It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 740

Chapter 740 Inconspicuous

Only five transfer students hadn’t arrived yet. After they waited for a while longer, they saw a hover car flying hurriedly over, it suddenly screeched its tires, stopping exactly at the bus-stop across from them.

The car door flung open. A muscular person jumped out from the door, wearing a black T-shirt and a pair of military pants with a military belt. With his bronze-colored skin, he looked handsome and friendly.

He looked at Yu Zhengyuan, and then walked over calmly with a gentle smile. “My name is Gu Zhengrong. Are you my classmates?” He introduced himself simply. His straightforward personality caused Yu Zhengyuan to have a good impression of him. He replied, “Yes, my name is Yu Zhengyuan. I’m in charge of bringing you to the registrar.”

Gu Zhengrong was about to reply to him, but he sensed something coming towards him so stopped himself from talking. As he was lifting his head, four private hover cars flew towards them. Yu Zhengyuan looked at the time on his communicator. Those must be the four remaining transfer students.

Those four students seemed to have powerful backgrounds just by looking at their cars.

Four young men with four distinctly different auras slowly walked out the cars, the auras were cold, gentle, passionate and lastly sinister respectively.

Yu Zhengyuan looked at the four people. This year will be quite hectic..

The four of them scanned Yu Zhengyuan and his team members. They rejected their servants’ offers to help them and personally brought their suitcases over.

They arrived in front of Yu Zhengyuan around the same time. The four of them looked at each other. The gentle young man smiled. He politely sidestepped to let the three people move forward first. The passionate man laughed and took a step back.

The cold-looking youth and the sinister-looking youth exchanged glances with each other. The sinister-looking youth smiled and waved his hand, signaling the other party to move first.

The cold-looking youth nodded at the sinister-looking youth to thank him. Then, he turned to Yu Zhengyuan and said, “Leng Hanfeng, transfer student. Nice to meet you.” This person remained cold from the start to the end, even his name sounded cold.

The sinister youth felt that too and snickered at him. Leng Hanfeng glared at him. The sinister-looking youth replied, “I’m sorry. My name is Meng Shaoran. Nice to meet you.”

Sparks ignited when their eyes met. These two people had become enemies before they even entered school.

Yu Zhengyuan’s head was throbbing. He could already feel his plan to quietly prepare for his upcoming exams failing. This batch of transfer students were all formidable characters. At that moment, the gentle-looking youth said, “My name is Su Pei. Nice to meet you.”

“Xiao Yiqiu!” Just as Yu Zhengyuan was about to introduce himself, the passionate young man interrupted him. Yu Zhengyuan had no choice but to swallow his words. He felt frustrated.

Ah! They are indeed a troublesome bunch! Yu Zhengyuan was not stupid. He knew Xiao Yiqiu interrupted him on purpose.

Gu Zhengrong couldn’t stand it anymore, so hurriedly introduced Yu Zhengyuan. “This is our classmate, Yu Zhengyuan. He will be bringing us in for registration. I’m a transfer student too. Nice to meet you all.” He raised his right hand.

Su Pei looked at Gu Zhengrong right hand. He raised his hand slowly and held it. Then, he instantly let it go. On the other hand, Xiao Yiqiu held it firmly and forcefully shook it two times to express his enthusiasm.

Gu Zhengrong retracted his hand and placed it behind his back, before shaking it a few times. Seems like Xiao Yiqiu’s handshake had caused him some pain.

Gu Zhengrong did this secretly so almost no one saw it. However, Yu Zhengyuan and the four who just came noticed this small action. They responded very differently in reply to his actions. They felt happy, pity, contempt and grateful.

Just like this, Yu Zhengyuan finished his mission. When he got back, one of his team members asked him who they should take notice of.

Yu Zhengyuan thought about it carefully before replying, “If you want to find a friend, you can consider Gu Zhengrong. If you want an opponent, look for Leng Hanfeng. Xiao Yiqiu is someone you never want to offend. Su Pei will not bother us if we don’t find him for trouble. As for Meng Shaoran… I’m not sure about him yet, I need to observe him further. Everyone else can be ignored.”

The team member refuted. “Shouldn’t you look for someone like Pei Shaoyun for a friend? He looks like a simple-minded person and will never backstab us.”

Yu Zhengyuan looked at them with disdain. “Sometimes, you can’t make friends based on their personalities. Instead, you should look at their capabilities. If they are not capable enough, you might be harming him and yourself if you befriend him.”

“Why?” The team member couldn’t understand why he should do that. Why must he look at other traits when he was just looking for a friend? When did their team leader become so snobbish?

Yu Zhengyuan’s expression turned complex. He seemed to be thinking about something. He sighed and said, “There are many people who don’t like us in school. If you want Pei Shaoyun to have a peaceful life at school, treat him as a stranger.” No one would touch this pure and harmless young man as long as he doesn’t belong to any factions.

This was the first time Yu Zhengyuan didn’t want someone to be pulled into the battle between the various factions.

Yu Zhengyuan’s words caused his team members to fall into deep thought. They decided to leave Pei Shaoyun alone. They should find their next candidate among the five transfer students.

The distribution of the accommodation at the Central Scout Academy on Planet Azure was done by the mainframe of the school. The living conditions there were not as good as the Central Scout Academy on Planet Doha as there were no villas. Every student lived in an apartment. Each apartment had four students living in it. Everyone had their personal room and bathroom with the kitchen, dining room, and living room being shared.

Little Jin brought Pei Shaoyun for registration. He decided that since he already sent him there, he might as well send him all the way. Thus, he brought him directly to his apartment, 1027.

Under Little Jin’s guidance, he placed the door’s chip into his communicator. From now on, he could enter the room just by scanning his communicator on the door.

The moment he entered the apartment, he saw the luxurious decor and the expensive pieces of furniture. He was shocked.

Little Jin saw this and felt proud. “Shaoyun, this is not bad, right? This is our best apartment Only people from the special class and transfer students like you can live here.”

Pei Shaoyun nodded. “It’s better than my place.” He touched his chip and looked at the four closed doors. The communicator on one of the doors suddenly lit up and beeped.

“That is my room.” Pei Shaoyun rushed forward happily. He pushed the door gently. A room about 20 square meters was revealed. All the necessary equipment could be found inside. Everything inside screamed high-class. Pei Shaoyun was extremely satisfied.

Little Jin didn’t stay any longer after completing his task. He bided farewell and left. When the door closed, Pei Shaoyun’s smile instantly disappeared. His aura turned cold. The temperature in the room dropped immediately.

“I wonder if the person from the Flying Dragon Special Forces will be one of my roommates. I’m anticipating it!” Pei Shaoyun smiled. His smile got brighter and soon, it warmed up the entire room.

The white round ball on his shoulder suddenly started jumping happily. It seemed to be excited too.

“Little White, you must remember that you are just a harmless pet. Don’t reveal your feral side.” Pei Shaoyun picked up the white ball and looked at it threateningly.

Little White wanted to rebel against her. However, in front of his Boss’s frightening gaze, it could only bow down to her. It screeched sadly to show that it had understood her.

Sob, it was finally out from that hellish planet but its Boss still wouldn’t allow it to eat to its heart content. What a bad Boss! Little White bit its tentacles sadly and looked up at the sky, relenting itself to its fate. It relaxed its body and allowed Ling Lan to squeeze it to her heart’s content.

That’s right. This harmless and shy young man was Ling Lan in disguise. Just as Ling Lan was focused on squeezing Little White, she heard the door opening. Three people walked in.

One had a cold aura, one was sinister-looking, and one looked handsome and refreshing. The sound of them walking in surprised Ling Lan. She looked up in surprise. When she saw the three of them, she gave them a shy smile and said in a low voice, “Are you three staying in 1027 too?”

The sinister-looking youth looked at Ling Lan playfully. He held up his hand and showed her the chip. “If there is nothing wrong with this chip, I should be staying here. My name is Meng Shaoran. What about you? Are you my new roommate?”

The cold-looking person heard what Meng Shaoran said and replied, “Leng Hanfeng!”

Ling Lan knew that must be his name. However, she pretended to be uncertain. The handsome young man couldn’t bear to see her like this so he explained, “That is his name. My name is Gu Zhengrong. Nice to meet you.”

Ling Lan appeared embarrassed. She gave a shy smile and said, “My name is Pei Shaoyun. Nice to meet you all.”

“I didn’t expect our roommate to be you.” Meng Shaoran was sized up Ling Lan. “Interesting. Very interesting. Haha, my father asked me to be transferred here but it won’t be boring any longer I guess.”

Ling Lan pretended to be scared by Meng Shaoran’s evil look. Leng Hanfeng clicked his tongue in response. Gu Zhengrong pretended to move casually and blocked Meng Shaoran’s light vision of Ling Lan.

Meng Shaoran sneered. He didn’t say anything. He grabbed his luggage and walked to his own room.

Leng Hanfeng entered his room too. Ling Lan pretended to be agitated. She seemed to be wondering if she provoked these two people.

Gu Zhengrong quickly consoled her. “It’s fine. Their temper is like that. You’ll get used to it. However, they both don’t like each other. Don’t enter their fight.”

Ling Lan quickly nodded. Gu Zhengrong smiled when he saw how obedient Ling Lan was. He wanted to pat Ling Lan’s head but Ling Lan evaded his hand instinctively. After that, her face turned pale. She looked as though she realized that she did something wrong. Gu Zhengrong shook his head when he saw her frightened state. “Why are you so timid? If you don’t like your head to be touch, just say it. There is no such thing as compromising in the Scout Academy.”

Ling Lan bit her lips and nodded slightly. She looked at Gu Zhengrong gratefully. “You can return to your room now as there are no other plans today. Have a good rest. I’ll call you when it’s time for lunch.”

“Okay. Thank you, Brother Gu,” Ling Lan replied obediently.

“Are you calling me brother now?” Gu Zhengrong smiled. “Do you think I’m older than you?”

Ling Lan smiled shyly. She said in a soft voice, “Brother Gu is good at taking care of people. You must be older than me.” No way. I’ve lived two times and am almost 50 years old.

“Haha, you’re right. I was born on the first day of the new year. There is probably no one older than me in this school. Since you called me Brother Gu, I’ll take care of you from now on.” Gu Zhengrong didn’t reject her. Ling Lan’s face and her fake personality made her appear too harmless, and since she did not appear to be a potential opponent of his, Gu Zhengrong didn’t mind taking care of her.

Just like this, the four people met each other. After a simple introduction, they went back to their own room.

“Little Four, do you think the person from the Flying Dragon Special Forces is among the four of them?” Ling Lan couldn’t come to a decision. All their physical skills were at the optimal peak of refinement. However, physical skills could be suppressed. She couldn’t use this as a gauge. Besides Gu Zhengrong, she only met the other two people for a short while. She couldn’t get more information from them.

“I’m not sure. They are all very interesting.” Little Four was not certain.

The cold-looking person had the arrogance of someone from the Flying Dragon Special Forces. However, if he was disguising himself, he shouldn’t be that obvious. On the other hand, this kind of simple disguise might work even better.

Meng Shaoran was sinister and seemed hard to deal with. It was also a good choice for a disguise. It was unpredictable and would attract less suspicion.

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