It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 620

Chapter 620 Impending Danger

Li Lanfeng finished speaking and looked at Ling Lan. He was nervous. He didn’t know if he did the right things just now. Did he cause more trouble for them?

Li Lanfeng felt that he was in a parent teacher meeting. He hoped to gain the approval of Ling Lan but he was afraid that he would be criticized due to a mistake.

Ling Lan nodded. “Lanfeng’s observation is very detailed. The situation is just like what he mentioned.”

Li Yingjie agreed with what Li Lanfeng said. However, he still had a question. “Will the three ladies give up on us?” He glared at Li Lanfeng. He wanted him to solve the issue that he caused.

“Actually, even if Lanfeng didn’t welcome them, they would still pester us in order to get what they wanted. They will only stop if they find a new target.” Ling Lan told them the truth.

“Also, innocent young boys who just started interacting with women will not be able to reject ladies that proactively tries to seduce them.” Ling Lan pondered for a moment. Since they couldn’t reject them blatantly, they needed to seek help from the aunties.

Ling Lan didn’t have the confidence in Li Yingjie. She was afraid that he would be unable to resist lashing out one day and fight the ladies. As a member of an elite family, it was reasonable for Li Yingjie to reject the ladies. However, as a young master of a wealthy citizen family, for him to reject the ladies blatantly…

Unless Li Yingjie had someone he liked, if not, no man would reject the seduction from a lady. Of course, he could be a gay too.

Ling Lan slapped her head to remove the dirty thoughts that she was having. She must be influenced by Little Four.

Everyone got a shock when they saw their boss slapping her head.

“Boss, what happened?” Lin Zhong-qing asked her quickly.

“Nothing. I just thought of a way out of trouble,” Ling Lan put her hand down and replied calmly.

Li Lanfeng looked at her. He wanted to say something but decided against it.

Ling Lan turned his head and looked at Zhao Jun. “Zhao Jun, what have you observed?”

Zhao Jun touched his chin. “In the dance party, there were at least five different groups of people had their eyes on us.”

“Three of them were the battle teams that took part in this mission with us.” Qi Long continued for him.

“One of the groups was at the corner to our left. The other group was directly opposite of us. I don’t know what factions they belong to and don’t know if they have any relationship with the people we met in the dining hall. However, they just noticed us and didn’t seem interested in us.” Zhao Jun felt that these two groups were just reviewing all the customers on the ship and had no other intentions towards them.

“The princess didn’t appear so the Whirlwind Battle Team and the Brave Warriors Battle Team didn’t appear as well,” Lin Zhong-qing added.

Ling Lan nodded slowly. That was what she observed too.

Li Yingjie saw people around him gaining the approval from Ling Lan. Only he didn’t have any observation to report. He felt depressed. He realized that he was the weakest among the six of them in terms of disguise, observation, and crisis management.

There was nothing much to say about his boss. If he didn’t know that this was the frightening Boss Lan, he would be fool by him too and would think that he was just a timid pretty boy who was harmless and needed protection from other people.

What was scarier was, even though he knew that Boss Lan was pretending, he still wanted to take care of him.

Li Yingjie was careless but not stupid. He didn’t like how the three ladies looked at Ling Lan so when Li Lanfeng shifted their attention to him, he just listened and played along.

Zhao Jun and Qi Long looked more crude than him so when they entered the Feiyang Ship at the start, he thought that they would make the most mistakes.

But, from the looks of it, they performed better than him. One seemed to be a humble young boy and the other looked simple-minded but with a strong body. Anyone would let down their guards in front of them.

What angered him the most was, these two people who looked rough and simple-minded actually managed to observe and analyze what was happening around them.

Li Lanfeng was a careful and detailed person. He managed to find out the background of the three ladies easily. His friendly nature also allowed him to communicate and befriend everyone.

Lin Zhong-qing acted well as a cautious sidekick. He was low-key and harmless. He had better observation skills too…

All in all, Li Yingjie was heavily impacted by this mission. He started to feel that he was useless. His arrogance dwindled. He suspected whether he was as strong as he thought he was.

“Li Yingjie?” Li Yingjie heard Ling Lan suddenly called him and got a shock. He was in a state of self-doubt just now. If Ling Lan didn’t call him, the consequences might be terrible. He looked at Ling Lan gratefully.

Ling Lan didn’t know why Li Yingjie looked at her that way but she didn’t have the interest to ask about it so she ordered, “Li Yingjie, I have a mission for you.”

“Yes, boss!” Li Yingjie stood up instantly. The other four people were surprised at his obedience. Li Yingjie seemed to be forced everytime Ling Lan would give him a mission but everyone knew that he loved it in his heart.

“Form a good relationship with the aunties. You must make sure that they prevent the three ladies from pestering us.” Ling Lan didn’t want to spend time and effort scheming against the three ladies. Although she could find the mastermind behind them if she interacted with them, it had nothing to do with her.

Their mission was to protect the princess and make sure that she reached her destination safely. They were not here to find the mastermind of the assassins. Ling Lan believed in achieving a balance between resting and working. When she could rest, she would not work. Hence, she was not interested in doing things that were hard, tiring, and had no benefits.

She wanted to find her enemies so that she wouldn’t be caught off guard.

In the Huaxia Federation, the Feiyang Ship met no obstacles. It was a smooth journey. Ling Lan and her friends became real tourists and had lots of fun with the aunties. The six boys left a good impression on the rest of their group when they tirelessly helped their tour group members to carry things. The aunties and their husbands treated the six boys like their own children so they discriminated against the three ladies even more.

The three ladies were unable to find any chance of getting close to the six young man so they had no choice but to change their targets. On the next stop, they finally found their new targets among the passengers that boarded the ship. Ling Lan and her friends were left alone.

After a few days of interaction, the six people from Lingtian Battle Team became a real member of the Shun Feng tour group. Sometimes, Ling Lan and her friends felt that they were really just tourists who came to tour the interstellar space.

An extravagant spaceship flew among the stars.

Ling Lan and her friends were currently in the dining hall. They looked at the big screen in the hall which was showcasing their current location.

They had been on the Feiyang Ship for 13 days. On the 6th day, the ship left the territory of the Huaxia Federation. Luckily, the three countries after that were in an alliance with Huaxia Federation so the journey was smooth.

However, Ling Lan knew that the peaceful days were over. They would be passing by a few neutral countries for the rest of their journey. Although these countries appeared to be neutral, they had actually formed an alliance with the enemies of the Federation.

Based on the information she had gathered, the news that the princess was on the ship had been leaked. If not, there would not be so many uninvited guests. Within these 13 days, they passed by four countries. Some passengers left and new passengers came onboard the ship. There were suspicious people among the new passengers too.

Ling Lan didn’t know who was here to protect the princess and who was here to kill the princess. Who wanted to sit back and watch the fight? Who wanted to take action as fast as possible?

Feiyang Ship was passing by Yagulin now. As the image of the country appeared on the screen, everyone sighed. The country was not in a good state.

Yagulin was a country with many planets. However, due to the unequal distribution of resources within the country, civil wars would occur all the time. The image on the screen showcased the armies within Yagulin attacking each other.

“I didn’t expect them to use intergalactic battleships to attack planets. That is not fair,” A tourist said angrily.

In the peace joint declaration of humans, intergalactic battleships could only be used in planetary sector wars. One attack from an intergalactic battleship was powerful enough to wipe out a whole district. No one would be able to survive the attack.

“I didn’t think that the situation in Yagulin was so bad.” Some tourists sighed.

The tourist thought that the civil war within Yagulin had nothing to do with them. They didn’t know that soon, they would almost be implicated.

A broken military ship slowly moved in the air. Only the front half of the ship was left. Luckily, the engine was located at the front part of the ship so it could still move. The ship managed to reach a planetary sector that was quite safe.

“Ji Lanluo, the oxygen system is malfunctioning.” One of the soldiers on the ship gave a hopeless look. “We are going to die soon. I want to go home. I want to go home.” Under the shadow of death, he broke down and cried.

The officer that was making commands in the control room rushed out and grabbed the soldier. He gave him a hard slap on the face.

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