It All Started At Camp Crystal Lake Chapter 4

4 The Man

Katie tried to get a good look at the person. Her breathing accelerated, it's a man and he is huge. He has something in his hand, it's really long. I can barely make out the shape, omg it's a machete. In complete shock she was afraid to move. Her ankle flaring up in pain. She managed to pull her legs closer to her. The chain attached to the trap made a noise. Katie frooze, the man came straight toward her. As she looked up at him, dread washed over. He was slowly leaned down and opened the trap. Letting my ankle go, I was surprised. I couldn't stand up, suddenly the man reach for my throat. His hand has a tight grip, feels like my windpipe is being crushed. He brings his face closer to mine. I hit his shoulder hoping he would let go. It was like hitting concrete, he didn't even flinch. He narrowed his blue eyes at me in anger. His grip continued to tighten on my throat. My eyesight starts getting blurry. I desperately try to pry open his hand. My feet are dangling high off the ground. Everything is getting getting dark. My eyes feel as if they can pop out of my head at any second. I try to scream, nothing is coming out. The a dirt hockey mask is the last thing I see before everything goes black.

Back at the cabin Allie suddenly wakes up. Looking back over at Tony while he is still sleeping. She throws the blanket back and gets up to go to the bathroom. After she's finished she looks out the window to see if Josh and Katie got back. Noticing the tent is still unzipped and left open, she quickly wakes up Tony. Rubbing his eyes while sitting up. 'What's wrong?" he asked. 'Katie went looking for Josh and they still aren't back yet." she said. Tony gets out of bed. 'We need to go find them." he said while rushing to get flash lights. 'We should just call the police." 'I dont think it's a good idea to go running around the woods." she replied. 'Ok you stay here try reaching the sheriff's office, while I go and look for them." Tony had already ran out the door, disappearing into the woods. Allie went got her phone and tried calling the police. Her phone had no service. This is really bad she said to herself. Attempting to calm herself down she started humming. It felt like she had been waiting for over thirty minutes. Looking out the window, none of her friends had come back. Reluctantly she picked up a flash light and headed into the woods. The rain was falling harder than before. Allie was cold and soaked, she struggled through the soft mud. She stopped something had caught her attention. Looking closer she saw it was an arm. Walking around the tree she found Katie, her throat was almost snapped in half. She backed up bumping up against a tree, reaching down she felt something soft. Turning around she found Josh, his throat had been slit. Suddenly Allie heard a loud cracking noise. Looking around frantically a heavy weight fell on top of her. It was Tony, he had been gutted. His insides spilled out all over her. Quickly pushing him off, she took off running as fast as she could to the cabin.
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