It All Started At Camp Crystal Lake Chapter 8

8 Living With Jason

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The rest of the week was the same. The man continued to take care of me. I still didn't know his name. So I looked around until I found his bed. Jason was spelled out in big letters. I finally have a name for my new friend. I managed to find a permanent black marker. I wrote my name underneath his. Now that I think about it, Jason has been acting strange toward me. I woke up this morning to a whole rose bush crammed into a huge flower pot. They were beautiful....I'm pretty sure he is crushing on me at this point. The day before while I was exploring through the woods. I found both of our names with a heart around them carved into the side of the tree. That was another sweet gesture. I wish he could speak to me. Deep down I really like him. Would he even want a relationship with me? Does he even know what a relationship is? Everytime I'm around him my heart takes off. It's settled tomorrow I'm gonna tell Jason how I feel.
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