Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 295

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 295 Hold The Plane And Move 2


Dee, dee, dee!

Wang Xian and the gang were lying down, taking a rest on the plane when a buzzing sound was heard unexpectedly.

Soon after, the emergency alarm went off on the plane.

"What's going on? What happened?"

"What happened? Why did the alarm go off suddenly? Did we meet with some extreme weather?"

The passengers stood up immediately, looking panicky as they asked the air stewardess beside them as loud as they could.

"Fasten your seat belt. Please, fasten your seat belt and stay calm!"

There was slight anxiety in her eyes, but she calmed herself down and yelped at the top of her lungs.

Bam, Bam, Bam!


At this time, a louder grinding sound was heard while the plane rocked twice again.

"Please fasten your seat belts. We're in an emergency situation, and we're in the midst of resolving it. All passengers, please stay calm!"

Just then, the entire plane was filled with the voice of the flight attendants.

"Hurry, stop them now!"

At the same time, four to five security personnel on the plane sprinted past Wang Xian and the gang's seats, looking appalled.

"What's the matter, hijacking? Or?"

Wang Xian sat up puzzledly as he peered towards the back.

They were sitting in the first-class seats, and there should be more first-class seats in the back.

He looked over his shoulder at Sui Huang.


Just then, another booming sound was heard again.

"Ah, are we going to be alright?"

"What the hell is going on?"

The passengers were screaming in horror from the front.

"Someone is fighting on the plane!"

When Sui Huang heard the sound, his expression changed slightly as he unfastened his seat belt immediately with a sullen face.

"You guys stay here while Old Sui and I will check it out!"

Wang Xian immediately stood up and spoke to Xiao Yu and the rest.


Those girls were wondering as they peered at the back.

"Gentlemen, please go back. We'll take care of this, and we'll settle it soon."

When the air stewardess saw them standing up, she quickly told them this anxiously.

"We'll just take a look!"

Old Sui took out an identification card emotionlessly and showed it to the air stewardess.

She was stunned as soon as she saw the identification card. "Yes, Chief Leader!"


Wang Xian peered over with a bizarre look. That red identification card seemed terrific!

"If you want one, I can get you one next time!"

Upon seeing Wang Xian's puzzled look, a smile surfaced on Sui Huang's face.

"Let's go!"

Wang Xian shook his head and continued his way in.

"Get lost, I must kill him today!"

When they arrived at another first-class cabin, a figure suddenly flew over.

There was no change in Wang Xian's expression. He even reached out to catch the security personnel who spat out blood from his mouth.

"Thinking of killing me? Since I dared to kill your son, I can even kill you now. Haha, come over and kill me!"

A bossy voice, accompanied by daunting oppression, was heard.


Another pained shriek was heard.


Another loud bang was heard, sending the entire plane rocking violently.

An air stewardess even stumbled to the side.

There was a slight change in Sui Huang's expression. When the two of them went in, they realized two experts were fighting on the plane.

The entire first-class cabin was in a disastrous state. Two commoners were knocked down on the floor at the side with their faces covered in blood. No one was sure if they were dead or alive.

The security personnel on the plane were all lying on the floor.

There were another seven to eight men around the two experts, confronting each other.

On one side of the plane, a strong gust of wind was entering through two fist-sized holes.

It was looking the worst in the c.o.c.kpit. Both the pilot and the co-pilot were flying the plane in extreme fear.


As they entered, the two Inborn Experts started another round of intense fighting again.

Ka Ka Ka!

The plane could not take the magnitude of the power exhibited by two Inborn Experts. As such, the hole began to tear even wider.

It became a 2.5-meter wide hole with strong wind rushing in, causing the entire plane to shake violently.

Back in the c.o.c.kpit, several flight attendants fell to the ground.

The mightiness of an Inborn Expert was not something an average person could withstand.

"Stop it!"

Sui Huang swept his gaze across everyone in the plane with a somber expression. He encompassed the duo with his Inborn oppression.


The duo in the battle was taken aback as they quickly spun around and looked at Sui Huang.

"How dare you duel on the plane. Are you tired of living?"

Sui Huang walked over to the duo with darkened expressions.


One of the middle-aged men bellowed at Sui Huang with bloodshot eyes. Soon after, he turned to another middle-aged man, "If I'm going to die today, I'll make sure to drag you down along with me!"

"You alone? Trying to drag me with you? Hehe, since you struck on the plane this time, you're doomed!"

Another skinny middle-aged man quirked his lips and looked at him soberly.

"You struck too. Even if I cannot kill you, you'll die too. So long as you're dead, my revenge is made!" the middle-aged man said as he revealed a bitter smile on his face. A blood feud they had!

"Heh, my dad will not die. You'll die a horrible death instead. This trivial matter can be easily taken care of by the Feng Family! Haha!"

The other middle-aged man did not reply, but a young man with a conceited look behind him spoke.

"Xiao Jing, he's a dying man. Ignore him!"

An old man spoke nonchalantly behind that skinny middle-aged man. Beside him stood another two elders. Three of them turned and looked at Sui Huang.

"Haha, fine. I'll not mind a lunatic. If you continue, the entire plane is going down. Then I'll advise you to commit suicide by jumping off the plane!"

The skinny middle-aged man nodded with a smile as he stared at the middle-aged man in front of him without fear.

"Old Sui, I thought you were c.o.c.ky? Why is everyone ignoring you?"

Wang Xian swept his gaze across the group of people. The two middle-aged men in a duel were Inborn Experts. Three old men behind the skinny middle-aged man were also Inborn Experts.

"I only return to Shang Jing twice or thrice in twenty years. Many people have forgotten about me!"

Eyes turned cold. Sui Huang had not displayed his full mightiness just now because he was afraid he might affect the electronic equipment in the aircraft.

He slowly swept his gaze across the skinny middle-aged man and his gang.

"Feng Family of Shang Jing. I have heard of it before. I'll deal with this lad. But the rest of you deserve to die!"

Sui Huang looked at the five of them and spoke slowly. He had announced their sanctions immediately.

After Sui Huang finished his sentence, the skinny middle-aged man turned to Sui Huang and said, "Hur? Old fogey..."

Before he could finish his words, Sui Huang extended out his arm.

Five fiery palms immediately reached out and grabbed the skinny middle-aged man and the rest of the people behind him.

"For a long time, no one has dared to call me, Sui Huang, that!"

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