It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 622

Chapter 622 A Hero Saves The Damsel

Feiyang ship continued to fly while they contacted the government of Yagulin. When Yagulin government knew that Feiyang ship had saved the Yagulin troopers who managed to stay alive, they were instantly grateful to Feiyang ship’s staffs. The two parties agreed to meet up at Yagulin’s Planet Mona sector. Yagulin will be sending a military warship to bring the twenty-five survivors back home.

Of course after doing such a favour to Yagulin, the Feiyang ship was given a promise by the government of Yagulin. In the future, Feiyang ship would receive protective services from the Yagulin military whenever it flies past the Yagulin’s sector. It could be predicted that as long as there was no change in the power structure within Yagulin’s government, the Feiyang Ship would be able to move about smoothly within Yagulin’s sector.

In about 18 more hours, Feiyang would be able to arrive to the sector where Planet Mona was located. The entire ship seemed very quiet. More than 90% of the passengers and crew members were in deep sleep. Although there wasn’t much difference in terms of night and day, everyone still moved about and rested through their habits based on their biological clocks.

In between the third and fourth floor, a storage room was temporarily cleared out. Yagulin’s twenty-five survivors were staying in this room.

Ai’er Beili suddenly held onto his stomach. He looked nauseated, with drops of cold sweat running down his forehead. Very quickly, his mouth began to foam and he fell to the floor. The captain’s expression instantly changed. He immediately slammed on the door and yelled, “Help, help!”

The door was quickly opened. The two staff members who were guarding the door saw the scene inside and instantly turned pale. One of them immediately darted into the room and placed his hand on Ai’er Beili’s neck.

“Little He, I’ll take him to get medical help immediately.” The person that spoke lifted up Ai’er Beili and walked out of the room.

The door was closed once again. After around 3 minutes later, the captain suddenly bent his body with a painful expression on his face. People beside him quickly supported his body and said with panic in their voices, “Captain, what’s wrong?”

The captain pointed towards the door while he was in agony. Everyone understood and the person closest to the door slammed the door again.

The door was opened once again. There was only one staff member now as the other one who took Ai’er Beili had not returned yet.

“Our captain is in trouble. Please help him,” the troopers screamed. The staff member suddenly didn’t know what to do.

“Help… me… please…” the captain said while in pain.

The staff member hesitated for a second then connected to his superiors, “Leader, they have people here consecutively needing emergency medical attention. Elder Brother Yao had already taken one person and now only I’m left. What should I do?”

“Take the person who needs emergency medical attention to the treatment room first. I will send some people down there immediately.” the team leader knew the urgency of the situation and gave an order.

“Yes leader.”

The staff member motioned to the troopers from Yagulin to hand their captain to him then he locked the door.

The storage room returned to peace and quiet once again. After a while, one trooper was worried and asked, “Do you guys think the captain and that staff officer will be in trouble?”

Everyone was silent. After a short while, a voice rang, “They’ll be fine,” said one trooper whose expression was optimistic but dark. It was as though he sneered with a hint of arrogance.

Little He took the captain into the elevator. The treatment room was on the first floor. Right when he got to the second floor and was about to keep going down, Little He saw that the door that was originally closed on the second floor was now open.

He hesitated for a second. Right when he wanted to go out and take a look, the captain suddenly coughed severely. There was actually a little bit of blood trickling down the side of his lips. Seeing this, Little He was becoming more concerned. If something actually happened to this captain, they wouldn’t be able to give Yagulin a good excuse. Thus, he stopped himself from wanting to take a look at the second floor and continued to bring the captain down the elevator…

On the second floor, Ling Lan and her team were in their room. Ling Lan, who had her eyes closed this entire time, suddenly opened her eyes and sat up silently.

Ling Lan’s movement surprised everyone else. Qi Long, Zhao Jun and Li Lanfeng all sat up at the same time. Li Yingjie and Lin Zhong-qing was only slower by a second.

“What’s wrong Boss?” Qi Long asked softly.

Ling Lan thought for a second and laid back down, “Nothing, just go to sleep. When we wake up, the show will start.”

Qi Long and the others looked at each other. None of them knew what Ling Lan was going on about. However, they knew that if Ling Lan didn’t want to say it, they wouldn’t be able to force it out of her no matter how hard they tried. Thus they all laid back down, but they no longer wanted to sleep.

For Ling Lan, although she wasn’t out of her room, the situation on the outside was being broadcasted to her by Little Four. It was all within her control.

Li Lanfeng glanced at Ling Lan with a thought provoking expression. He then laid back down and not long after, he actually fell asleep…

“You pig!” Li Yingjie looked down on Li Lanfeng for being in such deep sleep. Qi Long and Zhao Jun both laughed as though they had understood something. Soon, they also relaxed and actually went to sleep.

“Sh*t, they actually all fell asleep. Are they not even the least bit curious of what Boss Lan meant by the ‘show will start’?” Li Yingjie thought to himself in dismay.

“Just go to sleep. Boss said that we’ll know when we wake up. That means there’s still some time before it happens. Since that’s the case, we should use this time to rest up to be able to better handle the situation…” Lin Zhong-qing who was sleeping on the top bunk with Li Yingjie on the bottom bunk yawned and said. After not even three seconds, Li Yingjie could tell that Lin Zhong-qing had fallen asleep as well.

“All a bunch of pigs!” Li Yingjie felt depressed. His head was filled with the ‘show’ Boss Lan had mentioned. How could he fall asleep?

After around three hours, Feiyang’s emergency alarm suddenly rang and instantly woke everyone who were asleep.

The five of them instantly opened their eyes and sat straight up.

“The show has started?” Qi Long said with excitement in his eyes.

Li Lanfeng picked up the jacket he had hanging on the side and began putting it on. Zhao Jun jumped down from the top bunk, put on his pants then finished suiting up.

After around two to three seconds, everyone had already put on their clothes and looked to be full of energy. Only Li Yingjie opened his reddened eyes and looked as though his entire body was going to wither and die.

Ling Lan was the slowest. She was getting ready to put on a relaxing jacket. Before she put it on, she glanced at the others coldly. She then pulled out half of her shirt to have it appeared outside of the jacket. Everyone else instantly had a realization and immediately made themselves look as though they scrambled to get dressed. After hearing a sudden alarm, these guys were actually able to make themselves look spiffy in such a short amount of time. It was clear that this was something normal students wouldn’t be able to do.

Not long after, a person appeared on the screens in all of the passenger’s room…

“I’ll give you all five minutes. If you people don’t gather on the 4th floor ballroom within five minutes, Feiyang ship will go ‘bang’ becoming space debris in this sector. And you lot will stay here forever just like the ship,” Ai’er Beili said with a huge smile through the screens.

At the same time, all the doors of each room were opened…

However, many people did not step out. No one knew what awaited them if they left their rooms. At the same time, there weren’t any people outside of their rooms forcing them to leave. They of course would not want to leave.

“Oh my. Looks like my words were not taken seriously. What should I do?” Ai’er Beili’s expression became frustrated. He suddenly remembered something then smiled once again, “I put a little something on the second floor. Since no one believes me, I’ll just let this little something to introduce itself to everyone.”

Right after, an explosion erupted causing the entire ship to shake uncontrollably. Thick smoke and fire began to spread through the second floor. All the lights on the second floor instantly stopped working.

Feiyang’s self protection system had activated. The sprinklers automatically sprayed out water and the backup lights were turned on. Even though it wasn’t completely dark, the entire second floor was filled with thick smoke. All the passengers began screaming and yelling.

At that moment, Ai’er Beili’s expression suddenly changed again, no longer smiling, “That was only to greet everyone. If you lot keep taking your precious time coming out, I won’t give you all a second chance.”

The second floor were mostly regular passengers who were all terrified. Everyone darted out of their rooms in terror and went for the fourth floor.

In the control room, Feiyang’s captain’s complexion was pale. He looked at the person sitting in front of him and said, “You people must have gone mad. You actually set up such a terrifying explosive on a cruise ship.”

The other captain, who was originally supposed to be in the treatment room, shook his head, “No, no, no, that was only a way to make sure you all listen to our demands. If they had listened to us at the very start, we wouldn’t have detonated it. You should know that TNT is really difficult to acquire. I also felt really bad for wasting so much just like that.”

The expression of the captain of the ship looked grim. He didn’t think that these people actually boarded with an explosive weapon used thousands of years ago. As luck would have it, only this type of weapon was impossible to be detected by modern technology. What was more terrifying was that someone was willing to put his life on the line and had something as terrifying as explosives in his luggage disguised as cigarettes and hide it inside the cigarette box.

Not only that, these people also actually had an imperial level hacker hidden among them… This caused the captain of the ship to have a hole in his plan. The situation was now beyond his control.

On the third floor, Senior Colonel Meng Shangyuan saw what was happening and frowned, “Trouble!”.

“Captain, what should we do?” his team members saw him frown and all looked towards him.

“Let’s go to the fourth floor first and make our move once we have the chance.” They were part of an intergalactic adventure group. Faced with a situation like this, it would be wrong if they didn’t make a move unless they weren’t confident and couldn’t help but let the situation play out.

The 1st Division’s Senior Colonel’s Iron Curtain Battle Team wasn’t the only one who wanted to make a move. The 13th Division’s Lieutenant Colonel Kang Jiayan’s Startup Battle Team (also part of the intergalactic adventure group) and the 17th Division’s Lieutenant Colonel Wang Anzhong’s Immortal Battle Team (part of the intergalactic smuggling ring) were also preparing to make a move.

“Your majesty, what should we do?” Inside the quarters of the princess, the 3rd Division’s Senior Colonel Mu Youyun’s Whirlwind Battle Team (part of the princess’s royal guard) along with the 9th Division’s Lieutenant Colonel Qian Jialin’s Brave Warriors Battle Team (part of the servants and chamberlains of the princess) had both arrived next to the princess.

Prince Gulibaduo calmly looked towards Senior Colonel Mu Youyun. “Please help me Mr. Mu.” In order to avoid exposing them, Princess Gulibaduo call the two captains by their surnames.

Mu Youyun calmly replied, “We will see how the situation unfolds. If it does not threaten our safety, then I suggest we just watch how it unfolds.” Making moves blindly was not an option. Additionally, there were too many unknown powers among them, Mu Youyun didn’t know whether this incident was aimed to the princess. It was never wrong to observe first before making a move.

Qian Jialin was in agreement with Mu Youyun’s suggestion. Princess Gulibaduo saw that both captains had the same thoughts and understood. She then took everyone towards the fourth floor.

The people who had already arrived on the fourth floor were ordered to put their hands behind their heads. Almost no one dared to do anything to resist because of the threat of an explosion.

The people on the fourth floor were not limited to Feiyang’s passengers. A portion of the survivors from Yagulin, who were originally watched by the guards, were also on the fourth floor. Under their captain’s orders, they began to watch over these passengers that had gathered up. There were a few who went to check the second and third floor to see if any passengers were trying to escape.

As for Feiyang’s staff members and guards, they were stuck on the first floor. Feiyang’s mainframe had already fallen under the control of these hijackers. They closed off important passages and tunnels which made the staff members and guards unable to move up to try and control the situation. This was why Yagulin managed to take control of the ship with only a small number of people.

Ling Lan saw this and realized that these survivors from Yagulin were preparing to take them as hostages in order to negotiate with the Feiyang’s captain. Once the Feiyang’s captain had given up, the hijackers would then talk about a ransom with Yagulin. In short, Ling Lan and the others needed to keep up their roles as hostages until the very end. If Yagulin was to agree to the hijackers’ demands, it would be possible for them to escape. If they didn’t agree to their demands then maybe everyone will become sacrifices for this incident…

Ling Lan still decided to watch from the side. The only reason she was so daring was because she could still diffuse the situation. Also, she did indeed want to know how many were on Feiyang who took an interest in the princess.

With a decision in mind, Ling Lan squeezed into her tourist group a bit more and pretended to be terrified. Her behavior made a few mothers in the group had expressions of worry. The mothers moved aside a bit and hid Ling Lan and her team behind them. Some people were softly comforting Ling Lan’s group. They were afraid that they were too terrified and would do something impulsive which in turn could cause something bad to occur.

On the bridge of the ship, the captain of Feiyang said depressingly, “What do you people want us to do if you made the passengers gather up together?” In order to be sure of his passengers’ safety, he had no choice but to agree to their demands.

“Cooperate with us. We don’t want to go to Yagulin, we need to go to Duokaba.” the leader of the hijackers gave his demand.

“That’s not possible. Duokaba is not on the course of our flight,” the captain of Feiyang denied immediately.

“Then let’s see who can keep this up longer,” the leader of the hijackers said nonchalantly.

The captain of the ship squirmed worriedly and his finger randomly tap on his table. The leader of the hijackers sneered as he saw that the captain was panicking. As expected of a captain of a cruise ship. These captains that used their family connections to acquire these positions were all useless.

On the screen of the ballroom on the fourth floor, Ai’er Beili was smiling at the crowd of people who had bent down with their hands on their heads, “Very good. I like children who listens. As long as Feiyang’s captain satisfies our demands, we promise we won’t harm any of you one bit.”

These words made many regular passengers had hope in their eyes, but those from the third floor showed expressions of disdain. Those words could only fool the common folk. No one knew what these crazy terrorists could end up doing. This was also why the people from the third floor were waiting, otherwise with their capabilities and power, they wouldn’t cooperate with the terrorists.

Right at that moment, a bookworm-like young man suddenly raised his head and asked, “Are you guys planning on changing the course of the flight?”

Ai’er Beili looked towards the direction of the hostages in surprise, “Looks like there aren’t only just dumb people among you.”

“Feiyang won’t allow that.” The young man shook his head and said.

“What do you mean?” Ai’er Beili asked while smiling.

“If they agree, you all will be less likely to live,” responded the young man in a calm manner.

“We are not that easily killed,” said Ai’er Beili as he shook his head. “We are soldiers.”

“No, you people are executioners,” said the young man with disdain. “In order to acquire power, you lot repressed citizens who opposed you. In what way are you people worthy to be called soldiers?”

Ai’er Beili frowned. His smile had disappeared and what showed was bloodthirstiness and killing intent, “Kid, something shouldn’t be said…”

“Isn’t that right though?” the young man raised his head with pride. “You think controlling Feiyang will let you do whatever you want?”

Right when Ai’er Beili wanted to respond, his expression suddenly changed. Then the video on the big screen became blurry.

“Little Four?” Ling Lan asked Little Four.

“It’s the imperial level hacker making a move,” responded Little Four. “Of course to be able to have an effect this quickly was because I silently helped them.”

“Do you know who it is?” Ling Lan asked.

“I know. It’s this person.” Little Four took a screenshot of the ballroom and enhanced it for Ling Lan to see. Ling Lan then discovered that the person in question had his eyes closed and those around him were cleverly surrounding him. This cut off everyone’s line of sight from seeing him. If Little Four didn’t survey the ballroom from every corner possible with zero blind spots, it was possible that Ling Lan would also be fooled.

“A passenger from the third floor. The data indicates that he’s called Luo Chengwen. He is the second son-in-law of the Federation’s Yun family who owns franchises of various malls.” Little Four showed all of the information about them within these past few years. The mountain of papers almost buried Ling Lan at the bottom.

“Little Four!” Ling Lan glared at him coldly.

“Alright, only this one is useful.” Little Four shuddered and immediately took back the mountain of papers. In the end, he left only one piece and gave it to Ling Lan.

“Yun family…” This family was a small family in the Federation. They had some power but were not significant. Why would an imperial level hacker hide within such a small family? Ling Lan didn’t believe the data that said he joined the family because of true love.

“Who was the young man that was bold and reckless just now?” Ling Lan continued to ask.

“The Yun family’s first generation’s seventh son. Self-proclaimed, the Second Sherlock Holmes, Yun Feiyang,” replied Little Four.

“Could it be that Yun Feiyang knows that Luo Chengwen is a hacker?”

“He knows. He just doesn’t know the real level of the hacker. It’s possible that everyone in the Yun family don’t know about it too.” Little Four said without certainty. After all, the Yun family had just fallen into his sights. While being a hurry, Little Four could only see the data on the surface and did not know anything deeper.

“A while back, was the imperial level hacker who attempted to take control of Feiyang’s mainframe, him?” Ling Lan asked.

“Yes, without a doubt. He’s the only imperial level hacker on the ship. I remembered his scent.” Little Four sniffed to show that his nose was very sensitive and could not be mistaken.

Ling Lan rolled her eyes and instantly smacked Little Four’s head. Remembered his scent? Little Four actually made himself to a dog?

“Little Four, put the Yun family under full observation and surveillance, especially this Luo Chengwen.” Ling Lan made a decision. No matter what the hacker’s intent was, Luo Chengwen and the Yun family had been registered under her list of people to be cautious of.

The image on the screen was still blurry. Seeing this, Yun Feiyang suddenly shouted, “This a chance, let’s go!”

Many silhouettes suddenly jumped out beside the troopers and instantly struck down the 10 or so troopers down onto the ground.

Although Ling Lan had her head down the entire time, she still knew everything that was happening because of Little Four. She knew that three disguised groups in the adventure group and the smuggling group had made their moves. Of course, other people acted as well, including the people Ling Lan had discovered earlier along with a few regular passengers who had some capabilities. This was also because the troopers from Planet Yagulin were too weak, thus giving these regular passengers the courage to fight.

The situation on the fourth floor was temporarily under control, but the real danger hadn’t been resolved yet. If the control of Feiyang’s mainframe was not taken back, they would still be the enemy’s playthings. After all, in deep space, if the passengers wanted to survive, they had to rely on Feiyang ship.

Everyone stood up. After temporarily been given back their freedom, everyone looked at the large screen, waiting for the final result to appear.

Finally after tossing and turning, the large screen returned to its original state. This time the person that appeared on it was no longer Ai’er Beili, but a refined middle-aged man smiling towards everyone.

Yun Feiyang was overjoyed, “We’ve regained control.”

Right after he finished speaking, everyone instantly jumped and cheered. In the crowd, Ling Lan’s expression changed a little and immediately held down Qi Long and Zhao Jun who had slow reactions.

At that moment, two people suddenly stood up and two strands of silver light flew out from their hands. The silver light flew towards the princess who also had an expression of joy and terror at the same time.

Yun Feiyang also saw this. His expression changed instantly and he jumped toward the silver lights while shouting, “Quick, dodge!”

One silver light was blocked by Yun Feiyang. He groaned and fell into the crowd. The Yun family’s guards panicked and yelled, “Seventh Young Master.”

“Ding” Mu Youyun tossed out a coin and shot down the silver light. At that moment everyone could clearly see that the strands of silver light were small knives. One of the knives had a coin stuck onto it.

“Our Seventh Young Master is wounded. Who’s a doctor here?” shouted the guard from the Yun family while everyone still hadn’t recovered from the surprise of the knives.

The knife had cut through Yun Feiyang’s right arm. The wound had blood pouring out and instantly bloodied his sleeve.

Seeing this, Princess Gulibaduo quickly said, “I have medicine for his wounds here.” She immediately ordered her servant to take the medicine over. After all, he was wounded because of her. Princess Gulibaduo was very grateful and didn’t want him to be hurt.

The medicine was very effective and quickly stopped the bleeding. Yun Feiyang’s face was pale but comforted the guard beside him, “I’m alright. If everyone’s alright, then that’s good enough.”

The two assassins were already caught by Mu Youyun’s team members. Unfortunately these two were loyalists. Seeing that they had failed, they didn’t hesitate to suicide. There wasn’t any hope for Mu Youyun to acquire any information from them anymore.

“A hero saving a damsel in distress?” Ling Lan frowned. “Trying to get on the princess’s good side? Get close to the princess? Or other plans?”

“It really is troublesome,” Ling Lan thought to herself. She discovered that it was now impossible to silently guard the princess and complete the mission.

Yun Feiyang’s move made him have the chance to get closer to the princess. However, for someone who Ling Lan did not know whether they were a friend or a foe to have the opportunity to get close to the princess made Ling Lan worried about the princess’ safety.

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