lady's hair was caught in the flames and was sizzling.

Horrifying cries that resembled the cries of a hundred ghosts sounded from the head of the old lady.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The old lady and the three experts from the Dark Conjurers were sent crashing back directly.


Wang Xian waved his arm once again. Scorching hot flames immediately swept towards their bodies.


When the flames landed on them, they cried pitifully.

It was as though they were being corroded by acid.

"So powerful. How can you be so powerful? Have you reached the Dan Realm? No, it can't be!"

The old lady looked savage. Only half of her hair remained as she looked on in shock.

The flames had also burnt away part of her clothes, revealing her green body.

She didn't seem to be a human anymore.

Ge ge ge, ge ge ge!

"Kill, kill, kill! I'll send you guys into the Abyss!"

At this moment, Mo Qinglong and the group let out a loud roar. They were drenched in blood by now. Within the short time frame, they had already slain hundreds of Dark Conjurer experts.

If it wasn't for the fact that they had the bloodline of the divine dragon, even Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan would have died under the besiegement of the crowd of experts from the Dark Conjurers.

"You want to annihilate the Dark Conjurers? Let me tell you this! Even a Sacred Sect wouldn't be able to do so!"


[1] Wearing a green hat (having a head of green hair) is symbolism for being made a cuckold.

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