Invincible Scanning System Chapter 949

Chapter 949: Stall

Chapter 949

Outside the central city, everyone has already encountered other reincarnations.

Most of these reincarnations look rushed and lack communication.

In the world of reincarnation, the tasks are arduous and life and death are tempered. Everyone is struggling on the death line and under great pressure. They are all running for survival, most of them are so indifferent.

"Come here, talk less, watch more; watch more, buy less."

Qi Xiaosheng finally exhorted and said, "Well, the time for reincarnation is limited. Each time there are only seven days to rest. We have already rested for one day, and there are six days left. There is not much time, so we won't delay everyone.

Now, everyone separates and carefully chooses things. After the selection, and silently meditating on return, you can instantly return to the space of reincarnation. "

Qi Xiaosheng gave an order and walked alone to a lively street. There were not many people on the street, but not too few. He turned left and right and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

"Huh, finally separated."

After Qi Xiaosheng walked away, seeing Li Yiyi and others not following him, he breathed a sigh of relief.

After following them, it might be the first time he came to the dimension of the main **** of reincarnation.

"Fortunately, in the previous battle on the Xuanwu Continent, many reincarnations were hunted and killed, and some were parasitized by spore clones. Although there was no information about the reincarnation world, some basic knowledge was inferred based on clues, which can be fooled. "

Qi Xiaosheng let out a sigh of relief.

The corresponding information he introduced to Li Yiyi and others was also compiled recently.

After leaving the players, he can do his own thing boldly.

"First of all, it is to sell the perfect-quality violent potion. This thing works well for intermediate reincarnations, but it is not too precious and easy to sell."

Qi Xiaosheng said lightly.

In the reincarnation main **** space, points are currency. Of course, some extremely rare items are priceless and not available for points. They need to be bartered.

This makes it difficult to complete the transaction.

However, most of the points can be bought.

Qi Xiaosheng walked for a while, and strolled around the items on the stall a little bit. He just couldn't buy it, mainly because he was familiar with the rules here.

He secretly observed the environment here and remembered the rules of trading.

I found a few of the mission world access cards, but they are not the type I need, and the price is definitely not cheap, very expensive.

"Ordinary mission world access cards are worth 100,000 points, and the special mission cards I requested are even rarer.

The scarcity is the most expensive, the price is at least several times higher, and the price may even be maliciously raised. "

Qi Xiaosheng shook his head.

Simply, he was well prepared.

The mission world access card is expensive, but half-step martial arts-level mechas are also not cheap. Three half-step martial arts-level mechas, plus dozens of bottles of perfect quality violent potions, should be enough.

Qi Xiaosheng thought about it in his heart, and at the same time had a preliminary understanding of the trading rules of this reincarnation city.

The existence of those who can advance to intermediate reincarnation must have some abilities, and they will recover in the reincarnation world, so most of them will sell something.

The main **** space has its own order, it is not possible to set up a stall casually, and it is necessary to lease the main **** space shop.

Of course, the rent charged by the Samsara Lord God is not expensive, only 10 points a day, no commission.

The main goal of the reincarnation **** is to allow the reincarnations to grow up, form combat power, and invade the world like the Xuanwu Continent, but they will not harvest their points when they are weak.

The main **** of reincarnation is actually happy to see that the reincarnation exchanges with each other, trades with each other, and improves themselves.

This is also the purpose of the reincarnation main **** to establish the reincarnation main city.

Qi Xiaosheng observed the rules and understood the rules.

There are not many shops in the central city. Qi Xiaosheng can only go to a slightly remote place and spend 10 points to purchase the right to use the shop for one day.

Although the store is the layout of an ancient city, it is also supported by technological products.

In front of the shop, there is a large electronic display screen that can fill in task information, which is very convenient.

Qi Xiaosheng put on the perfect-quality violent potion, put it in the display stand, and directly hung the sign.

"The perfect quality violent potion can be used to strengthen the physical body, and the body can also undergo physical mutations after taking it.

Price, 4000 points a bottle, one price, no bargaining. "

Qi Xiaosheng wrote the message, which appeared directly on the electronic display in front of the store.

At the same time, some verification information of the main **** of reincarnation also appeared on the display, indicating that the information is true and not poison.

After the booth was set up, Qi Xiaosheng thought for a while and added another one on it.

"Limited quantity, first come first served."

After Qi Xiaosheng finished writing, he felt very satisfied, and then lay on the recliner, observing the passing samsara.

Becoming an intermediate reincarnation, most of them have experienced ten reincarnation worlds, and their strength is very good.

Although, Samsaras have the habit of spending all their points before entering the world of reincarnation. After all, every time they are on the line of life and death, I dont know if they can live. Most people will improve themselves as much as possible before entering the world of missions. Points, so as not to keep them in the soil.

However, to become an intermediate reincarnation, the task is more difficult, and the reward for each task will increase from a few hundred to a few thousand.

A perfect quality violent potion with 4000 points, a reincarnation with sufficient strength, a medium-task world is enough.

The reincarnation who is not capable can also reach the two mission worlds. His violent potion is here. It is really not expensive, and it is not a luxury. It is a basic material.

So soon, Qi Xiaosheng waited for his first guest.

The visitor was a young man, dressed in a neat suit, and looked very gentle and bookish.

"Perfect quality violent potion, taking blood food, you can absorb the genes in the blood food, produce evolution, and the process is controllable."

The young man took a serious look at the information about the perfect quality violent potion~wuxiaworld.online~ his eyes lit up.

"Friend, are you the violent potion in the violent behemoth?" the young man asked.

Qi Xiaosheng glanced at the young man. He didn't expect that the first guest would have such a vision, and he could see the origin of his medicine at first glance.

You know, the medicine he sells only describes the effect, but not the origin.

And the medicine after his transformation is much stronger and more stable than the violent medicine, and it can also allow one's own physical body to evolve independently without eating blood, which is completely equivalent to the warrior's washing of the soul.

"Boss? Is it convenient to disclose?" the young man continued to ask.

"This is not inconvenient, it is indeed the world of violent behemoths." Qi Xiaosheng admitted very directly.

"Hey, it really is." The young man looked up and down Qi Xiaosheng, and said: "I have been to the world of behemoth behemoths, and even thought about developing a perfect quality behemoth potion. So after entering, I have been operating in it for three years, but still no Developed the perfect quality violent potion.

I'm curious, how did you do it? "

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