Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 290

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 290 I'll Send You Guys Into The Abyss 5

As the creator and strongest expert in the Dark Conjurers, the Master Conjuror had not fought for a long time.

However, the invincible image of the Master Conjuror was vividly etched ito their minds.

He was their god and their belief.

Just a while ago, they were at peace and confident to see the Master Conjuror stepping out from his coffin.

As long as the Master Conjuror was around, the Dark Conjurers wouldn't face any grave dangers.

In their eyes, the Master Conjuror could kill many of their enemies in a single strike, even if the enemies might seem very powerful.

However, what really happened greatly tilted their long-held beliefs.

They looked in shock and horror at that Abyss' assassin whose hand had turned into a monster claw.

"Is this his true strength? Just... He didn't even utilize his full strength previously!"

An expert from the Dark Conjurers shivered and his eyes were filled with horror. His rotting body was gradually leaking fresh blood after having consumed the drug previously.

"No... This can't be possible. Our Master Conjuror won't lose!" the old lady cried out in disbelief with her coarse voice.

Defeat wasn't possible. Yet, they had lost so completely. The Master Conjuror had just stepped out, said a few words, took some actions and he was then defeated!

It was as though the Master Conjuror was just a small existence that the assassin could crush easily. The stark differences made it hard for them to accept.


Just as the old lady completed her words, the glass above them cracked slowly and the lake water gushed down on her head.

It was as though fate was reminding her that the Dark Conjurers were finished.

"Kill them!"

Wang Xian's emotionless voice resounded within the Dark Conjurers' base once again. This time, they were really going to "send you guys into the Abyss."


"Hahahahaha! I said that this Heavenly Hound belongs to our Sacred Soul Sect. You guys are still thinking of snatching it from us?"

At this moment, on the surface of the lake, the group of Sacred Soul Sect experts and disciples had surrounded the Heavenly Hound.

The Heavenly Hound stopped on the surface of the lake while barking indignantly.

A middle-aged man from Sacred Soul Sect stood beyond the encirclement. He looked down coldly at the several forces around and spoke.

The surrounding martial artists felt indignant but could only look helplessly at the crowd from the Sacred Soul Sect.

The Heavenly Hound had been tightly surrounded by them. Moreover, they were just First-class Forces and wouldn't dare to snatch the items of Sacred Soul Sect.

If it were something that had no owner, they might still put up a fight and compete with the Sacred Soul Sect. However, now that the Sacred Soul Sect had surrounded the Heavenly Hound, it was equivalent to the Sacred Soul Sect owning it.

If they still tried to snatch it from them, it would be identical to going against the Sacred Soul Sect.

Sacred Soul Sect was a Sacred Sect with a deep history. It would require all other forces currently around to work together to have a shot against them.

However, how could a heap of loose sand compete with a Sacred Sect?

The disciples of Sacred Soul Sect looked c.o.c.kily and coldly at the dozen-plus forces in front of them.

The Heavenly Hound was their belonging now!


At this moment, a loud explosion sounded from the bottom of the lake. Following which, a figure shot out and flew into the sky.

The sudden appearance of this figure from the bottom of the lake gave everyone in Sacred Soul Sect a scare.

Some Sacred Soul Sect disciples immediately dodged to the side.

"What's that?"

"A human figure?"

"Why would something charge out from the bottom of the lake?"

Everyone was baffled. The disciples of the Sacred Soul Sect and the experts from the dozen-plus forces were shocked to witness the sudden change.

They seemed to have seen a human figure shoot out from the surface of the lake to a height of over a hundred meters before falling heavily towards the surface of the lake.

Everyone looked in shock at that figure.


The figure sank into the lake once again, causing a huge splash.

"What's the situation?"

"Is that a human? It can fly freely?"

Everyone looked on in shock.

"Charge! Capture the Heavenly Hound!"

At this moment, an old man shouted enthusiastically as his eyes lit up.

The crowd of the Sacred Soul Sect was shocked. Following which, they realized that the Heavenly Hound, which they had previously surrounded, had charged out of the encirclement while they were distracted.

A young man looked at the Heavenly Hound and shouted angrily, "Shit! That Heavenly Hound belongs to our Sacred Soul Sect!"

Once the Heavenly Hound charged out of the Sacred Soul Sect's encirclement, it no longer had an owner. The surrounding forces had once again gained the rights to compete for it.

"The Heavenly Hound belongs to our Sacred Soul Sect!"

The three Inborn experts from the Sacred Soul Sect released their aura. Without consideration for the surrounding people, a horrifying aura shrouded towards the surroundings. An old man took out a white bead from his chest gloomily.

"Under the illumination of the Sacred Soul, everyone will be enlightened. Everyone will have to kneel down!" mumbled the old man as the white sacred bead glowed in dazzling light.

Carrying the light, he charged ahead of all the forces. With a haughty and cold look, he looked down on everyone as though he was passing judgement.

"Everyone, do not take a further step forward!"

The domineering voice of the old man sounded. The dazzling light shrouded an area of a hundred meters. Within this space, what was left was just endless white.

Even sunlight couldn't shine through it.

"What? Sacred Soul Bead!"

"Shit, who would have expected the Sacred Soul Sect to have brought along the Sacred Soul Bead!"

"Damn it! Although the Sacred Soul Bead isn't that powerful, it could still temporarily halt four to five Inborn experts in the hands of an expert of the Sacred Soul Sect."

The surrounding crowd looked indignant once again. They had not expected the Sacred Soul Sect to be hiding their strength all along.

Once again, they experienced how terrifying Sacred Soul Sect was.

Unfathomable! Their trump card was something they could never match.

"Imbecile! If you still dare to run, I'll slaughter you!"

An Inborn expert from Sacred Soul Sect looked furiously at the Heavenly Hound who was shrouded in strong aura.

"Run? You've got to ask if we, the Sacred Soul Sect, agree to it!"

The disciples of Sacred Soul Sect surrounded the Heavenly Hound once again and locked their eyes on it.

Grrr, woof, woof~

The Heavenly Hound growled and stared furiously at the surrounding crowd.

"Haha! If we let you escape this time, our Sacred Soul Sect would let down the name of a Sacred Sect! You are just an imbecile! Don't even think about becoming a demon!"

The disciples of the Sacred Soul Sect stared harshly at the Heavenly Hound.

"Huff! Forget it. I give up. We can't possibly win against the Sacred Soul Sect!"

"This Heavenly Hound is now the belonging of the Sacred Soul Sect. We have no more hope!"

"It would be hard for the Heavenly Hound to escape this time!"

The surrounding crowd sighed one after another.

Boom boom boom!

Just as the crowd was whispering, more figures flew from the bottom of the lake and into the skies once again.

This time, it wasn't just a single person.

Everyone was shocked once again and this included the disciples of the Sacred Soul Sect.

The crowd's attention fell on the human figures that were dashing out from the water surface.

However, the location they came out from happened to be where the Heavenly Hound was.

The disciples of the Sacred Soul Sect immediately moved aside. As for the Heavenly Hound, it found another opportunity to escape.

"F*ck! Who the hell are they? Are they seeking death?"

An Inborn expert from the Sacred Soul Sect shouted furiously when he saw the Heavenly Hound escaping once again.

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