Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 293

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 293 To The Fore On A Python

During this period, Wang Xian had gained some understanding of his essence blood; blood of the Divine Dragon.

The essence blood was able to assimilate the bloodlines of most living organisms.

But it also had a limitation. It was unable to assimilate bloodlines with a grade higher than itself, or those coming from an organism with stronger powers.

Amongst all living organisms, the bloodline of the Divine Dragon was considered as the apex. Yet, as the current abilities of Wang Xian were still too weak, the energy stored in his essence blood remained low.

Hence, the attempt to replace bloodlines of a relatively high grade would impose some difficulty.

As for the experts whose abilities far supersede Wang Xian's, not only would his essence blood be unable to evolve the party's bloodline, it would be absorbed by the party for energy intake.

For the Divine Dragon which leads the Pinnacle, a drop of its blood was enough to turn an ordinary creature into a powerful monster instantly.

"It appears that this Heavenly Hound possesses an extraordinary bloodline!" Wang Xian exclaimed as he stared at the Hound, slightly taken aback. This Heavenly Hound happened to be the first, which was able to absorb Wang Xian's essence blood and convert it as energy intake.

But even so, the essence blood contained the consciousness of Wang Xian. Hence this Heavenly Hound would still be under his control, having absorbed his essence blood.

The abilities of the Heavenly Hound would have to reach a substantial level before it could free itself from Wang Xian's control.

By which, Wang Xian's abilities would also improve immensely as well.

"Young Master, we've got hold of the information. But most of the things have been completely destroyed, along with the death of the Dark Conjurers!" Wang Xian was told, as Mo Qinglong approached together with Mo Yuan and others.

"Did you find information on the missions as ordered by the Dark Conjurers?" Wang Xian asked in response.

After all, they had come to annihilate the Dark Conjurers for a reason. Mainly to find the culprit who ordered to have Mo Ersan and Mo Sanyi killed.

"Yes, we did," Mo Qinglong and the rest replied.

"Good. Let's return then!" Wang Xian nodded back. In quick shuffles, they surfaced from the lake.


Two giant pythons, each reaching between fifteen to sixteen meters in length, followed closely behind. With thick and muscular bodies, the serpents imposed terror.

"Come on. Let's head for the seaside!" Wang Xian gestured to Mo Qinglong and the rest. As he did so, he hopped onto the crown of a python's head.

The head of one giant python measured two meters across, which could hold a person standing atop comfortably.

Whereas Mo Qinglong, Mo Yuan and the remaining stood on the python's body instead.

Measuring between fifteen to sixteen meters, these giant pythons would more than suffice in transporting the ten men.

On the other hand, the Heavenly Hound appeared somewhat fearful, as it skipped gently over to Wang Xian's side.

"Go!" Wang Xian instructed the two pythons.

Tsk, tsk!

The serpents hissed, tongues of over a meter sticking out as they did. Nodding their heads in acknowledgment, they glided at charging speeds.

By then, the troop forces who were previously at the lake's side had long gone. There was no one in sight.

The giant pythons were no less imposing in size even as they glided amidst vast mountains. Bringing down trees seven to eight meters in height, they eventually went past mountains and across rivers.

And they continued surging forward in an imposing strike.

Impressive yet domineering all at once.

Meanwhile, disciples of the various forces who had just left chatted casually, as they walked on the mountain.

"Sigh. It would've been great if only we'd gotten hold of the Heavenly Hound. Imagine riding on it for leisure. How impressive would that be!" one imagined.

"You riding the Heavenly Hound? Hah! Why don't you check on your powers? Even if it was captured, do you think a Heavenly Hound of the Inborn level would allow itself to be ridden at will? Even if an Inborn expert wished to have a ride, the hound may not concede to it!" another retorted.

"Then should I wait for the Heavenly Hound to give birth, and ride on one of the puppies after raising it myself? Ha ha!" the former teased.

Upon hearing the disciples' conversation, a few experts walking in front laughed.

"When Inborn beings reproduce, the bloodline of its off-springs will thin. Even so, its abilities would not weaken significantly. Should it display symptoms of reversed evolution, it may even grow up to become an Inborn," one explained.

"Which explains why so many powerful forces are out to vie for one Inborn-level creature. Mainly to get hold of them for their off-spring!" another chipped in.

"But, Inborn beings possess an innate arrogance. Unless one has been raised from youth, it wwould be very tough for anyone who wishes to ride on one!" a third added.

Boom, boom!

The elders had just finished, when a series of sounds echoed from a distance behind them.

It sounded horrifying, as though a tank had bulldozed past the grounds and was charging towards them.

"Watch out!" an expert amongst the sects warned. His forehead trickled cold sweat as he sensed the force of terror coming for them.

"Out of the way, quick! Out of the way!" the crowd shouted. They spun around and looked behind with vigilance.

Just then, two gigantic creatures appeared. Crowned with hideous heads and creepy eyes, they stuck out barn-red tongues from their wide mouths.

"Goodness!" a female disciple cried out. She looked on, eyes wide. With a stupefied face, she yelled, "Up there There're people up there!"

"Giant pythons. Terrifying giants. Out to trample everything!" some of her fellows lamented.

"This is unbelievable!" more said.

"The Abyss. It's the Abyss! And the Heavenly Hound!" they continued.

The two giant pythons were charging at top speed, along with the ten men riding on them.

As Wang Xian heard the ruckus, he turned around, revealing a faint smile.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Hound exuded an air which overpowered the nearby crowd. "Woof, woof. Howl!" it barked excitedly at the on-looking crowd, even mimicking a fox and ending off with a howl.

How awe-inspiring.

Filled with envy, the crowd of disciples looked on at the group of python riders that just went past.

"What the... That's so awesome! Riding to the fore on a python, how cool is that!" an onlooker squealed.

"When will it be that I achieve that!" another yelped.

"Those are no doubt true experts!" sighed the experts amongst the crowd, even as they were of the same status themselves.

Hence, with ten people on board, the two giant pythons raced straight ahead, towards the Dong Ling Mountain Range.

Along the way, Martial Artists from different sects simply stared when they came across the spectacular sight, faces filled with astonishment.

Carrying all aboard, the giant pythons dived into the sea. Wang Xian transformed into a Divine Dragon, and together the group made their way towards Rivertown.

After five hours, Wang Xian arrived at the villa's doorstep.

Overwhelmed in excitement, the Heavenly Hound shook off the seawater on its body and proceeded to check out its surroundings. Despite its moderate size, the Hound boasted greater intelligence.

"Let's go!" Mo Yuan said. He then took his leave with the seven Dragonians, leaving Wang Xian and Mo Qinglong to return to the villa.

"Young Master, let me go look up information on the murderer!" Mo Qinglong reported.

With a hard drive in hand, he proceeded to enter a computer room. All information on the Dark Conjurers was stored on a desktop.

Wang Xian nodded in approval before plonking onto the sofa, looking all laid back.

Woof, woof!

As it strolled around, curious about its surroundings, the Heavenly Hound let out a bark.

"Come over, over here. Could you transform your appearance a little?" Wang Xian said to the hound as he waved to it.

The appearance of the Heavenly Hound was known by many. Should it be discovered here, it would be easy for others to figure out its ties with the Abyss.

Woof, woof!

The Heavenly Hound barked in response before its fur started to change in color, turning all gold.

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