Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 291

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 291 Terror Strikes Amongst The Heroes

The Sacred Soul Sect had gone through pains before they managed to entrap the Heavenly Hound. It would not be long before they finally captured it.

Alas, a black shadow emerged from the bottom of the lake and soared into the sky, before plunging back into the waters. This allowed the Heavenly Hound to escape.

When they exhausted all means to entrap the Hound a second time, another Black Shadow came zipping past yet again.

This time, it was not just one, but up to ten shadows coming up simultaneously.

This gave the Heavenly Hound another chance to escape.

Members from the Sacred Soul Sect were fuming in anger over the constant harassment. It was akin to offending the sect by tugging at the dragon's beard. To which, the offender was courting death.

An Inborn Expert of the sect glared coldly at the ten who landed on the waters. As he did so, he scowled. "How dare you antagonize the Sacred Soul Sect time and again! You're courting death!"

The ten, each wearing a black mask from the Abyss, looked grubby and possessed an air of bloodthirst.

"Ten masked fellows who cannot even show their faces! You've pushed the limits to our tolerance. Should you not come up with a perfect explanation, you'll sink in the lake forever!" an elder warned.

Holding the Sacred Soul Bead in hand, the elder stared at the ten masked men with a somber face.

Upon hearing the commotion, Wang Xian, Mo Qinglong, Mo Yuan and the seven Dragonians frowned. "Huh?" they quipped, before looking in the direction of the Sacred Soul Sect.

"A bunch of lawbreakers. Now take your masks off!" a disciple of the Sect snarled. With a face of fury, he attacked Wang Xian and the gang who were standing near him.

Fancy launching an attack without knowing the details. How overbearing!

"This group is about to meet their doom for disrupting the plans of the Sacred Soul Sect!" said the sect members.

"The Sacred Soul Sect has blown their top. Let's retreat!" The forces standing around panicked.

Bang, bang, bang!

It was at this moment that something more shocking happened right before everyone's eyes.

Figures shrouded in austerity had flung themselves out of the water, from the bottom of the lake.

In no time, more than twenty had emerged.

One could sense the desolation that the group evoked as they remained in utter silence. The old lady standing in the middle was even shivering.

Upon emerging, another old woman let out a blood-curdling shriek, which chilled everyone to the bones.

"It's Heaven's will that we Dark Conjurers are wiped out. But you, Abyss; even if I should turn into a vengeful ghost, I'll never let you off!" she screeched.

Prior to this, the glass shield which defended the Dark Conjurer's base from the top had cracked. From which waters were gushing in at alarming speeds.

Meanwhile, Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan had led the seven Dragonians into a massive wipeout of the Dark Conjurers underwater.

Within minutes, only a little over twenty Dark Conjurers were left. Disheartened, they were left in panic and fear.

This was so, even as the most formidable amongst Wang Xian's group of ten, also the one to have killed their Master Conjurer in a single palm-strike, had yet to make a move on them.

As the entire Dark Conjurers' base collapsed, the masked men from the Abyss made a dash for the lake surface. Left with no solution, rushing out was all they could manage.

"Whoever provokes us from the Abyss will be annihilated, even if you're the Dark Conjurers. For which, you shall be banished into the Abyss!" Mo Yuan turned to the remaining Dark Conjurers and said, all apathetic.

Among the twenty left were four Inborns, while the remaining were all Half-Step Inborns.

"Hah! To think that we Dark Conjurers have actually fallen by the hands of the rookie Abyss, after dominating for half a century. Hah! How unexpected. Truly unexpected!" the group ridiculed. Since the assassination of their Master Conjurer, they had lost all will to retaliate.

"I'll send you all to the Abyss!" the Dragonians warned. In one shift, the seven charged forth at striking speed. Along with Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan; they made their way towards the remaining Dark Conjurers.

The surviving Dark Conjurers showed no signs of struggle. They had given up on fighting back. Knowing that the formidable masked man was amongst their opponents, any form of struggle would only prove futile.

Raising their heads, their faces were overcome by insanity and grimacing. Turning towards the sky, they let out a spooky laugh.

"Hah! Even if I should transform into a vengeful spirit, I'll never let you people off!" they vowed.

While they laughed, they exuded an eerie albeit overpowering aura.

Even in death, they would meet their maker smiling with pride.

The atmosphere began to fill with gore, tyranny, brutality, and bloodthirst, which took the people around by surprise.

At that very moment, they could not help but feel shivers down their spines.

Bam, bam, bam!

Soon enough, the remaining Dark Conjurers turned into corpses. As they dropped into the lake, their bodies gradually sunk to the bottom.

"What What's the catch now?" the crowd asked, in shock as they looked on.

This was abruptly followed by a group of experts emerging from the waters. It was the ten masked men from the Abyss.

To think that those horrifying and tyrannical experts had been slaughtered by these masked men easily...

And the onlookers could still remember the sense of despair in the eyes of those slaughtered.

It was not a case of unwillingness, but rather the sense that it was no longer necessary for them to retaliate. They had felt unfit to put up a fight.

All of this despite the fact that they had a group of twenty, which included several Inborn experts amongst other Half-step Inborns.

Just what sort of experts are those masked men, to be able to force the surviving Dark Conjurers into giving up?

At the thought, the Inborn experts and disciples of the Sacred Soul Sect could not help but gulp.

As for those twenty, the stance they displayed right before they perished was simply horrifying. It was more than what would be needed to wipe out all members of Sacred Soul Sect present.

Everyone began to look over in the direction of the ten masked men.

"Earlier just earlier The old woman seemed to have said that they're the Dark Dark Conjurers..." some stuttered.

"That's right, those killed were the Dark Conjurers. Goodness, so the Dark Conjurers have been annihilated! Wiped out!" others chimed in.

"The Dark Conjurers have been destroyed. How how could this be? They're the most formidable assassin group in the underworld. Even the Sacred Sects have found them hard to remove!" a middle-aged elder squeaked.

Meanwhile, the faces on everyone scrunched in utter disbelief, along with shock.

The Dark Conjurers have been annihilated!

Once again, everyone focused on the ten masked men.

"I'll send you to the Abyss! Aren't they the Abyss who have just risen in fame within the underworld?" one questioned.

"The Abyss. The ones with the signature masks, and who will roar confidently before they kill. I'll send you to the Abyss! It's them. It's got to be them!" another replied.

"To think that it's the Abyss who've wiped out the Dark Conjurers. Goodness. Oh, goodness!" more chipped in.

"Frightening. How frightening!" the rest commented.

"The rise of yet another threatening force in the underworld!" the rest concluded.

The multiple forces chirped as they looked at the ten masked men. Overwhelmed by shock, their eyes gushed in fear.

The annihilation of the Dark Conjurers was a feat even the Sacred Sect could not achieve.

"That is not filth on them. That's fresh blood!" one of the Inborn experts mumbled as he stared at the masked men.

Even as an Inborn expert himself, seeing the blood and gore on the ten gave him chills.

"Did you say you're going to let us remain under this lake forever?" Mo Qinglong asked. To which, he turned his head back briefly to look at the crowd from Sacred Soul Sect.

Blop, blop, blop!

While he spoke, the base of the Dark Conjurers collapsed in complete destruction. The surface of the lake started to cave in, and as it did, the waters started bubbling.

Suddenly, dead bodies flushed out of the lake waters from the bottom.

One by one, slow but steady.

Just gazing over, one could spot corpses numbering in the thousands!

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