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It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 467

Chapter 467: The Incident of the Yang Chun Noodles!


Zhu Jing was a long-range attacker. Because he was familiar with all methods of long-range operation, he was even more aware of how impressive Ling Lan was. Although Ling Lan had shown very little in her two matches, Zhu Jing could already tell that Ling Lan was definitely a formidable opponent.

However, despite taking Ling Lan very seriously, Zhu Jing did not think he had no chance of winning. No matter how perfect the other’s basic controls were, that did not mean that they would be able to seriously contend with advanced techniques.

Advanced techniques were developed from basic techniques birthed from basic techniques, their power was several, perhaps even several multiples of ten, times stronger than that of the basic techniques. This was also why mecha operators would often abandon basic techniques in the later stages to focus on studying advanced techniques to form their sure-kill techniques.

In mecha combat, the ones who most often survived were those who had more advanced techniques under their belt. From this, it could be seen how important advanced techniques were to mecha operators.

Zhu Jing felt that those advanced techniques he knew would be enough for him to contend with his opponent.

Under the guidance of the staff, the two contestants walked out onto the field from two separate passages.

Seeing the two mecha appear on the field, the audience broke out into raucous cheers. After checking to see that both contestants were ready, the referee swung his green flag, signalling the official start of the match.

As soon as the green flag moved, the two mecha zoomed backwards almost simultaneously. Zhu Jing was piloting a long-range mecha, so he naturally wanted to attack from long range. Meanwhile, although Ling Lan was piloting a balanced mecha, she intended to hone her long-range operation, and so ended up sharing a common goal with Zhu Jing to bring the fight into long range. This made the atmosphere less tense than it had been in Zhao Jun’s match.

Right then, the top-class mecha masters watching the fight could not help but frown as they observed Ling Lan’s operation. They found that Ling Lan had not displayed that wonderful on-the-line operation she had performed yesterday. Even though her speed was still very fast, those with keen eyes could still see the difference.

Ling Xiao had been watching the field all this while with a slight smile, and at this moment, his smile became even more noticeable

Last night, after the matches for the day had ended, as soon as the joyful Lan Luofeng had returned to their living quarters, she had stared mournfully at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao very resolutely turned to leave. As a general and a god-class operator, how could he lose to his wife’s harmless gaze?

“Hubby~!” The undulating tones of this cry made Ling Xiao’s body shudder uncontrollably. The gaze on his back was searing, causing cold sweat to break out all over his body, but he was still determined to pretend he had not heard anything.

Knowing Lan Luofeng well, Ling Xiao knew what would be waiting for him if he turned his head. Lan Luofeng would definitely make an extremely difficult request that he just could not refuse experience told him that he must muddle through this somehow!

“Ling Xiao!” Seeing that being sweet and petulant was not working, Lan Luofeng instantly morphed into an angry lioness and roared angrily. Hells, so brave now, eh? Daring to ignore me?!

Ling Xiao rubbed his forehead helplessly. After a brief hesitation, he finally turned around and asked with a wry smile, “Luofeng, did you want something?”

“I want to see Lan-er!” Hands on her hips, Lan Luofeng put forward her request imperiously like a queen.

As expected! Expression gentle, Ling Xiao coaxed softly, “Okay, okay. Wait till after the battle royal and I’ll find a chance for you two to meet.”

“I mean that I want to see her right now!” How could Lan Luofeng let Ling Xiao muddle his way through this? Just as Ling Xiao knew her well, she too knew what Ling Xiao was plotting under that gentle smiling face of his.

“Lan-er must be tired after today’s fights. Let’s not disturb her and let her rest ” Ling Xiao’s face was a picture of concern as he attempted to shake Lan Luofeng’s resolve.

“That’s why I want to see Lan-er. Every time Lan-er is tired, she will always want to eat the Yang Chun noodles 1 Yang Chun noodles : Yang Chun noodles is basically plain noodle soup. It is a basic soy sauce and chicken broth based noodle dish, and was traditionally served without any toppings at all. I make!” Lan Luofeng secretly crossed her fingers in her heart please forgive her for stealing Auntie Nan’s 2 Auntie Nan’s This is referring to Ling Nanyi, the chamberlain’s wife. credit, but she was the one who had instructed Auntie Nan to cook it anyway, so it was not too much to ask for some of the credit, right?

Cook Yang Chun noodles?? When he heard this, Ling Xiao almost did not manage to keep the smile on his face thinking about the n-times Lan Luofeng almost burned the kitchen down Ling Xiao thought to himself,‘Wife, could you be any more fake?’

Knowing that her excuse was untenable, Lan Luofeng decided she might as well go for broke. “In any case, I want to give our daughter a bowl of Yang Chun noodles no matter what! If you can’t get it done, then don’t even think about stepping one foot into the bedroom!”

This move again? Godd*mmit, this was the move he was afraid of! Resigned and helpless, Ling Xiao could only agree!

Of course, Ling Xiao also believed that, with his skills, smuggling a person over was still doable.

However, in truth, Ling Xiao was not only smuggling a person over, but he was also bringing along a bowl of Yang Chun noodles which Lan Luofeng claimed to have made. As for who was the one who had truly made the bowl of Yang Chun noodles erm, the truth of the matter was only known by the Ling Xiao couple themselves 3 the truth of the matter was only known by the Ling Xiao couple themselves T/C: I bet all my spirit stones on Ling Xiao being the one who made it. !


Ling Lan took a soothing shower and loosened her joints, and then she finally laid down on her bed to rest. But only several minutes later, Ling Lan suddenly sprang nimbly off the bed and with a quick dash, she was standing behind the door

“It’s me!” Her father Ling Xiao’s voice rang by her ear, and Ling Lan instantly relaxed. She quickly opened the door and after a streak of shadow dashed past her, she immediately shut the door after it.

“This late, father, why are you mum!” Ling Lan’s initially calm voice turned into a cry when she saw the woman inside Ling Xiao’s arms. She was startled!

“Hi, Lan-er!” In Ling Xiao’s embrace, Lan Luofeng lazily lifted the bag in her hands, shaking it softly in Ling Lan’s direction. A smug smile hung on her lips as she said happily, “I’ve brought you Yang Chun noodles!”

Yang Chun noodles?? Wasn’t that the noodle dish that her mum just could not learn no matter how hard she tried to teach her which had become a specialty of the housekeeper Ling Nanyi in the end?

“I made it, you know!” Lan Luofeng jumped out of Ling Xiao’s arms and pulled Ling Lan by the hand to sit down on the sofa. She carefully opened the bag to reveal a piping hot bowl of Yang Chun noodles

Ling Lan cast a critical eye over the bowl of Yang Chun noodles it really looked pretty good. However, her mum was a culinary killer even pigs would turn their snouts up at the things she made with a solemn expression, Ling Lan accepted the chopsticks Lan Luofeng passed over, and under Lan Luofeng’s enthusiastic urging, she finally gathered her courage enough to pick up a strand of noodle and then, with the determination of staring death in the face, she took a bite.

Eh? Ling Lan’s eyes lit up and she looked down at the Yang Chun noodles before her with astonishment. It tasted very good! Even better than the noodles housekeeper Ling Nanyi made. There was a unique flavour to it so warm, like rippling sunlight, making her feel completely relaxed.

“Mummy, you made this?” Ling Lan could not help but be suspicious. When had her mum transformed from a culinary killer to a master chef of an imperial kitchen?

At this time, Lan Luofeng’s eyes had narrowed into a single line. When she heard Ling Lan’s question, she nodded excitedly once more. “Yes! Isn’t it very delicious? I tasted it too and was very surprised. For the first time mak- er, making such a delicious taste!”

First time making it? Ling Lan had caught Lan Luofeng’s slip. She was sure that this bowl of Yang Chun noodles had not been made by her mum. Even if her mum had been sent back to the forge to be remade, she would not have been able to turn into a culinary master she just was not born with any talent in cooking. Ling Lan involuntarily turned her gaze to Ling Xiao perhaps her father could give her some hint.

Ling Xiao shiftily avoided Ling Lan’s searching gaze, the fingers of his right hand unconsciously rubbing against each other

Ling Lan noticed that the pads of Ling Xiao’s shifting fingers were somewhat red, as if they had been scalded Ling Lan decisively turned her head to place her attention back on Lan Luofeng. She did not dare to confirm her suspicions. If it ever got out that a god-class operator’s precious hands which were used to operate a god-class mecha were scalded while cooking noodle for his wife and child, would she and her mother become the public enemies of the entire Federation?

Contemplating the possibility, Ling Lan shuddered. Once again, she was sure that she really did not know anything at all yup, and as for this bowl of Yang Chun noodles before her which was the evidence, she would demolish it with relish.

Ling Lan suddenly lifted the large bowl and the chopsticks in her right hand flew. Within the span of several seconds, the Yang Chun noodles had been completely gobbled down, with not even a single drop of soup remaining. She burped loudly before setting down the large bowl in her hands.

Catching sight of the still smugly smiling Lan Luofeng, Ling Lan was crying in her heart.Oh mum, this time, your daughter was perceptive and caught this early, completely destroying all the evidence. Next time, you must definitely remember to never let dad cook. That’s just asking for some major trouble!!!

How could Lan Luofeng know about the mental anguish Ling Lan was going through inside? When she saw that her daughter had finished all of the noodles, she threw a smug look at Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao saw it and a fond and deeply affectionate smile spread all the way to his eyes. There was also a trace of satisfaction in his eyes so subtle that it was almost imperceptible.

Since Ling Lan was done eating, Lan Luofeng clasped Ling Lan’s hands and began nattering on of course, everything she said was centred around her care and concern for Ling Lan. She told Ling Lan not to be reckless in the tournament and to be careful and so on. Ling Lan listened to it all patiently, assuring her mum every once in a while that she would do as she said.

Ling Xiao looked at the mother-daughter pair before him and his smile deepened even further. He wished dearly that he could move forwards to envelop these two people he loved most in a hug, to convey his happiness and contentment. Ling Xiao had never ever been disappointed that Ling Lan was not a boy even if he had no other children in this life, he would never regret it.

In the end, Lan Luofeng was finally satisfied with her nagging. Before saying goodbye, Ling Xiao said seriously to Ling Lan, ” In a battle not involving life-or-death, there is no need to push things to the limit. Leave yourself some hidden trumps. That is what a mecha master should do! Today, you shone too much 4 In a battle not involving life-or-death, there is no need to push things to the limit. Leave yourself some hidden trumps. That is what a mecha master should do! Today, you shone too much T/C: Lessons on being low-key from Daddy Ling. Please note. :3 .”

Ling Xiao’s words made a jolt run through Ling Lan’s heart. She thought about how she had indeed kept nothing back in her efforts to prove the limits of her long-range capabilities. With a serious expression, Ling Lan said, “Father, don’t worry. I will take care!”

When he heard this, Ling Xiao was reassured. He brought Lan Luofeng away again with him from Ling Lan’s accommodations. No one knew that General Ling Xiao had ever visited the accommodation area of the First Men’s Military Academy more than once.

The noise of the audience brought Ling Xiao out from his memories of last night

“Lan-er, looks like you’ve already figured things out!”

Ling Xiao looked down with satisfaction at the two mecha dashing in two opposite directions at roughly equal speeds. In this match, Ling Lan had remembered what he said and held back!

Ling Lan’s restraint also gave the audience the mistaken impression that the standards of the two mecha operators on the field were similar. Some of the special-class operators and ace operators were even beginning to suspect that Ling Lan’s brilliant on-the-line operation yesterday was just a lucky fluke. Of course, there were also those with keen perception who would not underestimate Ling Lan just because she had shown some restraint

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