It All Started At Camp Crystal Lake Chapter 1

1 The Camping Trip

I was on a camping trip with a couple of my friends. I decided to wear just some regular blue Jean's, white tennis shoes and a plain white tshirt. Im sitting in the back of the van with my best friend Katie. She looks over at me and smiles. 'I cant believe you got a tattoo of Jason Voorhees on you." She laughs. I dont know, I just feel like I can relate to him. 'And he is my favorite horror movie slasher after all." Aww Allie I think you love him." She jokes twirling my long red hair in her finger tips. Stop it , I mean it Kate." Tony takes his eyes off the road and glances at Josh smirking. Josh glances back at us and snickers. 'Allie the way you obsess over him is crazy, I wouldn't be surprised if you wanted to marry him." He laughs. I look out the window. The trees look kind of spooky. It has started getting dark. So how long before we get to the camp site? I ask. 'Maybe ten minutes, we just passed a sign."Said Tony. 'By the time we get there I'm just gonna wanna sleep." Sighed Katie. While combing her hand through her blond curly hair. She leaned against my shoulder and started to doze. Allie looked out the window again, she could only see the moon peeking through the trees. She looked up the road in time just to see a deer jump out in front of the car. Tony slammed on the brakes. Katie was startled awake. There was a loud crash. Then everything went silent. 'What the hell was that?!" she yelled. She had a death grip on my arm. Tony and Josh got out. We hit a deer. Replied Tony. 'How bad is it?" I asked. It's pretty bad, we are gonna have to walk the rest of the way there. Said Tony while handing us our bags. We managed to stumble upon a broken down sign that said Camp Hillbrook. Most of the cabins were in desperate need of repair. Only one cabin seemed decent. There was only one double bed. Josh and Katie went to start a camp fire and put up their tent. Me and Tony got the cabin to ourselves. We started unpacking. 'As soon as they finish pitching the tent you know what they plan on doing." I joked. Oh yea you know Josh has had the hots for Katie since 8th grade, he laughed. While putting his clothes in the drawers. I had already put all my things away. I put on my pajamas and decided to lay down. It's going to be a long night.
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