It All Started At Camp Crystal Lake Chapter 2

2 Later That Nigh

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Katie had just finished putting up the tent. Since Josh was of no help for that. He went ahead a lit a fire and sat down on a log. With a stupid grin on his face. Moved a little closer. 'What is so funny?" I asked. I'm already annoyed at this point. He smirked and leaned in toward me. ' I'm just wondering if Tony and Allie are hitting it off or not." He said, pulling me into his lap. 'Maybe we can enjoy our alone time together", he grinned. 'Mmm maybe, why dont you start off by giving me a nice massage?" I asked while looking into his deep brown eyes. He picked me up, placed me down in the tent and started undressing me. I turned over on my stomach, he started to slowly massage my upper and lower back. 'That feels nice" I complemented. My eyes started to get heavy. He leaned down and gently kissed the back of my neck. I felt him bite the back of my ear. The sound of a small branch breaking caught my attention. 'Josh I thought I heard something." 'Relax baby its probably a squirrel or something." 'Josh I'm serious, can you keep your lips to yourself for one second and check it out?" 'Oh my god, fine I'll check!" 'But I better get some nice tongue action when I get back." He zipped up the tent back up and left. I looked at my phone , no service. Man what I would do for some wifi right about now. I pull out my cd player and start listening to some music. ....

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