Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 292

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 292 Invincible

"You are going to let us remain under this lake forever?" the voices from the ten people who wore Abyss masks sounded.

The waters in the lake were in turmoil and bodies were moving in the lake. The scene was astonishing and everyone was shocked.

All the people looked at the ten men who wore Abyss masks and couldn't help but gasp.

"Can it be that these ten people have annihilated all the Dark Conjurers?"

"This This I didn't expect the nest of the Dark Conjurers to be under a lake in the Dong Ling Mountain Range. What's more surprising is that they were annihilated by the Abyss, who just emerged"

"Sacred Soul Sect What will they do? Continue to be domineering? Do they dare?"

The group of forces was discussing fervently. Eventually, their attention slowly fell in the direction of the Sacred Soul Sect.

The disciples and experts of the Sacred Soul Sect were breaking out in cold sweat.Fear gleamed in their eyes.

At this moment, they did not have the airs of a Sacred Sect or the dominance they had displayed towards all the other forces previously.

Facing the ten unknown experts who were able to destroy the Dark Conjurers, even those from the Sacred Soul Sect didn't dare to be brazen.

At the thought of the twenty-odd experts who were killed without putting up resistance, they felt a chill down their spines.

There were four Inborn experts and over twenty Half-step to Inborn experts among the group!

The group was powerful enough to warrant special attention from the Sacred Soul Sect.

"Misunderstanding, it was just a misunderstanding. We were wrong previously. It's our mistake and we will leave immediately!"

The expression of one of the experts from the Sacred Soul Sect changed rapidly. He took a deep breath and bowed. Subsequently, the expert gestured to the disciples of the Sacred Soul Sect and left immediately.

Wang Xian watched them leave without saying a word.

"Damn, the Sacred Soul Sect left! That's equivalent to admitting defeat!"

"What else did you expect? For them to fight these people? This is a group that can annihilate the Dark Conjurers. Even the Sacred Soul Sect needs to be careful when dealing with them!"

"That's right, even a Sacred Sect had a hard time dealing with Dark Conjurers previously. When the killing order from the Sacred Sect was issued, the entire Sacred Sect was activated to attack the Dark Conjurers. Even though the Dark Conjurers didn't dare to show themselves, two Elders from the Sacred Sect were assassinated during the siege."

"The Sacred Soul Sect was still acting high and mighty previously. Right now, they can only admit defeat and even give up on the Heavenly Hound!"

"I don't know if the Abyss has the strength that matches those of a Sacred Sect!"

The crowd looked at the Sacred Soul Sect who was leaving and then at the ten people with the Abyss masks, and eventually the Heavenly Hound.

The Heavenly Hound stood in the lake without moving as it was surrounded. It didn't dare to escape. It stood on the lake, licking its wounds and staring at its surroundings coldly.

"Come here!" Wang Xian shouted to the Heavenly Hound.

He looked across the crowd before looking towards the Heavenly Hound, which was not far away. After which, he spread his dragon power over the Heavenly Hound.

"Woof woof!"

The Heavenly Hound let out a deep howl before looking at Wang Xian fearfully.

"His intelligence has manifested!"

Wang Xian looked joyously at the Heavenly Hound and revealed a smile.


The Heavenly Hound barked again and walked slowly towards Wang Xian.

"Not bad!"

Wang Xian smiled and caressed the Heavenly Hound's head. At the same time, he injected the energy of the Azure Dragon into it to treat its wounds.

"Woof woof!"

The Heavenly Hound stuck out its tongue and licked Wang Xian's hand before rubbing its head against him.

"Damn! Comparing only makes one feel inferior. We worked so hard in the Dong Ling Mountain Range for over a week and couldn't subdue it. Yet, he simply waved his hands and the Heavenly Hound ran over to him!"

"Everyone here feels the same way. Even the Sacred Soul Sect worked hard for a long time for it!"

"This Heavenly Hound is also fearful of the strong. We tried to lure it and it simply ignored us. Now, it ran over to that guy who just waved at it!"

The crowd was speechless. For this Inborn Realm level Heavenly Hound, they had worked hard for several days and paid a huge price. In the end, they only got a few strands of dog's fur.

However, the masked man just waved his hands and the Heavenly Hound ran over. Comparison indeed made one feel inferior.

"Search the information! Also, comb the base of the Dark Conjurers!"

Wang Xian tapped the Heavenly Hound's head and ordered Mo Qinglong and group.

"Yes, Young Master!"

The group nodded and replied. Wang Xian moved and arrived at the bottom of the lake with the Heavenly Hound.

The glass under the lake had broken and the base was flooded. Only the outline of the base remained.

The Heavenly Hound was protected by the water attribute energy. It looked curiously around him and barked a few times.

Wang Xian let out a smile as he moved to the two blood pythons.

The two Inborn Realm blood pythons were bred by the Dark Conjurers through witchcraft.

They didn't have intelligence and only had bloodthirst. This type of animal did not have potential and it would be hard for them to evolve again.

However, once they were able to manifest their intelligence and cleanse their bloodline, they could evolve again.

From blood pythons into serpents, and finally into divine dragons.

Wang Xian kept the two blood pythons mainly to subdue them to become his subordinates.


Wang Xian moved his finger and two drops of essence blood fell onto the head of the blood pythons for them to absorb.

The two blood pythons were severely injured and couldn't resist it as they absorbed the essence blood directly.

Sss sss sss!

As they absorbed the essence blood into their bodies, the pythons spat balls of blood out. This blood was dark and sticky with corrosive nature.

Pythons have the attributes of Earth. I shall impart to you the cultivation method of the Earth Divine Dragon!

Wang Xian thought to himself as he etched the cultivation arts directly into the minds of the pythons.

Afterwards, Wang Xian looked at the Heavenly Hound and forced out a drop of his essence blood too.

Woof Woof!

The Heavenly Hound barked. It stared hard at the drop of blood on Wang Xian's finger before flicking out its tongue and absorbing it.

"This rascal!" Wang Xian smiled but frowned shortly after. He was bewildered as he looked at the Heavenly Hound.

"What's going on?" He was astonished as he stared at the Heavenly Hound.


In the beginning, the Heavenly Hound was still staring at Wang Xian. However, its body started to shiver violently as if it was experiencing a seizure.

Woo woo woo!

Deep cries of agony sounded. Its fur became more l.u.s.trous and had a faint glow to it.

Gradually, the Heavenly Hound stopped crying. The Heavenly Hound shook its head lightly and rubbed his head against Wang Xian enthusiastically.

"This is?" Wang Xian realized that when the Heavenly Hound moved, its fur stood up like wings.

He touched the Heavenly Hound's body and realized that there was flesh growing in places where the fur was longer.

A hound with wings? This rascal assimilated my bloodline to strengthen its bloodline!

Wang Xian was shocked as he looked at the hound and fell into deep thought.

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