It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 623

Chapter 623 Destruction

Of course, in the ballroom, the princess’ area was not the only place that had some activity. Other places had some activities as well. Ling Lan was certain that these activities were the other three battle teams using this opportunity to clean out the people they had confirmed to be a threat…

However, this had nothing to do with Ling Lan’s group. They were the most common out of all commoners in this incident. However, the three ladies who were a problem were not affected by this incident. It seemed that the behavior of these women and the threat they imposed did not warrant the other battle teams to consider them as actual threats.

Not long after, Feiyang’s guards got to the fourth floor because the control of the ship was taken back by Yun Feiyang’s uncle-in-law. The guards quickly took control of the situation. Although the second floor had taken some damage, it did not damage the ship too much as it was very sturdy.

Inside the captain’s quarters, the leader of hijackers saw his confidant who was on the screen disappeared. He sighed as he put his hands up to show that he was surrendering. He said to the captain, “You win. I didn’t think you actually had an imperial level hacker here.”

The captain looked at the leader of the hijacker with an expression of disbelief. His expression didn’t brighten up but instead became gloomier.

“Looks like he isn’t one yours.” The leader of the hijackers saw through the captain. He laughed bitterly, “You’re so lucky.”

“I’m almost always lucky, but I never depend on luck.” The captain responded calmly.

The leader of the hijackers’ expression changed. His originally calm mood changed slightly, “You… were actually faking it just now?”

At that moment, a person appeared on the big screen. He was the operations manager of Feiyang, “I thank the Yun family’s help in this matter. The control of Feiyang has been recovered back. We will immediately clean out the rest of Yagulin’s forces. Everyone please cooperate with us and temporarily stay on the fourth floor to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.”

“I didn’t think that Feiyang would actually have an imperial hacker on the ship.” The leader of the hijackers saw the person on the screen and realized that he had probably fallen into a trap.

“Actually, your trump card was always under our control. It was just that we needed a chaotic environment, so we just played along.” The captain revealed the truth.

“No wonder that we were so lucky that we would be able to hear your staff members talk to each other about how you have proof that I sacrificed 400 soldiers to save my own skin. You forced me to make a move for my freedom.” Yagulin’s forces’ leader finally understood why there were only two people guarding them. Even when one had left, there wasn’t a new staff member that replaced him. In the beginning, he thought this was a cruise ship where all of its safety procedures were incomparable with warships. Now that he thought about it, it was only the captain making it easy for him and his people which gave them the courage to cause a scene.

Yagulin’s forces’ leader sneered and laughed. In order to survive, he sacrificed 400 soldiers in cold blood. The captain and his crew however did not hesitate to sacrifice their own staff members to create chaos. They didn’t even care about the passengers’ safety. In reality, these people were just as cold-blooded as him.

“I didn’t think that you would actually be willing to sacrifice two of your staff members and the safety of the passengers…” Yagulin’s forces’ leader said mockingly. If the captain had turned a blind eye, then he didn’t have to walk down this path of no return.

“Sacrifice?” The captain laughed. “Those two are at the peak of Qi-Jin aren’t people that your little confidant, who has only just reached Qi-Jin, could kill.”

Since he was certain the enemy was up to no good, why would the captain let his own soldiers to give up their own lives? The two people who were responsible for watching Yagulin’s forces seemed very easily dismissed, but in reality, they were the strongest physical skills instructors on Feiyang. They were experts in assassinations and also knew how to pretend to be dead. If their enemies weren’t Domain level experts, once these two had their guard up, even experts of similar level wouldn’t be able to kill these two in one hit.

The captain’s words finally made the leader’s expression changed from his originally calm expression. He didn’t think that his plan this time made him a chess piece to be used in someone else’s plan and at the same time completing his enemy’s plan perfectly. In reality, it was someone else’s plan altogether and he himself just performed very poorly.

“You’re more ruthless than me. In order to create chaos, you actually let us set such a terrifying explosive like TNT. I really do regret it. If we really could blow up a few people, I would really want to see your face after the fact.” Yagulin’s leader bit his lip and said.

The captain heard this and raised his eyebrows, “Do I need to change the expression on my face? Isn’t this incident created by you? We just need you to be responsible.” The captain said with confidence. He would just use Yagulin’s forces as a shield without suffering any repercussions.

The leader from Yagulin finally couldn’t control his anger. He howled and pounced towards the captain who was just a few feet away from him. He didn’t lose yet. As long as he took down the captain, he still had a chance.

“Bam!” the leader from Yagulin was struck down hard onto the ground.

“I said it before. You never had any chance,” said the captain while looking down at him in disdain.

“Domain! Who the hell are you?” The leader from Yagulin discovered that his peak level of Qi-Jin was actually not comparable to the captain. Only Domain experts could counter his attack. Why would an average cruise ship have a captain of this level? This didn’t make any sense.

At that moment, the captain’s door was finally opened. The guards who were blocked off outside rushed in.

Seeing this, the energy in the captain’s hand exploded and instantly wounded his now fainted opponent. Then he stood up and said, “Take him to the heavy surveillance and guard room.”

“Yes captain!” The team of guards quickly took away the leader from Yagulin.

The captain sat back into his seat and connected to the operations manager, “Is the situation under control?”

“Yes, with the Yun family lending a helping hand, we were given a chance to ambush them and was able to take them down in an instant.” The operations manager had an expression of worry, “Who knew that Ai’er Beili was an imperial level hacker and didn’t give us any chance to make a move.” This was also why the staff members had missed the TNT explosives and let the enemy successfully detonate the explosive. Although the captain was very calm and collected when he spoke with the leader from Yagulin, in reality, he knew that for some time the situation was out of their control. It was just that he couldn’t let the enemy know the truth in case it weakened their own morale.

“What’s the situation with the princess?” asked the captain.

“The people from the Yun family performed well and possibly drew the princess’s attention…” said the operation manager with a serious expression.

“What about the four star battle teams from each division? Don’t tell me they didn’t use this opportunity to make a move.” The captain asked again.

“They made a move and used the opportunity to capture a few suspicious individuals. They definitely did clear out a whole group. I think Feiyang will be quiet for a while…” replied the operations manager as he smiled.

“Guess they’re not stupid.” The captain snorted coldly.

“You’re still mad that the mission for protecting the princess was taken by other divisions?” The operations manager knew the grudge the captain was holding.

“The Federation clearly knew that we were able to do it, but the commander still wanted to find six four star battle teams… In the end, it was still our plan that gave them the courage to clear out those suspicious individuals. Isn’t it shameful for the four star battle teams?” The captain was very wicked.

The operations manager decisively stopped speaking about this topic. His captain had resentment towards the four star battle teams. After all, his battle team had been stuck at three stars for a whole decade and still didn’t have any hopes of advancing. This made the captain lost hope in them and was even green with envy towards four star battle teams. The only thing the captain didn’t do yet was to fight these battle teams to vent out his anger and frustration.

After 10 hours, Feiyang’s side and Yagulin’s side finally met up. They handed over Yagulin’s survivors and terrorists to Yagulin. Feiyang’s side also told Yagulin the real information they had discovered about the Yagulin’s warship along with the terrorism and hijacking committed by the survivors of Yagulin’s warship. Yagulin’s side was very apologetic about these series of events and promised that they will give Feiyang a satisfactory answer to the incident…

Of course, everyone knew this was all just diplomacy. After all, Feiyang wasn’t Yagulin’s cruise ship. Yagulin didn’t have the responsibility to protect Feiyang.

Feiyang continued to fly. After clearing out a group of suspicious individuals, the people who had malicious ideas towards the princess obviously lessened by a lot. This also made the five battle teams around the princess breathe a sigh of relief. They now began to watch Yun Feiyang trying to woo the princess everyday. This scene added some delight to their long and arduous journey.

One day, Yun Feiyang came to the princess’ quarters. He carefully examined his attire and posture then pressed the doorbell.

In an instant the door was opened. It was one of the servants. His bulky and manly face showed a hint of impatience. If he didn’t have a cleaning tool in his hands, people would definitely mistaken him for a guard and not a janitor.

“You again?” The servant looked at Yun Feiyang’s scrawny and weak body in disdain and didn’t welcome him. In the servant’s eyes, the princess must marry someone strong. Yun Feiyang wasn’t even qualified.

Yun Feiyang was very patient. Even if the servant didn’t welcome him, he still had a smile on his face and asked, “Is the princess here?”

Before the servant could answer, a pompous voice rang, “Hey, it’s the idiot who doesn’t know his place and trying for someone way out of his league.”

The servant didn’t welcome Yun Feiyang from coming to look for the princess initially. Now that he saw someone else had come, he crossed his arms and watched the two of them coldly.

Yun Feiyang heard this voice and couldn’t help but shout, “Sh*t, this guy again.”

The person who spoke was called Ma Rao. He was a rich descendant with a decent background. His father was in the intergalactic reselling business and had some connections. However compared to elite families like Yun Feiyang’s family, it wasn’t even worth mentioning. He and Ma Rao didn’t have any grudges against each other. It was just yesterday in the ballroom, no one was sure whether it was Yun Feiyang or Ma Rao who had bad luck. When Yun Feiyang walked past Ma Rao, he suddenly twisted his ankle and fell onto Yun Feiyang’s back.

It was obvious that Ma Rao wasn’t prepared for a situation like this. When Yun Feiyang bumped into him, Ma Rao fell face first onto the ground. When he raised his head, his nose was gushing out blood. He also had some tears run down his face from the pain. Compared to his cocky expression from before, that pitiful look made everyone in the ballroom laughed out loud. He hated Yun Feiyang from then onwards since he made a fool of himself in front of everyone.

Afterwards, as long as the two of them met up with each other, Ma Rao would mock him. Then, after Ma Rao discovered that Yun Feiyang wanted to ask the princess out on a date, Ma Rao would try to do everything he can to stop Yun Feiyang.

Yun Feiyang sighed. He turned around and said, “Ma Rao, what do you want?”

Ma Rao raised his head and said with pride, “Nothing. I just don’t like perverts like you.”

Yun Feiyang was very angry. He had already apologized. When would this Ma Rao be satisfied and not watch him so closely? Yun Feiyang knew that the princess was a chance for a different life for him. If he actually returned with this beauty, not only would the Yun family be under his control, in the future, whether military or politics, all would go smoothly for him. As long as Balaya remained as Huaxia Federation’s ally, no one would dare to make it difficult for him, the son-in-law of Balaya.

Additionally, the princess was very beautiful and indeed made him feel like he was in love. However, he was only in love with what the princess could give him. Any man with a little bit of ambition wouldn’t be able to refuse such temptations.

Ma Rao was without a doubt someone who was unreasonable. Yun Feiyang didn’t want to speak to Ma Rao in front of the princess. He could only turn and leave. He was prepared to go back to his uncle-in-law and discuss how to take out this irritating Young Master Ma…

Seeing Yun Feiyang leave helplessly, Ma Rao lifted his head up high and snorted coldly. He looked towards the servant at the door. Their eyes met, but only for a moment. The servant then closed the door silently. To him, Ma Rao was a stranger. As the princess’ servant, Ma Rao didn’t have the status for him to give Ma Rao any good expressions.

Ma Rao’s mood instantly brightened up after he disrupted Yun Feiyang’s plan. He whistled as he slowly walked back to his own room.

Since an explosion occurred on the second floor, Young Master Ma Rao completely rejected the idea of staying on the second floor where he deemed to be very unsafe. His five followers helplessly agreed to upgrade with Ma Rao to live on the third floor. That was why Ma Rao could discover Yun Feiyang’s plan so quickly and take his revenge.

Ma Rao and Yun Feiyang’s quarrel was pretty much known to everyone living on the third floor. After all, the face plant and bloody nose on the fourth floor was a huge scene. Almost every passenger knew that two of them had become enemies after that incident.

People were very enthusiastic regarding the quarrel between these two. The people wanted to know who would win this battle of wits… Intergalactic travel was too boring, so the passengers couldn’t help but find interesting things to pass the time.

Right after Li Yingjie went back to his own room and closed the door, his arrogant and pompous behavior instantly changed, “Boss, can I not do this anymore?”

Li Yingjie was certain that the incident with him falling face first onto the ground was created by the Boss. Otherwise, how could he not be able to dodge Yun Feiyang? It was clear that he could easily dodge Yun Feiyang, but yet at the most crucial moment, Li Yingjie suddenly had no energy and was knocked away flying by Yun Feiyang and landed hard on his face… Oh my god! His image as a descendant of the Li family was ruined.

When Li Yingjie thought about it, he would uncontrollably have tears build up in his eyes. However, he didn’t dare to disagree with his scary Boss and could only do what he was told to do.

Ling Lan was looking through the data of Yun family. When she heard Li Yingjie’s words, she didn’t even raise her head and replied, “No!”

Seeing Li Yingjie’s depressed expression, Li Lanfeng smiled and comforted, “The six of us can stop him from getting close to the princess. And the only person who would not cause any suspicion to arise is you. Your performance just now was perfect. Keep up the good work.”

Since they sent him to do the job, they also needed to praise him… and Li Yingjie was someone who liked hearing praises the most. Li Lanfeng would of course do something that Li Yingjie liked and then have Li Yingjie continue to work under Ling Lan.

Li Yingjie’s thoughts were very simple. Although Li Lanfeng hadn’t known him for a very long time and was able to grasp what Li Yingjie liked and didn’t like by 70% to 80%…

Even though Li Yingjie behaved as though he didn’t care about Li Lanfeng’s praises, the smile that was becoming larger and larger clearly showed the level of joy he felt.

Li Yingjie looked at Ling Lan. Li Lanfeng’s compliment meant nothing. Boss Lan’s praise was more important…

Ling Lan felt Li Yingjie’s burning desire and looked up…

Ugh, this expression of looking for comfort and praise made Ling Lan’s lips twitch. Li Yingjie, what happened to your cockiness and pride?

“Of course!” Ling Lan finally gave in to Li Yingjie’s puppy eyes that asking for affection and spoke these words. Then Ling Lan saw a long tail come out from behind Li Yingjie and it began to wag crazily…

It was possible that she had read too much of the information Little Four had provided to her. Her eyes were becoming blurry! Ling Lan calmly stopped reading and gave herself a reason for doing so.

After flying for two days, Feiyang finally left Yagulin and arrived at a somewhat more peaceful country — Odin Country.

In Odin Country, Feiyang will be stopping in Planet Kachi. The scenery on Planet Kachi was very nice and was a first-class planet for humans. However, these weren’t the reasons why Planet Kachi was known throughout the galaxies. The only reason Planet Kachi was very well known among the world of the humans was because it had one of the four natural phenomenons. A planet with rainbow rain.

Anyone who wanted to see the rainbow rain would have to travel to Planet Kachi to see it. Compared to other natural phenomenons that can be seen on multiple planets, the rainbow rain was one of a kind and was something humans pursued. During the times of the year when the rainbow rain was abundant, Planet Kachi would have thousands of tourists visit. And the only reason Feiyang Ship came to Planet Kachi was to let the passengers see the amazing rainbow rain.

Princess Gulibaduo was also very interested in the rainbow rain she had yet to have a chance to see. Even if she knew that going outside would be very dangerous, it still wouldn’t stop her from have such thoughts. Thus all the battle teams began to move about to make sure of the princess’s safety in the time that they stop at Planet Kachi.

Compared to the other three battle teams who needed to find reasons to go outside, Ling Lan’s didn’t have such difficulties. After all they were tourists who traveled this far for the first time and would of course not miss out on a tour scenery like the rainbow rain.

At dawn, Ling Lan’s group stood back to back and met up with the rest of the tour group from Shunfeng Tour group. However after arriving at Planet Kachi, the six of them requested for free time. Tour guide Zhou repeatedly reminded them about the time they were gathering. After Ling Lan’s group nodded and promised their return, the six of them finally left the large group…

The six of them quickly arrived to the lookout point the princess had booked beforehand. The lookout point was actually a penthouse garden in a five-storey building. The princess could sit in the garden. Most importantly, she would not be bothered by anyone and could fully enjoy the beauty of the rainbow rain.

Of course Ling Lan’s group was not as lucky as the princess. The place Ling Lan and the others had booked was south of the princess’ penthouse by one kilometer, a six-storey building. The penthouse didn’t have a luxurious garden but only a flat concrete roof. After they reach the top, they would have to check and guard this direction in order to make sure there weren’t any threat to the princess while they watch the rainbow rain.

The other three battle teams were responsible for the other three directions. Their distance from the princess was around the same as Ling Lan’s group. They were all in buildings that were as tall or a bit taller than the one the princess had booked.

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