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Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 581

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Mo Wen had never been polite this type of opinionated person before. If Mo Wen did not have such strong ability, the one who would be oppressed would be him. He had held back somewhat in the punch just now. Otherwise, with the current power of his flesh, he would very likely have directly blasted Wang Qiangbiao to death with a punch.

“You…” Wang Qiangbiao looked at Mo Wen, unable to say anything for a long while. He wanted to throw out one or two insults, but he discovered that his body was constantly shivering. Knowing that he was afraid, he did not dare to try and insult this youth. The youth was a monster, pressing down on him, causing him to be unable to breathe.

He had never imagined that a youth would be so strong. He felt as though he was going against a later stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner.

Later stage Golden Elixir realm! That was an existence at the absolute pinnacle of the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension. Among the Eight Major Factions, some sects that ranked at the bottom would not even have the existence of such later stage Golden Elixir realm strong practitioners.

“Just now, I have indeed offended you all, but that was not my intention. May you all please forgive my offense? Of course, if anyone does not want to let this go and wants to actively provoke me, you are welcome to do so.” Mo Wen slightly raised his fists in salute. His gaze swept across the surrounding ancient martial art practitioners. But everywhere his gaze swept past, all the ancient martial art practitioners frantically took a step back, constantly gesturing that it was okay.

The power of Mo Wen’s punch was too shocking for the crowd. Right now, most of them wore a look of respect. Without intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm cultivation, they would most likely not be able to withstand one blow from this youth.

But in the entire Green Ancient Mystery Dimension, how many intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners were there? There would most probably be no more than thirty.

“He is able to suppress an ancient martial art practitioner of the older generation with his own strength. As expected, heroes are born young.” The Tiger Palace Hall hall leader’s eyes had a look of admiration. If Five Beasts Sect had such an outstanding youth, they would not need to worry about rising up and being stuck in such a small Inner world like the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension.

As the chief disciple of the Five Beasts Sect, Yin Banshuang’s genius was exceptional, right now already having reached the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm. Among the original Four Geniuses, she was securely in the number one position. But compared to this youth, she was much weaker.

The Purple Qi Pavilion’s Pavilion Leader Ye Rong sighed. The thought in her mind was almost exactly the same as the Tiger Palace Hall hall leader. She wondered why such an exceptional talent like Mo Wen was not from their Purple Qi Pavilion.

Right now, Chen Zikuang and Xia Kunqian had also awakened from healing themselves and were also shocked beyond compare. Although they were healing themselves, under such conditions, it was naturally impossible for them to meditate too deeply. They would more or less be able to perceive what the situation was around them.

“So powerful! How did this brat do it?” Chen Zikuang stared at Mo Wen, mumbling inside non-stop. Half a month ago, Mo Wen still could not go against an intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner. He would even find it difficult to deal with a beginning stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner. In just a short while he had become so much more powerful.

The members of Intentionless Sect were different from the other people gathered in the cave because they knew Mo Wen’s background. They knew that before this, Mo Wen had not possessed such powerful strength at all.

This discovery made the members of Intentionless Sect even more shocked than other people. After all, in half a month, for Mo Wen to become powerful to such an extent was practically a miracle among miracles!

Unless he had experienced a heaven-defying encounter, it was practically impossible.

“Young man, you are acting in such a domineering manner. Your edge is too sharp, be careful of failing halfway.” Wang Qiangbiao was in a dilemma. He stood there in the crowd, not knowing whether to retreat or to advance. As he stood there, unsure of what to do, someone walked out to rescue him.

The person who had walked out to speak was an elder in grey robes. He had white hair and a red face, full of energy. His gaze was full of sparkle, as though his eyes could directly peer into the depths of the heart of others.

“Who are you? What’s the matter? You want to meddle?” Mo Wen said nonchalantly as he looked at the elder in grey, slightly narrowing his eyes.

The group that the elder in grey was among stood far away from Intentionless Sect. It was impossible for the disturbance that Mo Wen had caused just now to have affected them. For the elder in grey to step out right now, he must simply be looking to meddle.

“He is Weapon Forging Sect sect leader Jiang Jingtao. His cultivation is unfathomable. He is much more powerful than I am.” Chen Wuhui had already gotten up and walked to stand alongside Mo Wen. His expression was serious. Among the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners, he was already among the ones at the pinnacle. Although Jiang Jingtao was also of the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm, Chen Wuhui had never seen his full ability. After so many decades, Chen Wuhui had never seen him go all out.

He suspected that Jiang Jingtao could very likely have broken through to the later stage Golden Elixir realm a few years ago.

Mo Wen’s ability was such that Chen Wuhui would not need to warn Mo Wen of anything if he was facing an ordinary person. However, Jiang Jingtao could not be taken lightly.

Also, they had already formed a deep hatred that could not be settled with Weapon Forging Sect when snatching the Green Primordial Mirror. However, the Weapon Forging Sect elder that had escaped with Jiang Gujian had not appeared among Jiang Jingtao’s group. Also, right now, the members of the Weapon Forging Sect did not seem to bear any special animosity towards the Intentionless Sect.

So he suspected that Jiang Jingtao still did not know about the incident. Otherwise, if he knew that his genius son had become a cripple, how could he possibly be so calm? He would have immediately fought them to the death.

In this regard, Chen Wuhui breathed a sigh of relief. Otherwise, at this moment, if Weapon Forging Sect launched an attack against him, then Intentionless Sect would most likely be fated to fail in their attempt to obtain Luofeng Sect’s treasures this time around. After all, based on ability, Intentionless Sect was still not a match for Weapon Forging Sect. They could only temporarily avoid them.

Upon hearing this, Mo Wen narrowed his eyes slightly. He knew Chen Wuhui’s ability clearly. He was an existence at the pinnacle of the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm. If Chen Wuhui believed that Jiang Jingtao was far stronger than him, then it went without saying that even if Jiang Jingtao wasn’t an existence at the later stage Golden Elixir realm, he would not be far from it.

This old fellow was looking for trouble. He had clearly come over with ill intentions. Mo Wen did not have a good impression of Weapon Forging Sect. He also did not know whether Jiang Jingtao knew that about his taking of the Green Primordial Mirror. Mo Wen had killed a Weapon Forging Sect deputy sect leader and had even crippled the Weapon Forging Sect’s number one genius. This grudge was not small.

“Meddle? Young man, are you truly confused or just pretending to be so? Danhuan Sect has allied with the Weapon Forging Sect for centuries. Everyone knows about this. You have slapped Dahuan Sect’s sect leader in public, and Weapon Forging Sect is present. This is the same as slapping Weapon Forging Sect in public.”

Jiang Jingtao steadily walked up to Mo Wen step by step. Every movement he made had an aura. The surrounding people frantically made way for him. Their eyes were full of looks of admiration.

Weapon Forging Sect was the sect that was ranked third in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension. The Weapon Forging Sect sect leader was equal to an authority in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension, an existence that stood at the top of the pyramid.

“I truly am confused. What is Weapon Forging Sect? I have never heard of it.” Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders with a look that said he did not know who they were.

“Such gall.” Jiang Jingtao was so angered he laughed aloud. He had not expected that this youth would have such daring. He had stepped out, not caring about his identity, and Mo Wen had actually dared to openly mock him in public.

“They say that heroes are born young. I want to see what a youth like you is capable of.” One moment, Jiang Jingtao’s face was still wearing a smile. In the next moment, a cold light flashed in his eyes and a formless chill was released from his body. With just a step, his silhouette appeared before Mo Wen. He extended a hand and grabbed at Mo Wen’s throat.

A terrifying aura came crashing down on Mo Wen. It was like a wall of Qi pressing down on him.

“Later stage Golden Elixir realm!” Mo Wen’s eyes flashed with a look of astonishment. Jiang Jingtao actually had later stage Golden Elixir realm cultivation. He had most probably been hiding his ability for years.

The Weapon Forging Sect sect leader clearly was not just a simple intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm practitioner, as he had at first seemed to be.

Jiang Jingtao’s momentum was solid and did not dissipate. Only Mo Wen could truly feel it. The ancient martial art practitioners that were standing slightly further away could not feel the aura that exceeded the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm coming from Jiang Jingtao’s body. But Chen Wuhui, who was standing not far from Mo Wen could feel it. His cultivation was nearing the later stage Golden Elixir realm. His sensory ability was therefore of a higher level than that of ordinary beginning stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners.

“As expected, this old fellow has long broken through.” Chen Wuhui’s figure shuddered, a complicated expression showing on his face. As expected, this Weapon Forging Sect sect leader who was renowned far and wide was on a higher level than he was. No wonder the Weapon Forging Sect could be ranked third in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension.

Even he was far from being a match to the power of the later stage Golden Elixir realm. The difference between every level of the Golden Elixir realm was very big.

Against Jiang Jingtao’s imposing manner, even Mo Wen felt somewhat pressured. Although the power of his flesh was astonishing, he and Jiang Jingtao were too far apart in terms of realms. Just the pressure of his imposing manner made Mo Wen feel as though he had sunken into a swamp.

Seeing this, the corner of Jiang Jingtao’s mouth curled into a cold smile. No matter how strong you are, even if you have later stage Golden Elixir realm cultivation, you are just a youth. How could you be more powerful than me?

On the other side, the Purple Qi Pavilion’s Pavilion Leader Ye Rong and the Tiger Palace Hall’s Bu Zhangkun frowned at almost the same instant. The two of them glanced at each other and saw from each other’s eyes the same understanding: so this fellow had also broken through to this level.

In reality, the Purple Qi Pavilion’s Pavilion Leader Ye Rong and the Tiger Palace Hall’s Bu Zhangkun were both later stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners. They were the same as Jiang Jingtao. After breaking through to the realm, they had not made any noise about it. Upon reaching their realm, they did not need to be concerned with such fame, because their fame was already at the pinnacle.

Although they were far apart, as members of the same realm, they could still feel the later stage Golden Elixir realm aura that came from Jiang Jingtao’s body.

“The young fellow will most likely be at a disadvantage. On the other hand, Jiang Jingtao isn’t caring about appearances, personally coming out for such a matter.”

Bu Zhangkun slightly frowned. He naturally knew Jiang Jingtao’s ability clearly. He would most likely not be any weaker than him. No matter how incredible the youth was, against such an old-school later stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner, he would still be somewhat incompetent.

After all, although his youth was an advantage, it was also a disadvantage. Against an older generation ancient martial art practitioner, even if their cultivation was the same, he would certainly be far inferior in other aspects.

“That is not necessarily so.” Yin Banshuang crossed her arms, looking as though she was watching a show. She clearly did not agree with her master’s opinion. It was because only she knew Mo Wen somewhat. This Mo Wen was mysterious. Disregarding other things, his terrifying soul attack could affect a later stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner. Moreover, he had a pile of terrifying treasures on him. Jiang Jingtao would not necessarily have an advantage over him.

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