It All Started At Camp Crystal Lake Chapter 10

10 Thinking Of The Future

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As the months go by me and Jason become inseparable. I've even started teaching him how to write again. He still has a little trouble with his words but its coming along. Everytime he accomplishes something he smiles. His eyes crinkle up and shine brighter. His hugs are a lot more gentle now. The first time he hugged me it felt like I was slowly being crushed. So his sense of touch has improved also. We enjoy taking walks and looking at the stars together. Every night he holds me until I fall asleep. Its so peaceful laying my head on his chest and listening to his heartbeat. Jason still wont take off his mask. It maybe a scar that he simply doesn't want me to look at. But regardless I eventually want to know what his face looks like. While we were talking I started talking about kids. He said that he liked them. When I asked if he ever wanted to be a dad he looked shocked. His eyes sparkled while he nodded. Jason still wanted a family. My heart swelled at the thought.
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