Is That A Wisp? Chapter 37

Chapter 37: The World Trembles Hearing His Name!

As expected, Yusa didn't save the guy any face.

"Where did this fly come from? Shoo shoo, the intelligent living beings need to talk."

Shiar faces immediately warped.

"You dare to talk to be like that? A puny 3rd stage Foundation Establishment? Don't blame me for reporting your team for failing the mission only because of your arrogance, people like you put our mercenary guilds name in shame."

He turned around and said.

"Let's go, we have a mission to finish."

Krune completely ignored the guy, he went in front Zuve Lie and took out the Blazing Alligator's blood.

"Alchemist Zuve, here is the Blazing Alligator blood you required, please confirm this is the blood you need."

Shiar, who was just about to leave, froze in place.

'Did they just say Blazing Alligator blood?'

Durin, who was by his side, kept his poker face, if he tell the truth now, his leader will blame him for not having told him earlier.

Zuve Lie was ecstatic, he took the Blazing Dragon Blood and used a few tools to check the validity of the blood, he then turned back to Krune, his expression even happier now.

"This is exactly the blood I was looking for, I will make sure to give a call to the Mercenary Guild today, you will receive every single point agreed."

Krune nodded, Ao and Yusa expressions didn't even change, that's to be expected.

On the other hand, Shiar was angry to the point of exploding, he didn't believe that this group was really able to procure the Blazing Alligators Blood.

"Who do you think you are deceiving here? There is no way you guys could succeed in this mission, you obviously got this blood from somewhere else, the guild has strict rules for this kind of activity, I was being nice at first, but now you can wait for the results later."

Yusa was as non nonchalant as ever.

"Someone who can't even defeat me is boasting on the side, Durin, you should keep you friends under control."

Shiar got puzzled, he looked at Durin, does it mean that he knows about this mercenary group.

Durin felt like he wanted to cry, he totally believes that they got the blood the normal way, it would have been good if they had not called him out. Durin then sent a Divine Sense message to his leader, Shiar faces immediately turned gloomy, he looked at Krune, now that he thinks about it Krune's face really looks like the one in the news.

"So you are that so called Four Stars Foundation Establishment Mercenary who thinks to be big sh*t?"

Krune just nodded, with Durin Vola staying there, there is no way he can deny it, they participated in the same Mercenary Exam after all.

"I don't care about the so called universe foundation, with your cultivation realm you are nothing in front of me, if you are really that great, do you dare accept a challenge from me?"

Krune looked at this person as if he was an idiot, people of that level can't pose any threat to him anymore, if it wasn't for the fact the he doesn't want to attract attention, he wouldn't mind open this persons eyes, not because he is angry, Krune simply can't get angry easy, it's part of his nature, he simply doesn't like when people look down on him, it makes him remember the time when he was a weak wisp, everyone disdained him.

Shiar noticed that Krune wasn't saying anything, he thought that Krune was afraid.

"See, in the end that's all that your group amounts for."

Yusa and Ao know Krune quite well already, they could tell that Krune simply wanted to keep his low key life, well, even if it doesn't have anything low key to it.

Yusa then came forward, just as she was about to accept, Ao stopped her and sent a Divine Sense message.

"I know you can fight but you won't be able to defeat him, don't forget that he is also a Mercenary, which means that he can at least fight those one stage above his realm, your fight would most likely end in a draw, let me go, with my last breakthrough I'm confident to beat him down."

Yusa pondered a bit and simply nodded, Ao then spoke.

"There is no need for Krune to come forward, that would be not fair, how about me? Do you dare?"

Krune sighed, the only one is his team that would have a problem in defeating this guy is Yusa, and she probably wouldn't lose, most likely no winner would appear, but Ao broke through to the 4th stage and Krune personally guided him with his Wind Element Manipulation, unless this Shiar guy is a genius, he simply doesn't stand a chance against Ao.

Shiar thought that the 'fair' that Ao said was about his realm being much higher than Krune, so he decided to accept the challenge.

There is rules in the city so people can't simply fight anywhere, but there is places where challenges can be taken, the arena!

In a cultivators world its very common for fights to happen, so to prevent damage from happening to the cities, every single one has an arena, if the cities are big, there might be even more than one, when fighting someone one's secret might be exposed, so when you decide to fight you can select whether you want to let people see it or not, Krune had no idea about such thing so he simply let Ao do as he wished.

Ao didn't care either, so he didn't apply for their fight to be hidden, people soon gathered to take a look, when Shiar and Ao came on the stage, there was already over ten thousand people to watch, Rore City has a lot more people than Kaley City, so it was easier to gather the people in a shorter amount of time.

Krune looked around and curled himself in a corner, trying to stay out of sight as much as possible, Yusa saw that and didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Shiar looked at Ao and snorted.

"This is your last chance, apologize in front of me and I can let you go."

Ao didn't even pay attention to what he said, he simply activated the arena's protection formation and stood in front of Shiar.

The referee came forward and stayed beside the arena, the law of the country prohibits killing inside the cities, in case the fight goes out of hand it would be his job to put a stop to it. Every cities referee must be at least at the Core Formation Realm so there was no chance that they would be able to kill the other.

He raised his hand and said.


Both parties nodded.


Poor Shiar, Ao's fighting prowess has already surpassed himself by quite a lot, the moment that Ao took his sword he disappeared, Shiar could barely keep up with his movement, Krune looked at that and nodded, all the time spent teaching Ao about the Wind Element was not wasted after all.

Shiar noticed that the situation was dire, he is a Fire Element user, to prevent Ao from getting close he immediately created a fire tornado around himself, the temperature in the arena soared, but Ao was as nonchalant as ever, he simply used his sword to throw a wind blade, the blade cut through the fire tornado as if it was paper, in an instant, Shiar's protection was gone, just like that. Ao sighed seeing that, if he knew that Shiar was a fire element user he wouldn't have stopped Yusa, with the element advantage she would definitely have won this fight.

Shiar, on the other hand, was frightened, how could Ao be this strong? He did his best trying to defend himself and attacking Ao with fireballs, Fire Dragons, Fire Rings, so on and so forth, but Ao's speed was just too high, nothing hit him.

A flaw soon appeared in Shiar's defense and Ao didn't let it go, the sword moved like a ghost, just as Shiar's head was about to fly out of his body, both Shiar and Ao were locked in place, the referee took action when he saw that Shiar was going to die.

He then came forward and announced.

"Ao Sulian Wins!"

Shiar's face was as white as paper, if the referee hadn't stopped that attack in the last second, he would be dead now.

The crowd roared, they love this kind of fight where those with lower cultivation realm beat those who are stronger.

Ao left the arena and then his group went back to Kaley City, they didn't even pay attention to Shiar back then.


After appearing in the teleportation formation inside the Solie Clan, the group left and went back to the mercenary guild, but before that, Yusa left a message.

"We put the fees of the teleportation on your Solie Clans account, thanks for the patronage."

When Zu Solie read that message, he felt gloomy, long distance teleportation costs a lot of spiritual stones, and their treasure is quite empty at moment, this kind of situation makes his heart hurt quite a bit.

Back at the Kaley City Mercenary Guild, they just checked in and found out that the ranking points have been added to their ID's, the mission rewarded 900 points, and because the highest cultivation level at the time they applied for the mission was 3rd stage Foundation Establishment, they got a 30% bonus over that, they all had 1170 ranking points now.

They then decided to gather again another time, for now they would part ways to do their own things.

Ao told Krune to inform him when he is out, he wants to apply for a Mercenary Test again and would like to have Krune looking at it to see how his Wind Element control is doing.

Yusa took the chance and decided to do the same, she is also quite confident in being able to acquire a Three Stars badge.

Krune nodded and after exchanging a few more words, they left.

Krune went back to his room after passing by the sales room, by using his Four Stars Badge he got a 25% of discount when he selected the 'Five Elements Paste', he now has 270 points remaining.

'With this Five Elements Paste, the reinforcement speed of my foundation should increase by 20% to 30% for the next few days, the information said that it will work for more or less 8 days, but my universe foundation isn't something common, so I believe the effect will be over faster than it should.'

Krune then started to absorb the paste, just as the description said, the speed that his planet reinforcement increased quite a lot, Krune didn't waste time, he took out several hundred Rank Three spirit stones and started to cultivate.


Time went by and just like that six days have passed, inside Krune's room there was a lot spirit stone dust, every time a spirit stone has it's spiritual energy absorbed, it will turn into that, Krune had used over 500 in this period of time, after this six days, Krune finally opened his eyes.

'I'm just a bit off from finishing reinforcing my planet, the paste effect is over but if I keep cultivating at this pace, I should be able to breakthrough in a weeks time."

Krune then got up and stretched a bit, he hasn't left his room in the last few days, he was starting to feel bored in here.

He video called Ao and Yusa to tell that he finished his cultivation and decided to meet at the mercenary testing room, Ao and Yusa accepted and ended the call. But Krune found something strange with the twos behavior.

'Is it me or it looked like they were hiding something?'

Krune left his room and went to the testing room, on the way he noticed that everyone was looking at him, that made him feel very uncomfortable.

When he arrived at the testing room, Yusa and Ao were there already, they looked at Krune with pity, Krune felt even more puzzled.

Just when he was about to ask what is happening, supervisor Lu came into the room to congratulate Krune.

Krune felt like something isn't right, it's just a mission being completed, their position in the ranking system didn't even get close to the first thousand on the list, why would he come to congratulate them just because that?

The supervisor got the wrong idea and thought that Krune was being modest instead, he then laughed out loud and said.

"There is no need to hide, everyone knows already, it's all over the news, your friend Ao, who is part of your group, has easily defeated the Two Stars Mercenary Shiar, who has a cultivation higher than him by one stage, there is even a video online, someone got your face recorded together with Ao and Yusa when you came into the arena, everyone is saying that you want to build the strongest group of the Sky Rank and trash all the other groups."

Supervisor Lu kept laughing, on the other side, tears were running down on Krune's face.

"Boy, you are really good, as part of the Kaley City main branch, you brought a lot of face for our guild, keep up the good work."

Supervisor Lu looked at Krune who was crying at moment, he thought that Krune was happy to the point of tears, he then said a few more encouraging words and left.

Yusa and Ao were doing their best to hold back their laugh, but after seeing Krune white face they couldn't hold anymore, Yusa couldn't help but give him the last killing blow.

"The rising star of the mercenary guild acts again! Behold Krune! The world trembles when hearing his name!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Ten thousand needles hit his heart, Its very effective! Krune couldn't help but think.

'Is it still too late to change teams?'

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