Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 294

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 294 Hold The Plane And Move 1

"Xiao Xian has been away for several days and is finally back."

"I wonder...did he bring any beautiful girls back this time? Every time he returns, he brings one back!"

At 5 in the evening, Guan Shuqing and Lan Qingyue's voices sounded from outside the house. Wang Xian, who was drinking tea and lying on the sofa in the living room, was speechless.

"Brother!" Xiao Yu shouted as she entered through the door.

"Your brother is here!" Wang Xian stood up and answered with a smile as he saw the four beauties walking in.

"Wah!" Xiao Yu and the girls shouted in amazement and hurried over.

Wang Xian smiled gently as the side of his mouth lifted. He thought his charm had gotten stronger!

"What a beautiful dog. It is so cute!"

"Look at its eyes! They're glittering! It must be a smart dog!"

"Its fur is so smooth and feels so great!"

The three of them were surprised and delighted as they caressed the Heavenly Hound. Even Elder Fang bent down and was looking at the dog lovingly.


Wang Xian felt aggrieved. He didn't expect to be less popular than a dog.

Woof Woof!

Heavenly Hound barked twice and squinted its eyes. It remained stationary and allowed the girls to touch him.

"Cough cough! Did you guys miss me?" Wang Xian coughed as he squeezed out a smile.

"Hehe! Brother! You have been running around every day. It's great that you still know to come back!"

"Perhaps the world outside is much more exciting!" Xiao Yu and Guan Shuqing mocked at him.

Wang Xian laughed it off and said, "I went out to settle some things. Look at this big family! I need to work hard to feed all of you."

"Tsk, excuses!"

Although Guan Shuqing and Lan Qingyue were still mocking and grumbling about him, it was clear that they had missed him after not seeing him for several days.

The group sat on the sofa and chatted.

"My dear disciple, has school ended?"

Soon, the voice of Sui Huang came from outside. After which, the group saw him walking in with Xiao Ran.

"Master!" Guan Shuqing greeted with a bright smile.

"Oh? Brother Wang Xian is back!" Sui Huang greeted Wang Xian when he saw him.

Sui Huang had a bright smile on his face.

"Yeah," Wang Xian replied with a nod.

"Master!" Xiao Ran greeted and walked over joyously.

Eh? At this moment, Sui Huang was shocked to see the Heavenly Hound lying in a corner.

"Hey, brother, it seems like you got something good on this trip? Inborn Realm Heavenly Hound has only appeared once in history!" He stared at the Heavenly Hound and spoke with a smile.

Woof Woof!

The Heavenly Hound barked at him ferociously when it heard his words. It was apparent that the Heavenly Hound, who had intelligence, disliked what the Sui Huang had said.

"I was just lucky!" Wang Xian replied with a smile.

Xiao Yu and the group were shocked as they looked at the Heavenly Hound. Their eyes widened as they asked, "This dog is an Inborn Realm existence?"

"Yes!" Wang Xian smiled and replied with a nod.

He then looked at Xiao Yu and Guan Shuqing and said, "The dog is an Inborn Realm existence and I won't be giving it to you guys. Instead, I will give it to Qingyue and let the Heavenly Hound stay by her side!"

At this point, Xiao Yu's strength was considerably good. As for Guan Shuqing, she had Sui Huang with her and thus wouldn't be in any danger.

As for Lan Qingyue, even though her eight extraordinary meridians were cleared, she was still rather weak. Having the Heavenly Hound to protect her would make Wang Xian feel more assured.

"Is it true?" Lan Qingyue was ecstatic when she heard Wang Xian. She looked at Wang Xian with affectionate eyes.

"Of course!" Wang Xian smiled.

Xiao Yu and Guan Shuqing both smiled and didn't say anything. Among the three of them, only Lan Qingyue needed to be protected.

"That's great! What's its name? Heavenly Hound isn't a good name. I will call it Tian Tian. Hehe! Not bad, not bad!"

Lan Qingyue walked beside the Heavenly Hound happily and started rubbing its head. She was overjoyed!

"Oh yes, disciple! Now that Brother Wang Xian is here, could you go to the capital with me!" asked Sui Huang.

The objective of going to the capital was to hold the disciple acceptance ceremony for the Sui Family.

As a family with a deep history, taking in a disciple was a matter of importance. The ceremony was also seen as extremely important.

It was especially so for someone of Sui Huang's level. At the same time, this would be a significant event for the Sui Family.

The strongest man in the Sui Family would be taking in his last disciple.

Seeing Guan Shuqing looking at him, Wang Xian nodded in agreement. Since Sui Huang would like to have a disciple acceptance ceremony, he had no qualms with it.

"I will go with you when the time arrives," said Wang Xian. He looked at Xiao Yu and Lan Qingyue who were at the side and asked, "Do you all want to go to Shang Jing to have fun for a few days?"

"That would be great! That was what we are thinking too!" Xiao Yu and Lan Qingyue nodded in agreement immediately. They had smiles written all over their faces.

"Alright, Old Sui, when will we go over?" Wang Xian asked with a smile.

"Tomorrow? I have chosen an auspicious time and date. Let's head to Shang Jing first!" replied Sui Huang with a bright smile.

"Alright. In that case, we will set off tomorrow morning. I haven't been to Shang Jing before. Let's enjoy ourselves in the capital!" said Wang Xian while nodding his head.

"Haha! In the capital, you guys can play all you want. That's my territory and everyone will have to show me some respect. Xiao Qing! As my disciple, you can do whatever you wish in Shang Jing!" Sui Huang said with dominance.

He looked at Wang Xian and lifted his head slightly. It's about time he showed this rascal what he was capable of!

The group was conversing happily as Wang Xian brought Xiao Ran to the side to assess his strength.

To his astonishment, Xiao Ran had reached Level 8 Martial Artist over this period of time.

That was an astonishing pace! However, when he heard that all the spiritual medicine was used by Sui Huang, he felt a little speechless.

As an alchemist, Sui Huang had made use of elixir pills to help Xiao Ran and Guan Shuqing improve their level.

"This old man still has his own methods!"

Wang Xian was glad. Even he could not improve a person's strength this rapidly.


The next day morning, Wang Xian, Guan Shuqing, Xiao Yu and Lan Qingyue followed Sui Huang to the capital.

"The ceremony will be held tomorrow. Xiao Qing, you should get ready. The process is simple and is mainly to announce to the rest that I'll be taking a disciple. When you reach Shang Jing today, you can enjoy yourself as you want. There are a lot of interesting places in Shang Jing."

Sui Huang happily lay down on his seat in the plane as he smiled and spoke to Guan Shuqing.

He was glad to be able to take a disciple like her. Finally, he had someone to pass his skills down to. This was also a form of insurance for his Sui Family.

"Yes, master!" Guan Shuqing smiled and answered.

The distance between Rivertown and Shang Jing wasn't far. It would just take two hours by plane.


However, when the plane was approaching the Shang Jing Airport, a loud explosion erupted.

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