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Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 580

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The Purple Qi Pavilion’s line-up was not insignificant. The group had more than ten people and all of them were Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners. Among them, aside from Pavilion Leader Ye Rong, there were two more intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm elders. From this, it could be seen how strong the heritage of the Purple Qi Pavilion was.

Regardless whether it was Five Beasts Sect or Purple Qi Pavilion, it was not easy to become one of the leading factions in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension.

“Isn’t that youth…” Beside Pavilion Leader Ye Rong stood a youth dressed in white. He was young, around thirty. Among the ancient martial art practitioners in the cave, he was considered very young indeed. He was none other Wu Feng, the chief disciple of the Purple Qi Pavilion and one of the Four Geniuses.

Right now, Wu Feng’s eyes were full of astonishment. He had not expected that he would meet Mo Wen under such circumstances and that he would cause such a mighty uproar once he appeared. He had been wondering why Mo Wen had not appeared when Yin Banshuang did. From the looks of it now, the two of them must have parted ways before this.

“That youth is the person who saved you and Tiantian?”Pavilion Leader Ye Rong followed Wu Feng’s gaze, also noticing Mo Wen. She had met this youth once before. He had been riding a Flaming Dragon Colt and had left a deep impression on her. She had not expected that this youth actually had Golden Elixir realm cultivation. She had not heard of such a young Golden Elixir realm practitioner in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension before.

“That’s right, it’s him. However, I am not familiar with his ability.” Wu Feng nodded his head. This was the second time that he had encountered Mo Wen in the Beast Lair. The last time, although Mo Wen had helped them out, the person who had sent the Snow Leopard King running at the time was not him but Yin Banshuang. It even seemed as though from start to finish, this youth had not attacked at all.

“To have such cultivation at such a young age is already very impressive. As for whether his ability is comparably weaker, that does not affect him much. In the future, he will very likely be a strong practitioner.”

Pavilion Leader Ye Rong naturally could hear the condescension of her own disciple towards the youth. Indeed, even if he had broken through to the Golden Elixir realm at his age, his ability would not be strong among the Golden Elixir realm practitioners.

However, breaking through to the Golden Elixir realm at the age of twenty was an absolutely rare occurrence. When Wu Feng was that age, he could not compare with this youth at all. Based on this, Wu Feng had lost.

“Master, Wang Qiangbiao will most likely not let Mo Wen go. Should we…” Wu Feng looked at his master, his eyes seeking out her opinion. After all, Mo Wen had saved him once before. Now that Mo Wen was in trouble, if he did not help out, he would inevitably feel guilty.

Pavilion Leader Ye Rong nodded. “Our Purple Qi Pavilion has always clearly distinguished between kindness and hatred. Repaying a debt of gratitude is an attitude that a disciple of the Purple Qi Pavilion should have. Since he has saved you and Tiantian once, now that he is in trouble, we will naturally not stand aside and do nothing.”

She continued, “But not right now. Danhuan Sect has joined the Weapon Forging Sect and is under their protection. We can choose to not give Wang Qiangbiao and the Danhuan Sect the opportunity to save face, but we still have to consider Weapon Forging Sect. Let’s wait for Wang Qiangbiao to make a move and teach the youth a lesson. After he has vented a bit of his frustration, then we will make our move. As long as the youth’s life is not in danger, then it will not be a serious matter.”

In the end, the youth was still a bit too frivolous. Otherwise, he would not have given Wang Qiangbiao a slap in public. Letting him suffer a bit maybe would serve him well.

Upon hearing this, Wu Feng nodded his head. What his master said was right. This youth’s talent was all-encompassing, so it was hard for him not to be young and frivolous. Suffering a little bit would not necessarily be a bad thing for him.

Wang Qiangbiao, who was furious beyond belief, stepped up to Mo Wen in one leap. This time, he did not hold back, sending a punch rumbling towards Mo Wen. He could not wait to send Mo Wen exploding with one attack.

His aura swelled up, sweeping up sand and stones from the surrounding area. Many ancient martial art practitioners subconsciously stepped back frantically.

The eyelids of Chen Wuhui, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground healing himself twitched once. He seemed to have slightly opened his eyes a little, but then closed them again. The corners of his mouth curled into an unperceivable mocking smile. He remained sitting up straight on the ground, not moving at all.

Mo Wen looked at the punch flying aggressively towards him from Wang Qiangbiao. He also extended a punch, matching fists with Wang Qiangbiao expressionlessly.

Rumble! A wave of Qi swept over, the astonishing power exploding out with the two of them at the center. A silhouette was sent directly flying outwards with the Qi wave. With a bang, it collided with the rock wall, forming a terrifying human shaped crater in the rock wall. The wall shook and falling debris rolled down, almost burying the entrance to the cave.

Strong gusts of wind surged. After the winds calmed, everyone stared stunned in the same direction. Their eyes were all full of disbelief and astonishment.

They only saw that youth was standing there, slowly retracting his fist. From start to finish, he had stood there without moving at all, not even an inch. As for Wang Qiangbiao, right now he was nowhere to be seen.

Subconsciously, everyone shifted their gazes towards the other end. There was a huge hole with a depth of five to six meters. One could roughly figure out the hole was human-shaped.

Hiss hiss! Sounds of people drawing in cold breaths could be heard everywhere in the cave. The scene that had just happened was too astonishing. It was unbelievable!

Wang Qiangbiao, the dignified Danhuan Sect sect leader, an ancient martial art practitioner with his cultivation nearing the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm, had actually been sent flying by a youth with a punch in such an exaggerated manner.

“As expected, he is still so energetic!” The corner of Yin Banshuang’s mouth twitched. Shaking her head helplessly, she stared somewhat pitifully in the direction of Danhuan Sect. She had known that Wang Qiangbiao would suffer a loss to Mo Wen. It was just that she didn’t expect the defeat to be even worse than she had imagined.

“He is indeed strong. What kind of freak is he?” Bu Zhangkun, the Tiger Palace Hall hall leader mumbled. He was shocked to his core to realize that youth could actually be this powerful. Perhaps other commoners couldn’t tell, but he knew that the youth had merely extended a casual punch. He hadn’t even used any martial arts. However, the impact that he had been able to cause was equivalent to that of an all-out strike of an ancient martial art practitioner at the pinnacle of the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm.

The power of his one punch was so formidable. If the youth went all out, then his combat ability… Bu Zhangkun had a core-shaking realization: the youth might have ability equivalent to his!

“How… how is this possible!” Wu Feng stared incredulously at Mo Wen. He had never expected that events would take such a dramatic turn. Shouldn’t Mo Wen be the one who got punched? The dignified Danhuan Sect sect leader had actually been sent flying by a youth’s punch.

This was his first time seeing Mo Wen in action. He had never imagined the scene to be so astonishing and exaggerated. How could a youth have such terrifying ability!

“Could it be that his combat ability is equivalent to that of an ancient martial art practitioner at the pinnacle of the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm?” Wu Feng uttered incredulously. A normal intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm practitioner would not be able to send Wang Qiangbiao flying with a punch.

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple. This youth is terrifying.” Right now, Pavilion Leader Ye Rong’s expression was serious too. Her judgment was on a level with Bu Zhangkun’s. She could tell that the youth had merely extended a casual punch and had been able to cause such an impact. A casual punch from this youth was terrifying. What would his real ability be like?

She had never expected to actually encounter such a young unparalleled, freakish genius. A small inner world like the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension would never be able to produce such a genius. He was definitely not from the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension

Pavilion Leader Ye Rong had thought quickly about this youth. She was certain that Mo Wen was not from the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension. The Purple Qi Pavilion had a long history and rich heritage; its existence was far longer than any other sect in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension. Their understanding of the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension was deeper than any other sect.

This youth’s ability would most likely have reached the later stage Golden Elixir realm.

A later stage Golden Elixir realm practitioner who was twenty years old, or even younger. What kind of concept was that?

Wu Feng gulped down a mouthful of saliva. He couldn’t fathom the terror that his master was describing. However, the ability that Mo Wen demonstrated just now was enough to frighten him. The youth was so young and his cultivation was already so deep. How on earth did the youth get to that stage?

Chen Wuhui, who had been healing himself through meditation all this while, suddenly opened his eyes. He stared at Mo Wen, shocked. His eyes were filled with amazement. He had known that Mo Wen wouldn’t lose to Wang Qiangbiao’s attack; however, he too had never imagined that Mo Wen would defeat Wang Qiangbiao so decisively.

Since Mo Wen had a soul attack that Wang Qiangbiao couldn’t defend against, before this, when Wang Qiangbiao attacked Mo Wen, Chen Wuhui hadn’t cared at all. However, he only guessed half of the story and not all of it.

“How can this be?” Chen Wuhui was feeling incredulous. He was supposed to be the one who had the best understanding of Mo Wen’s actual ability. Leaving the soul attack aside, Mo Wen could more or less be comparable to a beginning stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner. Mo Wen was even weaker than them in some sense.

Since when had Mo Wen become this strong? Chen Wuhui had far more questions than many of the others. It was because he knew Mo Wen’s true ability. Yet now, he realized that he no longer understood Mo Wen any more.

At the rock wall not far away, rubble tumbled and a figure crawled out from the rubble. He was fumbling. There were large patches of blood on his body.

He was none other than Wang Qiangbiao who had been sent flying by Mo Wen’s punch. Right now, his face was as white as a sheet; his breathing was shallow. He couldn’t even walk properly. Anyone could tell that Wang Qiangbiao was heavily injured. His injury was most likely severe too.

The sound of people drawing in cold breaths could be heard from the surrounding area again. The power of that one punch was most likely much more terrifying than anything they had imagined.

For a moment, the surrounding was dead silent. No one dared to speak.

“Sect leader…”

“Sect leader, are you alright…”

Two Danhuan Sect elders rushed towards Wang Qiangbiao, wearing worried expressions. They had never imagined the result would actually be like this. The dignified Danhuan Sect sect leader had been sent flying again and again by the youth’s attacks, being cut a sorry figure. Since this had happened in front of so many Green Ancient Mystery Dimension ancient martial art practitioners, they had lost practically all face.

Wang Qiangbiao’s eyes were bloodshot. He pushed the two elders aside forcefully, walking back towards Mo Wen with uneven steps. His gaze was fixed on Mo Wen. He looked as though he couldn’t wait to eat Mo Wen up alive.

“What is it? Haven’t had enough yet?” Mo Wen said as he coldly laughed, the corners of his mouth curling up.

“Brat… you… you…”

Wang Qiangbiao pointed at Mo Wen, unable to say anything for a while. He felt that he was going crazy. He had never imagined that he would end up like this one day.

“If you speak more nonsense, I’ll send you to meet the King of Hell,” Mo Wen said somewhat impatiently.

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