Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 289

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 289 I'll Send You Guys Into The Abyss 4

The old woman's voice was hoarse.

She wiped away the blood at the corner of her lips before she jumped onto a roof.

The three Dark Conjurer experts retreated with malevolent faces.

Those fearless Dark Conjurer assassins who were besieging Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan stopped.

All of them moved back uniformly with their usual coldness in their eyes. There was no fear in them.

"Why? Trying to escape?"

Wang Xian glared at those Dark Conjurer experts as he approached them slowly.

Mo Qinglong, Mo Yuan and the rest moved together beside Wang Xian. All of them had their Abyss Masks on while casting them death stares.

They gave off a bloody, daunting, bloodthirsty and conceited aura.

As the group of Dark Conjurer experts retreated, they followed them slowly.

All of them moved as though they were ferocious men, entering a tiger's den.

"May the Master Conjurer of the Dark Conjurers arrive!"

"May the Master Conjurer of the Dark Conjurers arrive!"

The voice of the old woman was heard while the rest of the Dark Conjurer assassins were yelling at the top of their lungs with overwhelming passion in their eyes.

"May the Master Conjurer of the Dark Conjurers arrive!"


Those poisonous insects that were alive crawled slowly to a position on the middle of the ground.


A coffin slowly rose to the ground.

Ka Ka Ka!

Everyone heard the sound of a coffin opening.

"I said not to disturb me if there's nothing important."

An old but clear voice that sounded like metal was heard. The voice was so cold that it did not sound human.


A palm slowly reached out. But no, it was not a palm... It was a set of bones.

Stickman. He was totally a stickman.

His arm was almost twice as long as an average person's.

A black layer of skin wrapped around its bones.

"Master Conjurer, please exterminate the enemies for us!"

The old woman immediately knelt down.

"Master Conjurer, please exterminate the enemies for us!"

All the surrounding Dark Conjurer assassins knelt and shouted loudly.

"Someone broke into our base? Just kill them off then!"

The old and clear voice was heard again. Soon after, a figure slowly stood up.

A boney old man rose from the coffin without any flesh and blood on him.

His eyes were protruding out, and his mouth could not cover his teeth. No vitality could be observed from him.

However, this old man that was left with an almost skeletal body turned to look at Wang Xian and the rest.

"Kill them!"

The old man was slow in all his reactions as he had been in his sleep for an unknown period. He only managed to spit out two words softly.

Yet, he disappeared as soon as he finished those two words.

"Someone who is as strong as Sui Huang?"

Wang Xian drew a deep breath at the sudden sight of a coffin that rose from the ground. His pupils narrowed as an old man came into his line of sight in a split second.

"Master Conjuror, please kill them all. They have killed many of our members!"

When the old woman and the Dark Conjurers witnessed the disappearance of the old man, they exhibited immense confidence.

All of them were prideful as they lifted their chins. He was their Master Conjurer.

Invincible Master Conjurer! Their only faith! The founder of Dark Conjurer!

"Oh, serves them right for interrupting my sleep. Their consequences...Let them forever rest in their sleep!"

The ancient and aloof voice cut the air.

All the Dark Conjurers' eyes had fires burning fervently in them. They could not take their passionate eyes away as they watched the Master Conjurer annihilating their enemies!

The scrawny old man's eyes were cloudy as though he was unawakened.

Yet, his speed and prowess were terrifying.

While his voice still lingered in the air, the Master Conjurer was already standing beside Wang Xian.

He raised his palm and aimed for Wang Xian's neck.

Rough and straightforward with a speed that none of the Inborn Experts could match up with.

Invincible posture. Overlooking stance. He had it all.


Yet Wang Xian raised his arm and contacted with the old man's arm just when every Dark Conjurer thought their Master Conjurer could easily squeeze him to death.

"You shouldn't come out of your coffin again, and act c.o.c.ky, especially in front of me!"

Wang Xian's indifferent voice resounded in the entire Dark Conjurers' base.


All the Dark Conjurer assassins were shocked to see this.

That Abyss Mask man had blocked the assault of their Master Conjurer. But that was their Master Conjurer!

Even in the beginning when they were taken out by the other party, all of the Dark Conjurers were almost certain they could win when the Master Conjurer was summoned.

They had no doubt that there were no enemies that the Master Conjurer could not eradicate.

They stared at that arm that had collided with the arm of Master Conjurer.

No, that could not be called an arm. That was a monster's arm that seemed like some kind of dragon's claw.

"You're the first person that has forced me to display my full prowess in human form!"

Wang Xian stared at the skinny old man. At the same time, his arm had already turned into a complete dragon claw.

The fleshy dragon claws were not transformed from the Dragon Ball.

It was part of his Divine Dragon's body.


The protruding eyes of the Master Conjurer regained clear vision as a tint of surprise was revealed in them.

"Are you surprised?"

As Wang Xian spoke, another arm began to transform into part of the dragon. Slowly, he stretched out his other arm.

"I did not expect I would meet another expert at the same level!"

The Master Conjurer had already regained his clear vision with flesh and blood recovering creepily on his body. He jerked his arm, exuding murderous aura.

"You're still weaker than me!"

Both Wang Xian's arms had turned into dragon claws that were about a meter long. He grabbed both of the Master Conjurer's arms easily.

Terror was flashing in Master Conjurer's eyes. Just now, he had tried to struggle away with his full might, but he could not move a single inch.

This struck fear into him. How...was this possible!

"Since you don't want to stay underground, I'll send you to Heaven!"

Wang Xian scorned even though the old man was in Dan Realm.

However, his strength and body condition were the weakest in the Dan Realm.

How could such a fellow like him dare to crawl out of the coffin and boast that he could destroy him?

Wang Xian raised his dragon claws slowly.

"No!" Sensing that he was in complete confinement, the Master Conjurer panicked.

He lost all of his calm, relaxed, and casual look.


A dragon claw was brought down from the top, sweeping up daunting earth-shattering power that hit the Master Conjurer.

Instantly, his body and bones were crushed.


His body was sent flying in the air.

The Master Conjurer no longer made any sound.

Ka Ka Ka!

At this time, the unique glass on the top cracked and gave way as the Master Conjurer continued to fly up into the sky.

"This...No way!"

The husky voice of the old woman sounded petrified as she looked on in disbelief.

The Dark Conjurer assassins around looked up, as they were surprised and fearful.

Their faith, the founder of the Dark Conjurers, was sent flying off.

This time, they were all in a total panic as fear loomed over them.

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