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It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 400

Chapter 400: Plan to Create a God!
Translator: ryuxenji Editor: H2dH2mr

"Beep beep beep!" Early in the morning, the still asleep Han Yu was suddenly startled awake by the alert ringing from his communicator by his pillow. Eyes closed, he rummaged around his pillow and got his hands around the culprit which had disturbed his sleep. Only then did he open his eyes ...

Seeing a familiar name on the screen, Han Yu sobered up. He quickly sat up and clipped the communicator onto his wrist and pressed the button to connect the call.

Wei Ji's figure appeared on the virtual screen. He was frowning and his expression was extremely grim. "Han Yu, did you know that early this morning, the mainframe announced some news?"

"I slept very late last night because I was preparing the documents needed for enlistment. If you hadn't woken me up, I would still be sleeping!" Han Yu could not help but yawn. Them fifth-year cadets were all busy recently preparing to apply for enlistment, and so were almost completely oblivious to anything happening outside their windows.

"This past year of peace in the academy is coming to an end!" said Wei Ji solemnly.

"What happened?" Wei Ji's expression caused Han Yu's expression to turn serious as well. Han Yu knew very well that, as the vice regiment commander of Wuji, the other would not have come to disturb him so early in the morning unless something big had occurred.

"Leiting has made a move." Wei Ji told Han Yu the news he had learned this morning.

Han Yu reacted immediately. "The Lingtian Mecha Clan? Leiting's revenge match?" It looked like the Leiting Mecha Clan was truly vicious. Taking advantage of this time while the other party had yet to secure stable footing and were still weak to utterly crush the other.

"Yes. The mainframe has announced this news to every student early this morning. The challenge fight will be a week later, starting at 1 p.m. sharp. I think you should have received it too," Wei Ji added.

Han Yu immediately began scrolling through the news on his communicator, and found that half an hour back, he had indeed received an alert from the mainframe. It looked like the academy was also taking this challenge fight extremely seriously, otherwise they would not have issued this school-wide announcement.

"Eh? Leiting has chosen the 12-man small-scale mecha fight? Isn't this obviously giving the Lingtian Mecha Clan a chance?" Han Yu saw the associated details of the challenge fight and could not help but be surprised.

"Look at who is leading the team," Wei Ji reminded.

"Qiao Ting, haha, looks like Qiao Ting has decided to be ruthless. He won't be happy unless he has completely destroyed the Lingtian Mecha Clan," said Han Yu gleefully.

Han Yu also hated the Lingtian Mecha Clan with a passion right now, because Li Lanfeng and Zhao Jun had refused to collaborate with Wuji again at the start of this academic year. After some investigation, he had found that this had something to do with the Lingtian Mecha Clan. Although he could not be sure whether they had really joined the Lingtian Mecha Clan, the very thought of the possibility was enough to incite Han Yu's envy and hatred.

Indeed, Han Yu had cultivated a strategist-type character like Zhou Ya specifically because he wanted to weaken Li Lanfeng's prestige within the Wuji Mecha Clan. He always remembered what the previous regiment commander had said people not belonging to their own faction were not deserving of trust. However, he had not finished wringing Li Lanfeng of all his worth; he truly could not bear to let such an excellent strategist leave Wuji like this ... at the bottom of it all, Zhou Ya was still a little weaker in comparison.

What made him even angrier was the fact that when Li Lanfeng had withdrawn and left, he had actually taken Zhao Jun with him. This infuriated Han Yu, as he believed that Li Lanfeng had dealt him a blow in secret. It should be known that Zhao Jun was their number one fighter in the Wuji Mecha Clan. Every time they had a conflict with the other factions, Zhao Jun was an indispensable mainstay of their mecha clan ...

Thus, Han Yu hated Li Lanfeng, and this hatred was then extended to the Lingtian Mecha Clan which Li Lanfeng was hanging around so much. If the Leiting Mecha Clan could deal a devastating blow to the Lingtian Mecha Clan, he, Han Yu, would be happy to see it.

Han Yu had thought things through. If the Lingtian Mecha Clan was thoroughly beaten by the Leiting Mecha Clan, he would definitely lead some people to seek out Li Lanfeng and Zhao Jun. Then, with an absolutely haughty and condescending attitude, he would dispense his mercy upon them. However, at that time, their relationship would no longer be that of collaborative partners but of master and servants.

"No matter what the outcome of this match is, it can be predicted that from now on, our academy will be dragged into power disputes among the various major factions once more." The actions of the Leiting Mecha Clan definitely would not stop there. After being a rival of Qiao Ting for four years, Wei Ji was extremely familiar with the other's ambition. If Qiao Ting could make all the factions in the academy submit to his before he applied for enlistment, he would be able to justifiably become the king of the military academy. This would be of great benefit to his future development.

If he had possessed Qiao Ting's current level of strength and ability, with the power of his faction, he, Wei Ji, would have probably found it hard to resist this temptation ...

"We should also make some preparations. Perhaps after a period of time, we too will receive a letter of challenge from Leiting," said Wei Ji with a sigh. Without Zhao Jun around, their confidence was flimsy in going up against Leiting. Mind you, in their mecha fights with Leiting in the past, even though Zhao Jun was a level below Qiao Ting, he was one of the only three people who could withstand more than twenty moves from Qiao Ting. Of the other two, one was the regiment commander of Tianji, while the other was the vice regiment commander of Dwotong. In terms of mecha operation, both he and Han Yu were weaker than these three by a good margin.

"How terrible!" Han Yu had also thought of this. He slammed a vicious fist down on the edge of his bed, his hatred for Li Lanfeng rising once again. "Next week when the challenge fight begins. Don't forget to remind me to go watch it together." Han Yu had to personally witness the downfall of the Lingtian Mecha Clan only with that would his rage be vented.

Due to Li Lanfeng, the Lingtian Mecha Clan thus became an innocent target for Han Yu to vent his anger.

"Who knows if the Lingtian Mecha Clan will choose to make the fight public? If they choose a closed fight, we won't be able to spectate even if we want to," said Wei Ji with a frown. The numbers of the challenge fight were chosen by the challenger, but the choice for the fight to be opened or closed laid with the side being challenged. Wei Ji was afraid that the Lingtian Mecha Clan would refuse to make the fight public in order to save face. If that happened, they would not be able to spectate the fight.

"I don't think that will be the case this time ..." Han Yu's face was suffused with schadenfreude. "If that were true, why would the academy mainframe go as far as to make a campus-wide announcement? I suspect that the administrators of the academy are also thinking of using this challenge fight to restore the academy's morale. After a year of low spirits within the school, I think those old men are unable to hold back anymore." Han Yu had not been the regiment commander for Wuji for two years in vain he did have some understanding of certain motives and strategies of the academy administrators.

Wei Ji's gaze lit up at these words. Indeed, the academy mainframe's announcement of the fight was indeed different from how things had been handled previously. It really looked like Han Yu was right the academy administrators might very well be planning to use this challenge fight to rekindle the aggressive combative atmosphere of the military academy. In that case, they absolutely would not allow this challenge fight to end so quietly and unremarkably.

"The decision is no longer in the hands of the Lingtian Mecha Clan." Wei Ji could not help but lament silently for the Lingtian Mecha Clan it looked like in order for the academy to regain its liveliness, the academy administrators were going to sacrifice the Lingtian Mecha Clan without any hesitation.

"Qiao Ting ... his luck is amazing!" said Wei Ji, enviously. All conditions were in accord, everything favourable to Qiao Ting had been gathered if he could not become the king of the military academy under these circumstances, then he would truly be unworthy of the care and attention the academy administrators were lavishing on him.


In the principal's office of the First Men's Military Academy, the seldom-seen principal finally appeared in this private office of his. His hair was white as stork feathers and his face was red and rosy, his entire person seeming very kind and friendly. However, his eyes were lively and spirited, and at times would even shine with a keen light. Overall, although the principal was already over 120 years old, he did not look the least bit decrepit.

In this era, following the rise in individual strength and development, the human lifespan had long ago broken past the age barrier 10,000 years ago. Now, living to the age of 200 was a sure thing barring any accidents. Those with superior strength could even live up to 300 years. Although the principal's actual age was already over 120, his body was as strong as that of a 50 to 60-year-old man. Killing a level three demon-beast with his bare hands was still absolutely nothing to him.

Right then, he was looking intently at a proposal submitted by the vice principals and the faculty heads of the school. They were hoping he would approve their proposal and use the principal's authority to declare the challenge fight between the Leiting Mecha Clan and the Lingtian Mecha Clan as an open fight.

After perusing the proposal carefully, the principal said, "With regards to the rights and obligations of the two parties in the challenge fight, the mainframe has already outlined the rules. Unless completely necessary, it's better not to change anything."

The eight people seated on the sofas in the principal's office glanced at one another at the principal's words, and in the end, one of them spoke up to explain, "Principal, it's like this ..." That person spilled their thoughts and suggestions, and ended with, "The cadets now are lacking a pursuable goal. Although General Ling Xiao is the national idol, a legend of our Federation, it is precisely because he is too strong that the cadets cannot convince themselves that they can ever achieve what General Ling Xiao has. Therefore, our academy needs to produce a new idol for them, a new legend closer to the cadets, one who is within reach and who may even make them feel as if, as long as they work hard, they too could reach his level ..."

"The air invasion incident a year ago has still affected our students' morale. We need to make them forget about this and restore the fine tradition of our First Men's Military Academy the fierce and aggressive competition system!" Another person quickly chimed in in support. "So, this challenge fight is a perfect opportunity. It needs to be open to the entire academy for viewing so that the students' battle spirit and bloodlust will be roused!"

After hearing what they had to say, the principal mused silently for several seconds, then said, "Are you all planning to use this challenge fight to create a legend?"

The group became still, sharing looks. They knew that it was impossible to hide anything before the experienced and astute principal. As such, all of them nodded honestly, confirming the principal's speculations.

"The person you all have chosen is Qiao Ting?" A glimmer of light flashed past the principal's eyes.

The principal's words received nods from around the room once more. Qiao Ting was originally already the only fourth-year cadet who had managed to advance to ace operator level it was clear to see that the other's skill in mecha operation was abnormally strong. He was known within the school as the second Ling Xiao and had even received the favour of the Third Marshal now his reputation within the academy was unmatched. As the top person in the academy, who else could they choose if not him?

The principal fell silent once more. Several seconds passed, as if he were analysing the pro and cons of the proposal, and in the end, he nodded and said, "Alright. Since everyone seems to be in agreement, I approve your proposal. I will use my authority as principal to set this match as an open fight. However, I must remind you all. Don't think that everything will turn out as you wish. Man can plan, but it is up to the heavens if those plans bear fruit. There are no absolutes. I hope that when the time comes, you all do not regret your decision this day!"

"Of course not!" they replied, different voices in unison. Overjoyed, they felt right then that the principal was obviously worrying for no good reason. If a newly established mecha clan could defeat a senior mecha clan led by an ace operator now that would be a true joke!

Seeing that these people were not taking his warning to heart at all, the principal was not angry. Meanwhile, having achieved their objective, the crowd quickly bid farewell to the principal and left his office.

In the end, only the principal was left alone in his spacious office. He sat behind his office desk and lifted that proposal once more to browse through it carefully. Finally, his lips twitched and a snicker escaped him.

This bunch of fools ... actually not taking the time and effort to properly understand the data on the members of the Lingtian Mecha Clan. The regiment commander of the Lingtian Mecha Clan, Ling Lan that son of Ling Xiao who filled Ling Xiao's eyes with unconcealed pride ... how could he be mediocre? Knowing Ling Xiao, he knew very well that for Ling Xiao to take so much pride in him, Ling Lan's strength must not be simple. Ling Lan may even already be among the ranks of the ace operators. Would someone as aberrant as this be so easily defeated?

His subordinates' plan to create a god ... heaven knows who the created god would be in the end?

The principal walked over to the window to look out over the entire academy below. A slight smile pulled involuntarily at the corner of his lips.

The First Men's Military Academy may become very interesting! Oh, Ling Xiao, who could have guessed that time would pass so quickly. The time has actually come for your son to show off his talent ... I hope he will not disappoint us!
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