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It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 743

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The next afternoon, Ling Lan packed up happily and prepared to go out shopping. However, she saw none of her roommates had gone out yet, they were all sitting on the sofa in the living room, spending their time looking at their communicator.

Ling Lan asked in surprise. “Are you all not going out?”

Meng Shaoran gave an evil smile and replied lazily, “I am.”

Ling Lan looked up at the sky. It is almost noon. Who were they waiting for?

When he saw Ling Lan being confused, Gu Zhengrong laughed. “Shaoyun, we were waiting for you.”

Ling Lan scratched her head. “Did I agree to go with you? I need to go to the city today to buy some daily necessities.”

“Idiot!” Leng Hanfeng threw that word at her. Ling Lan lowered her head and appeared to be deeply affected by that word. However, in her heart, she was furious. She couldn’t stand Leng Hanfeng, she wanted to tear his face apart.

“Don’t talk to Shaoyun like that.” Gu Zhengrong spoke up for Ling Lan, so Ling Lan gave him a grateful look. “We know you are buying things today, that was why we waited for you. Who knew you would sleep in today.” Gu Zhengrong pointed to the glaring sun outside as he teased her.

Ling Lan scratched her head shyly. “Erm, I slept late yesterday because I was designing a mecha model. Hey, how did you know that I’m going to the city today?” She pretended to just notice it.

“Your suitcase only consisted of pieces of equipment and tools. If you don’t go shopping today, I have to suspect that you are a pig.” Meng Shaoran stretched his back and stood up. His words were irritating as usual.

Ling Lan glared at him. Meng Shaoran was being irritating but Ling Lan’s unusual reaction caused Leng Hanfeng to be surprised. He looked at Meng Shaoran mysteriously.

“Okay, let’s go out immediately. If not, it’ll be too late.” Gu Zhengrong looked at the time and reminded everyone.

In the end, Ling Lan was dragged out of the apartment by Meng Shaoran and Leng Hanfeng. When Little White realized that its boss was pulled away, it quickly jumped over and barely managed to catch the edge of Ling Lan’s clothes. It had luckily prevented itself from being abandoned.

Sob, it’s hard being a pet. It must fight with strangers for its Boss. If not, its Boss would disappear. Little White suddenly had a sense of crisis.

As for Ling Lan, she already had it multiple times in her heart. F**k, I didn’t agree to anything. If you guys follow me, how am I supposed to stalk Li Lanfeng! Ah!

Ling Lan screamed in her heart. However, on her face, she had to appear surprised and elated. Basically implying with her expression that she really believed that her roommates really wanted to go out with her, so it must mean that they took her as their real friend. This was such a huge surprise to her.

To hell with surprises. I don’t need them! Ling Lan pointed her middle finger at them mentally. Her impression of Meng Shaoran, Leng Hanfeng, and Gu Zhengrong dropped by a considerable amount.

Experience proved that once the things you do that was different from their expectations, their impression of you will drop. Hence, knowing what other people wanted of you is really important. If not, no matter how hard you work or how sincere you are, your effort will be put to waste.

Her roommates didn’t know that as they were dragging Ling Lan to the city, they had become the enemy of their cute younger brother. They still thought that this was a good bonding session to improve their relationships.

As a person who had many friends, Gu Zhengrong already prepared a shopping list already. The four of them didn’t waste much time and got all the essentials that Ling Lan needed.

Ling Lan noticed something good when she shopped with her roommates. She didn’t need to carry her shopping bags. Although she was a man now, her face helped her gained many liberties. Most of the time, after she paid for her shopping, the ladies at the counter would pass the bags to her roommates. If they didn’t take it, the ladies would look at them unhappily. They seemed to be scolding her roommates: Why aren’t you taking care of your younger brother when you brought him out for shopping? What kind of older brother are you?

Under the ladies’ intense gaze, her roommates had no choice but to take the bags. This made Ling Lan feel like she was with her comrades again. As their Boss, Ling Lan never had to carry anything. Cough, it was because she had too many underlings so she never had the chance to.

Soon, it was lunchtime. Gu Zhengrong suggested that they find a place to have a meal. Meng Shaoran and Leng Hanfeng agreed. As for Ling Lan, her opinion was of relative importance, so no one asked her.

I don’t want to eat with you all! Damn it! Ling Lan finally knew what it was like to be an underling. She felt frustrated that she was unable to decide things for herself. Ling Lan decided that in the future, she would only be a Boss and would never be an underling. She would kill whoever dared to make her his or her underling.

The three people in front of her felt a chill down their spine. They turned back instantly, and saw Ling Lan looking at them with a puzzled expression.

Everything was fine so the three of them thought that they were just too sensitive. Their mood was already dampened so they casually chose a restaurant that did not look too bad.

When they entered the door, a handsome man with a gentle smile appeared in front of them. He had some food in his hand and was bidding farewell to the shop owner.

Ling Lan cursed in her heart. She didn’t expect the person who should be reporting to his superiors at the headquarters’ military hospital to appear here. The person was Li Shiyu.

Nothing was worse than meeting someone you knew when you were on a spy mission. Ling Lan lowered her head and did a hand sign with her hands secretly. She wanted Li Shiyu to pretend that he didn’t know her.

When Li Shiyu saw Ling Lan, he was shocked too. He wondered why his regiment commander was here. However, when she lowered her head, he knew that something was amiss. He saw the hand sign that only a member from Lingtian would know and immediately understood everything.

He looked at the three people beside his regiment commander intently. They were all young men around 15 years old. Yet, they all had different auras. He also realized, to his surprise, that his regiment commander’s cold aura had disappeared. Ling Lan was like a cute and handsome younger brother when she stood among the three people, her aura really attract someone to want to protect her.

Oh my god, our brutal and vicious Boss is so handsome? Li Shiyu felt that heaven was evil. It gave his boss this face so that he could honeytrap people, right?

Leng Hanfeng felt Li Shiyu’s gaze and looked at him coldly. The gaze seemed familiar but it was different from his Boss’s gaze. His Boss’s coldness was from the bottom of his heart. As for this young man, the coldness was just on his face. Every time his Boss looked at them indifferently during training, he felt that Boss really did want to kill them.

Li Shiyu smiled. Beside this mock cold-looking youth, there was someone who was the real deal. Yet, he just disguised himself as a harmless and pure person. Li Shiyu knew the truth so this scene appeared funny to him. If this young man knew Ling Lan’s true form, would he still be able to maintain his mock coldness?

Li Shiyu felt sorry for Leng Hanfeng so he smiled at him. Li Shiyu had a warm smile. It was not as gentle as his elder cousin brother’s smile but it was enough to melt Leng Hanfeng’s coldness.

As expected, this young man was just pretending to be arrogant and cold. Li Shiyu smiled again. He nodded at Leng Hanfeng and left the shop. His eldest cousin brother loved to eat Moluomi, and this shop had the best Moluomi. Every time he would come back to Planet Azure to visit his eldest cousin brother, he would buy some for him.

Because of his health, his eldest cousin brother’s diet was specially prepared by nutritionists. He did try a little bit of his food out of curiosity once and he never wanted to eat it again. Yet, his eldest cousin brother had to eat it every day without stopping. Li Shiyu respected his eldest cousin brother’s perseverance. When he was young, he couldn’t bear to see his eldest cousin brother eating such horrible tasting food so he asked him what he wanted to eat. His eldest cousin brother told him that he wanted to eat Moluomi. It was a kind of dessert his eldest cousin brother’s mother made for him when he was young.

Li Shiyu knew the reason why his eldest cousin brother wanted Moluomi, it was not because Moluomi was delicious. Instead, it was because his eldest cousin brother just missed his mother and the love she gave him. Unfortunately, his mother had a hemorrhage after giving birth to him so her health was poor. The medical expertise in the Federation was quite high, but it was not enough to save her life. When his eldest cousin brother was four, she died. The only memory she left for his eldest cousin brother was Moluomi.

Thinking about this, Li Shiyu’s mood turned for the worse. Although he had brought some agents he invented, he wasn’t sure if they would work. If he couldn’t heal his eldest cousin brother now, he would miss the best time for his treatment.

Li Shiyu got agitated. He wanted to know why his Boss came here but he believed that if his Boss wanted to find him, he would.

Li Shiyu had sent the address of the Li family to his Boss. He knew that the communicator his Boss was using now was not his personal one but with Ling Lan’s hacking abilities, he would definitely get whatever information he wanted.

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