It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 939

Chapter 939 An Old Enemy

Chapter 939 An Old Enemy!

Who are you really? Wang Baozhuang asked right as they entered the living room.

Jiang Hui, a traveler and also an adventurer, Ling Lan replied calmly.

Wang Baozhuang nodded. He put his pipe in his mouth and frowned as he took a whiff of it. It was as though he was making a hard decision.

After staying silent for almost a minute, Wang Baozhuang spoke up, Child, can I trust you?

Ling Lan smiled, That would depend on whether Grandpa Wang wants to trust me or not.

Although you took care of Wu Yin, you still offended the organization behind him. If they were to investigate, they would easily be able to find out that Wang Qi and Little Aihua was there. Wang Baozhuang sucked on his pipe with tired face and continued, It would be very dangerous for Wang Qi and Little Aihua to continue to stay on Planet Muyang. Arent you leaving Planet Muyang tomorrow? If its possible, please take them with


Hearing this, Ling Lan raised one of her eyebrows in doubt of what she was hearing. She glanced at the frowning Wang Baozhuang and said slowly, What will you do if I told you that I have the capabilities to wipe out Wu Yins organization on Planet Muyang while not exposing Wang Qi and Little Aihua?

Hearing this, Wang Baozhuangs eyes glimmered, but darkened again not long after. It seemed he was hesitant. After a few seconds, he made a hard decision and said, Child, just take them away with


Ling Lan looked at Wang Baozhuang and calmly said, Youre okay with that? Or rather, youre not going to worry?

Wang Qi has grown up and should be sent out into the real world. Although I cant confirm whether your identity is real or fake, I still believe my eyes that are telling me that you are someone worthy of my trust, Wang Baozhuang said in a serious tone.

Ling Lan half-smiled at Wang Baozhuang. Although Ling Lans presence seemed to be warm, Wang Baozhuang still felt unsure about his decision. He also felt that Ling Lan knew what he was actually intending to do.

Originally, taking them out there to see the world is fine. However, I dont want to become someone who is hunted by others, said Ling Lan. She hated trouble. She knew that Wang Qi was troublesome so she didnt want to take him with her.

Ling Lans words made Wang Baozhuangs expression change instantly. He immediately stood up and said, You know something?

No, I dont know anything, Ling Lan said calmly. I just know that if you clearly could resolve this matter easily but still want to send them away, it means that there is an even bigger problem than the one were currently in. As for me, I care about my life.

Ling Lans words made Wang Baozhuang sit down with a helpless expression. His expression continued to darken as he thought about it more. He immediately picked up his pipe and sucked it a few times to relieve the headache he was having.

Child, youre very smart. You actually managed to deduce that just from my attitude. Wang Baozhuang sighed, I just received word that our enemy had found us. I can die with no regrets, but my little grandson is only 16 years old He still has so many years ahead of himself, he shouldnt die here.

I am not asking you to keep him safe for his entire life. I only hope that you can take him away Planet Muyang. After that, he can go anywhere and you wouldnt have to be responsible for him. Here, this is the identity that I have prepared for him Wang Baozhuang took out a new communicator from his pocket. It turns out, he had already arranged for Wang Qi to take on a new identity.

Ling Lan thought for a moment. She then put out her hand and grabbed the new identity communicator. Right at that moment, Wang Qi and Little Aihua ran into the room like a gust of wind.

Grandpa, I dont want to leave. If we leave, we leave together. How could Wang Qi leave his grandfather, who had raised him all by himself for all these years, to face death on his own?

When Wang Qi and Little Aihua were snooping around the living room, Ling Lan had noticed them. Wang Baozhuang on the other hand was no longer calm because of Ling Lans calm reaction. He actually didnt sense Wang Qi and Little Aihuas arrival.

Qier, listen to me. If we all leave, then none of us will get out alive. The high ranking official who had protected them only managed to get Wang Qi a new identity after so many years. Now, since he had been discovered without a new identity, he would be the cause of the death of the child he raised with all his heart if he left with Wang Qi.

Grandpa Wang Qi had just escaped death. He didnt think that before he could catch his breath, he must split apart from his grandfather who he couldnt live without. Feeling unusually weak, he finally couldnt hold everything in and began to cry loudly.

What are you crying about? Im not dead yet. Qier, your grandfather has only had one hope in his entire life and thats you. If you dont live a good life, even if I die, I wont be able to rest peacefully. Be a good boy and leave Planet Muyang with this Jiang Hui child. Then, dont ever come back to Planet Muyang in this lifetime. Although Wang Baozhuang was angry and anxious, he was still moved by Wang Qis feelings towards him and had tears come down his face uncontrollably.

How about this? You guys talk about it together. Ill take Little Aihua home first. Ill come back tomorrow. If you still havent changed your mind, I will take Wang Qi and leave. Ling Lan knew that even if she refused to take Wang Qi with her, she still wouldnt be able to get out of this situation. After being together with the grandfather and grandson of the Wang family for quite some time, she was probably already in the sights of the Wang familys enemies. Unless she didnt use Jiang Hui as her identity in the future, trouble would always find her.

However, Ling Lan actually liked the identity Jiang Hui, the lone adventurer without any care for the world. She didnt want to stop using this identity.

Ling Lan took Little Aihua back to the Liu family. She then went back to her room and laid down to rest.

When the night became silent and everyone entered their dream world, Ling Lan, who was under her blanket, actually began to split apart and disappeared completely.

During all this time, Little Four was collecting information on Wu Yins organization. After looking and searching through many surveillance tapes, he finally found the headquarters of Wu Yins organization on Planet Muyang. Although the Grandpa Wang didnt want Ling Lan to take care of the underlying threat, Ling Lan was still used to finishing what she had started so she didnt forget about the organization. Thus, Ling Lan decided that before leaving, she would completely take out Wu Yins organization. Destroying them at the roots to make sure they would never rise again.

When dawn arrived, Ling Lan had already reappeared under her blanket.

She opened the palm of her right hand and there was a computer chip on it. This chip was what the leader of the group tried to destroy when he realized he had no way of living. Unfortunately, the difference in capabilities didnt give that leader any chance to destroy it. In the end, Ling Lan still got it into her hands.

Little Four, can you read the information in it? asked Ling Lan.

Boss, youll know when you plug in the chip into your communicator, Little Four said in dismay. Is his Boss looking down on him? If I cant do something small like this, how can I call himself the god of the virtual world?

Ling Lan quickly plugged in the computer chip into her communicator. Little Four then began to decrypt it. Not long after, the data inside it began to show up on her screen.

Who knew wed actually encounter an old enemy. It turns out, Wu Yins organization was the same as the unknown organization that was previously hiding in Planet Azures Scout Academy.

It was clear that a Planet like Muyang was not rich with resources, so this planet wasnt considered a priority by the organization. That was why they sent people like Wu Yin, who was not really a part of the organization, to this planet.

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