Is That A Wisp? Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Worth it!

Unbeknownst that their life had just been saved, Yusa and Ao proceeded ahead, before they say anything they have to think about staying alive first, fortunately, it seemed like there wasn't a single beast around, it might be because of the fight over the Earth Dragon pieces, but they wouldn't go back to check, that's for sure.

After finding a place to hide, Yusa took out one of her concealing runestone formations, it was the same cheap one as always, not very effective if a 7th stage demon beast or higher scan with their Divine Sense, but she didn't like to spend, this was one of the rare times where she regretted not having bought a better one.

Ao saw that but there was nothing he could do either, he usually never carry concealing runestone formations, it has always been 'if things go south, run!' for him. As an wind element user, he was pretty confident in his speed, but now he could barely move.

Yusa came back and sit down, she looked at Krune, or better, that white blue core with some spiritual energy coming from it floating beside Ao. Yusa then looked at Ao.

"Do you think he is okay?"

She didn't understand much about wisps, just that they are good cultivation resources.

Ao simply shook his head.

"I don't know, he doesn't have a body to speak of, so I can't even say if he is unconscious or just can't talk at moment."

They have a lot to ask but no one to answer, they will have to wait for Krune to come back by himself.

An hour later, Krune's energy body flickered a little, Yusa and Ao, who were meditating to recover, noticed the change, Yusa looked at Krune and asked.

"Are you back?"

This was the first time that Krune lost conscience, he was feeling very dizzy and couldn't make sense of what was happening around him, his body floated right and left as if he was drunk, when he heard Yusa's voice, he simply asked.

"Did you use the the whip or the cuffs?"

Yusa's face immediately got dark, Ao, who was paying attention too, couldn't help but burst in laugh, Although Yusa wanted to beat him again, both she and Ao understood that Krune wasn't thinking straight at moment, seems like that the first thing he remembered after hearing Yusa's voice was the event about the sex shop.

A little while later, Krunes mind cleared a little, at least now he could remember what happened, he noticed that he was in his wisp form and got alarmed, he immediately turned back into his human form.

It's just that... his clothes stayed back there at the Earth Dragon's place, so... this came to be the second time that Yusa saw Krune's 'little friend', although his 'little friend' had normal skin color like the rest of his body, the hair around was also rainbow, just like his hair on his head, Yusa turned red as a tomato for the third time, she immediately looked away while screaming.

But Yusa's scream alarmed Krune instead!

"Enemy! Where? Where?!"

Ao couldn't resist anymore, he was rolling on the ground, his injuries that had healed a little opened again, but he simply couldn't stop laughing, Krune was jumping all around looking for an enemy that doesn't exist, Ao understood that Krune got the wrong idea when Yusa screamed and was searching for the supposed 'enemy' while naked.

Yusa then shouted at him.

"Put some fuc*ing clothes!"

Only now Krune noticed that he was naked, he looked around and found his spatial ring, although Ao didn't waste time at the Earth Dragon's place, he at least took Krune's spatial ring with him, he took a set of clothes out and put them on.

Yusa noticed that Krune had put his clothes again, she then looked at Ao rolling in the ground and kicked him flying! Ao injures got worse again and he vomited blood, but he didn't care, he only thought about one thing.

'Worth it!'

He passed away after that.


Night time came, Ao had already recovered his consciousnesses and was using his spiritual energy to slowly recover from his injuries, Yusa was doing the same on the side, it's just that her face was its somewhat red, Krune had apologized to her, this time she didn't complain, he had really saved their lives after all. Krune, on the other hand, wasn't injured, it's just that he is totally dry of spiritual energy, he started to recover the memories before he fainted, he then understood why he lost conscience, that's because he almost killed himself, as a wisp, he needs spiritual energy to survive, but he used more than 99% of it in that last attack, only a very small sliver was left. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

'So dangerous, I need to learn how to control myself better in the future, a little bit more and I would be done for, and here was I thinking about myself as someone intelligent.'

Krune had already recovered around 70% of his spiritual energy, with his six Spiritual Energy Meridians plus the high amount of Rank Three spirit stones, it goes without saying that he was the first one back into combat state.

He looked at Ao and Yusa and was impressed, after almost dying, he could few that their control over spiritual energy had soared, looking at Ao, Krune was sure that he could totally breakthrough to the 4th stage without any pills help at moment, he is probably only waiting to finish heal his injuries. Although Yusa can't breakthrough yet, her spirit energy control is obviously much better, she also will have no problems to breakthrough into the 4th stage once enough energy is accumulated.

'Life and death situations can really temper oneself, even I can feel that my planet foundation got sturdier after what happened.'

With Krune back at combat form, Yusa and Ao were more relaxed, with his Divine Sense helping to check around, they didn't have much to worry about for the time being.

Next day, Yusa and Ao were already back on their feet, they were looking at Krune as if he was going to be eaten alive, it couldn't be helped, Krune is a wisp, wisps at the foundation establishment are legends, but that isn't the main issue, how come he was so strong like that? Is it really because of the Universe Foundation? Krune felt uncomfortable with their eyes, in the end he only sighed.

"There is indeed a reason why I can cultivate so fast and have such fine control over elements, that's basically because of my cultivation technique."

Yusa's eyes were shining, she looked at Krune as if he was made out of gold.

"Is it some technique that you got in the inheritance of some supreme cultivator?"

Krune looked weirdy at Yusa.

"Where did you get those ideas? Even if I had found an inheritance, do you think a wisp could even get close to that? Have you ever heard about an inheritance from high level cultivators without any traps or tests for those who enter?"

Krune poured cold water on Yusa's wishful thoughts, her happiness disappeared as fast as it came, but then again, how did he get such technique? Ao was to one to ask this time.

"So, if it isn't some kind of inheritance, then what is it? Could it be that instead of some supreme being inheritance, a supreme being came at you out of their own accord to give you this cultivation technique? To be honest, even if you agree with this theory, I won't believe it, don't misunderstand me, I'm not looking down on you, but I doubt such cultivator would select a wisp to pass his legacy."

Krune nodded and looked at Yusa.

"See? That's how you use your head to think, Ao is much better at it than you, try to forget money a little bit when talking in the future."

Yusa's curious face turned dark.

"Said the wisp who doesn't want to attract attention but have the eyes of the entire world on him."

Yusa used a special move...

A sword went through Krune's heart...

It's very effective!

Ao interfered after seeing that those two are going back into their siblings like bickering.

"So, what is it then?"

Krune took out the Myriad Energies Technique and showed to them.

Ao was surprised

"This? Isn't it the Myriad Energies Technique?"

Yusa thought that Krune was joking with them.

"Are you making fun of us? Who in the world doesn't know about this technique, I even know it well because I also used this technique to start my path as cultivator, after I got enough meridians from my body opened I discarded it though. But I still remember the technique, if I want I can even form the four pseudo energy meridians right now, of course, I won't be able to use them with my own meridians while doing that."

Krune shook his head.

"Tell me, why is it that you can't use the Myriad Energies Technique?"

Ao pondered a bit and answered.

"That's because the pseudo energy meridians deliver the spiritual energy without any conversion directly inside the dantian, while normal meridians do the conversion before the delivery, because of that both can't be used at the same time. Since the Myriad Energies Technique can only form nine pseudo energy meridians at most, and a normal body, be it demon beast or human, have much more normal meridians to open, the Myriad Energies technique is only good at the start to help accumulate spiritual energy to open the normal meridians, after the cultivator opens enough meridians, it becomes much faster to cultivate using them instead of using the pseudo energy meridians."

Krune nodded his had in praise, that was a very short but through and through explanation.

"Ao is correct, that is the main issue about the Myriad Energies Technique, I will have to ask the two of you to sign a blood contract before I proceed from here, do not misunderstand me, it's not that I don't trust you, it's just that with the contract in place, higher level cultivators won't be able to pray into the information even if they use some soul search techniques."

The both of them understood, it made sense, if the Myriad Energies Technique is really as good as that, then it makes sense that the secret must be kept. After signing the blood contract, Krune started to explain how it works, after hearing the whole story, both Yusa and Ao were amazed! Yusa then asked straight away.

"Doesn't that mean that we can also use this technique?"

Krune then answered

"I don't know, I left a copy with Ruik, my friend, for him to try it out, I reckon that this technique is mostly suited for races who have outstanding control over spiritual energy, we wisps have a very limited life span and can only try to build our foundation once, but I'm sure that we are one of the bests at spiritual energy control, we are beings of energy after all."

He then said.

"I have a disciple who is also a wisp, although he is much slower than me while using the real technique, you can say that he is already extremely fast if compared with normal Qi Condensation beasts and humans, he is just a few months over a year old, but he is already at the 8th stage of Qi Condensation, maybe even 9th stage since it has been a while since I left Katiu Forest. This technique is just way too much well suited for wisps."

Krune continued.

"The main issue for you is that you must complete all nine pseudo energy meridians first, from the information I could acquire back at Kaley City, any other race that isn't a wisp have to spend a long time to finish forming all nine meridians, but I don't think it's a coincidence, it probably has something to do with your life span, you might take much longer to achieve the nine pseudo meridians or the Spiritual Energy Meridians themselves, but you have the necessary life time to do that, we wisps, don't."

Yusa and Ao pondered about this issue, indeed, they probably can cultivate the Spiritual Energy Meridians, but it has the risk to not work with other races that aren't wisps, they would need to test it themselves since no one tried before, but they won't cultivate as fast as Krune, that's for sure, Yusa can testify for that since she started her cultivation path by using the pseudo energy meridians.

Krune then got up and looked at Ao.

"Ao, as I can see you probably have no need for any pill to breakthrough into the 4th stage anymore, me and Yusa will keep guard and you go finish your breakthrough, it will help in case anything else happens."

Ao agreed with the idea, he immediately sat down and took a few Rank Three spirit stones out, Krune and Yusa kept an eye around while they waited. Not long after, an explosion of spiritual energy spread around with Ao as the center, it's obviously that he succeed, he then spent another hour to put the raging spiritual energy in his body under control and the process was finally over.

Krune then said.

"Alright, whether you decide to give the Myriad Energies Technique a try or not you can think about it later, I don't want to be found by another Earth, Water or any other annoying element Dragon, we should finish our mission first."

The two of them agreed with Krune, since they are already back to normal, it's best to finish it and leave this place first.

By following the map it didn't take long for them to arrive at the Blazing Alligators lair, now that Ao was at the forth stage coupled with Krunes teaching about Wind Element, he had the confidence of defeating a Blazing Alligator on his on, but they decided to instead lure an alligator out of the group, there was too many of them for they to simply charge in, the first three alligators that came out were too weak, they wouldn't be able to complete the mission with their blood, finally, on the 4th try, Ao lured out a 5th stage Blazing Alligator, Krune left Yusa and Ao to deal with it while he kept an eye out for any issues.

Yusa was the nemesis of this demon beast, they soon beat the alligator down, as per Krune's request, the only demon beast they killed since they entered the Kaliu Danger Zone was the Earth Dragon itself, Krune personality won't change, he doesn't like to kill, so if possible, he won't. The first three Blazing alligator were also lying unconscious by the side, after the forth one fainted, they took away a lot of blood from it but didn't kill it either.

After finishing their job, they immediately departed, they have a long way back.

After leaving the area where late Stage Foundation Establishment demon beasts could appear, they fastened their pace, on their way back, Krune kept helping Yusa and Ao to improve their control over the wind and water element, both of them would them buy a fight with a demon beast on purpose to try their new findings, they were both happy, after that Life and Death battle coupled with Krune's help, they are both confident to even try for a Three Stars Badge when they get back at the Mercenary Guild.


Back at Rore City, Zuve Lie, the two stars alchemist, was talking with another mercenary group, this group had just arrived to take over the mission about the Blazing Alligator's blood, when they applied for the mission, they found out that another group of mercenaries had also taken the mission, but although their names were hidden, their cultivation levels could be verified, this mercenary group thought that Krune's group was courting death, so they came to do the mission themselves since it wouldn't be possible for Krune and the others.

This group was led by Shiar Chronus, it has four members with Shiar being the strongest among them, he is at the 5th Stage of Foundation Establishment while his companions are all at the 4th stage.

"Don't worry, Alchemist Zuve, we will complete this job as fast as possible, as for the group that came earlier, you can forget about them, they are probably dead our had given up already, they were courting death to try to finish this mission with their strength."

Zuve jut smiled, for him, as long as the blood is brought back, he doesn't care which group does it.

"I'm counting on you then."

After discussing and taking the necessary information from Zuve, they were just about to leave when an employee of the Alchemist Guild came in to pass a message.

"Alchemist Zuve, those mercenaries from over a week ago are back, they are asking to talk to you."

Shiar gave a laugh after hearing that.

"So they didn't die, they just gave up instead. Well, let them come in then, I will lecture those guys while I'm at it."

Krune and his group came in when they noticed the other group, but when Krune and Yusa saw who was there, their expressions became weird, beside Shiar, there was someone they knew quite well, it was none other than Durin Vola! He had brokenthrough as well and is now a 4th stage Foundation Establishment.

Durin also noticed them, his expression immediately turned gloomy, he was just about to stop his team leader but it was already too late.

Shiar came forward

"Now look at you three, do you understand how dangerous it was now? You shouldn't try to bite more than you can eat, go back to the Mercenary Guild and reflect on your actions, from now on, my group is taking this mission so that this task can be finished."

Durin felt like he wanted to cry but had no tears, his leader probably didn't recognize Krune because he was using his hat to cover his rainbow like hair, he could only look away and pretend he didn't know anything while thinking.

'Leader, you brought it upon yourself.'

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