Invincible Scanning System Chapter 947

: Ninth Hundred And Forty Seventh

Chapter 947

the next day.

Qi Xiaosheng arranged the supplies and came to the hall of reincarnation.

In the hall of reincarnation, Li Yiyi, Wang Li, Li Aniu, Li Tie, Li Yuanyuan, and Zhou Tao all gathered in the hall early.

"Everyone is so early."

Qi Xiaosheng said hello with a smile.

"Captain, you are finally here." Li Yiyi couldn't wait to walk towards the far gate leading to the main city of Samsara, and said: "Captain, can we go to the main city of Samsara now?"

"Of course you can." Qi Xiaosheng laughed, and asked casually as he walked over: "How do you think about what to choose?"

"I like flying swords, but two-handed swords, so I am going to exchange for a two-handed swordsmanship. I just don't know what two-handed swordsmanship is, and I plan to go and see it." Li Yi said directly without concealing it.

"There are indeed a few two-handed swordsmanship.


Qi Xiaosheng said here and paused.

"Captain, what's the point?" Li Yi said immediately.

She knew that Qi Xiaosheng was powerful, and her knowledge would definitely be better.

"You wanted a cultivation technique that can beautify your face before, but now you want a sword technique. Then just practice the sword fairy method. The sword fairy does not have to be a sword, but can also be composed of double swords, or even multiple flying swords. The sword array.

This exercise meets your two requirements.

Not only that, the sword immortal technique is powerful in combat power, and it can also prolong life and become a true immortal **** with unlimited potential. "

Qi Xiaosheng said directly without hiding his own.

"Sword Immortal Technique, OK, then I'll choose Sword Immortal Technique." Li said excitedly, and then scratched his head again, saying, "But sword immortal techniques are very expensive.

I actually wanted to change the sword immortal technique before.

However, the main **** of reincarnation space has earned more than 100,000 points for the sword immortal techniques on the table, and I am still far away. "

"Don't worry, most of the exercises in the main city of reincarnation require self-cultivation, which is much cheaper than that of the reincarnation gods.

You previously had 50,000 points, which is almost enough to buy a good Sword Immortal Technique. "

"Is 50,000 points all right? That's great. This time I go to the main city of reincarnation, and I will buy a copy of Cultivation Technique."

"Very well, this kind of basic mental method, the sooner you practice, the better."

Qi Xiaosheng nodded and praised that he had walked to the door.

"Captain, what about me?"

Seeing that Li Yi had been instructed, Wang Li immediately asked.

"Oh?" Qi Xiaosheng retracted his right hand grasping the doorknob, looked at Wang Li, and said, "What do you want to choose?"

"I used to choose a martial arts technique to match my strength.

But after listening to the captain's words, the sooner the basic exercises can be exchanged, the better, so he suddenly changed his mind. "

Wang Li replied.

"Well, it is better to choose the exercises.

You are currently fighting with organic armor, so martial arts are still particularly anxious.

On the contrary, mentality is essential.

If you have a lot of thoughts, if you cultivate the Sword Immortal technique, then practice more flying swords and practice sword formation techniques, which can give play to the advantages of being careful in mind and good at calculation.

If you don't want to practice the Sword Immortal exercises, you can also practice similar exercises such as "Guigu Heart Sutra" and "Game of Thrones". "

Qi Xiaosheng introduced.

Both of these exercises were those that he had checked in the system of the main **** of reincarnation, with moderate points and good powers.

Of course, these two movies are more than 80,000 points, and Wang Li can only go to the reincarnation main **** space to exchange his mind to practice on his own. "

"Captain, what about me? I'm stupid, you should choose one for me!" Aniu asked, scratching his scalp.

"You are born with supernatural powers, and if you want to choose, you need a physical training method.

This kind of exercise is no brainer to practice, as long as you work hard enough to endure the pain of flesh and blood, you need to have enough perseverance, it is very suitable for you. "

"Okay, I listen to the captain." Aniu nodded and finally had a goal.

After pointing three people, Qi Xiaosheng simply pointed them Li Tie, Zhou Tao and Li Yuanyuan.

"What I said is what I think is suitable for you. If you have your own ideas, you can follow your own ideas.

After all, cultivation is a personal matter, and even I may not fully understand you. "

While talking, Qi Xiaosheng stretched out his right hand and grabbed the door handle.

This time, there were no other problems.

Li Yiyi and others looked forward to it.

The door opened, and the outside was dark and nothing could be seen, as if it were an empty space.

"How come it's so dark, there's nothing?" Li Yi was taken aback, and then asked in confusion: "If you go out, you won't fall into the legendary void."

"Don't worry, these are all blindfolds.

The purpose is to hide the situation inside the reincarnation space. When we go out, we will appear directly outside the main city of reincarnation, but will be randomly located and will not be fixed.

After all, if it's a real room and someone is seeking revenge outside, what should we do? "

Qi Xiaoshengdao.

"Vengeance? Can the reincarnation main **** space kill people at will?"

Li Yuanyuan was shocked, showing nervousness.

Zhou Tao's expression also became worried.

After all, the bodies of Li Yiyi and others have been strengthened, but the two of them are only ordinary martial artists, and their strength is low.

"There is a battlefield in the main city of Samsara. There are grievances and grievances that can be resolved in it. Fighting is prohibited in other places.

However, in addition to fighting, there are many ways to attract people.

Like the following Gu, Gu worms will not attack instantly. It takes seven days to wait until you enter the reincarnation world.

At that time, the Lord God of Samsara will not care.

What is more mysterious is to change your luck. If you are in the next quest world, you will be full of bad luck and be directly hated by the protagonist. There is a high chance of death.

There can be many of them. "

"It's terrible, how do I feel that entering the main city of reincarnation means entering the Longtan Tiger Den?" Zhou Tao worried.

"Relax, except for me, you are all newcomers. The first time you go to the reincarnation of the Lord God space, there is no enemy at all, and no one will deliberately harm you.

After all, everyone is a reincarnation and can be an enemy, but the world may cooperate in the next mission, so everyone is generally very friendly.

Moreover, the locations where we appear are all random, generally in the outer safety zone. "

"Huh, UU reading www.uukanshu.com, I'm relieved." Zhou Tao breathed a sigh of relief.

"Of course, there is no shortage of liars among the reincarnations. If you enter the city, be careful to get trapped."

As he introduced, he had already stepped into the darkness beyond the gate.


Qi Xiaosheng's figure disappeared instantly.

"team leader."

Zhou Tao exclaimed. Although he had heard Qi Xiaosheng's introduction, he was still a little nervous.

"Haha, reincarnations, I come one by one, Li."

Li Yiyi shouted slogans as if he stepped into the darkness like the center of the world.

"This one by one."

Wang Li smiled and shook her head, and walked in.

Aniu, Li Tie, Zhou Tao, and Li Yuanyuan also followed, stepping into the dark gate.

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