It All Started At Camp Crystal Lake Chapter 3

3 The Killing Begins

Katie had been listening to her music for a little over ten minutes before she realized Josh still hadn't come back yet. She slowly got up and put her booty shorts back on along with he tank top and tennis shoes. She looked around outside the tent. 'Josh!!! This isnt funny!! Where are you?!" She looked around frantically. And ran into the cabin to tell the others. She shook Allie awake. 'I can't find Josh!" Allie turned over sleepily. 'Look he is probably out in the woods playing a joke on you. You know how he is." Allie laughed. 'Maybe you are right, sorry for waking you. I'm gonna go find Josh and be right back." she replied while shutting the door behind her. Katie slowly walked into the woods, she turned her phones flashlight on. She could hear leaves rustling in the wind. Other then that it was quiet. 'Josh!" She yelled as loud as she could. She had been looking for a few minutes and still found no trace of him. She could see something a few feet ahead, it was shining. She bent down and looked closer. Realizing its Josh's cellphone she picked it up. Katie smirked, 'Ok Josh jokes over, if you wanted to scare me congratulations!" she yelled. 'If you dont come out you are gonna end up sleeping alone tonight!" She was starting to get a bad feeling in her stomach. There was a small trail of blood that went deeper into the woods. It ended up stopping at the side of a tree. She slowly looked around the tree. Letting out a horrible high pitched scream as she found Josh. He had his throat cut open. His brown eyes glassy and frozen with pain. Blood was all over his hands, they looked like they had been crushed. Katie struggled to catch her breath. She knew he had tried to put up a fight. Looking around herself quickly she began to run as fast as she could. I have to hurry and get back to the cabin and warn the others she thought to herself. It began to start raining, making the ground soft and muddy. Her heart felt as if it were beating out of her chest. Suddenly she she glanced around, all the trees looked the same. With no idea of which direction the camp site was, it started to dawn on her that she was completely lost. Heavy foot steps sounded behind her. Tears running down her face, she never looked back. Not paying attention to the ground, she let out a loud scream. As she felt a horrible pain at her right ankle. Reaching down she saw it was a bear trap. Attempting to remove it seemed impossible, with just her strength alone she couldn't pry open the rusty trap. Katie wanted to scream, as the heavy foot steps got closer. She pulled at her ankle harder, causing a sharp pain to run up her leg. Slowly bleeding out, she started to fade in and out of consciousness. Struggling to stay awake, she threw her hand over her mouth. The foot steps stopped on the other side of a tree beside her. She prayed, this cant be the way my life ends.
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