It All Started At Camp Crystal Lake Chapter 5

5 Scared And Alone

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Allie was exhausted from all the running. She took a rest at a big oak tree. The rain still hadn't let up. Her tears mixing with the rain running down her face. She pushed her long hair back, it had become tangled. Her legs were sore and started to cramp up. She slowly slide down the tree and into the mud. With her knees tightly to her, she started cry. All of her friends were dead, she had no idea of how to get back to the cabin. Being alone and afraid, her thoughts started to race. The situation was to much to handle. Hearing the heavy foot steps again, her head shot up. She held a gasp, the man looked like a giant. His face was covered by a dirty hockey mask, his clothes were tattered. His cold blue eyes seemed to stare right through me. A chill went up my spine as he got closer. He roughly grabbed my arm and stood me up against the tree. His chest was close to mine, taking his hand he gently inspected my hair. It was as if he was fascinated with it. His eyes lite up when I looked up at him. My light brown eyes went wide with shock. His breathing got heavier, as if he was excited. Touching my face he let out a confused grunt. For some reason I no longer felt afraid of him. The way he has been looking at me, makes me feel shy. No one has ever taken any interest in me like that before. My vision was going sideways before it went black.
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