It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 941

Chapter 941 Big Trouble

Chapter 941 Big Trouble!

Wang Baozhuang and Liu Furong were both in the 3rd Division, in the 9th Wings Regiment, but they were in different clans! Little Four found where the two of them were connected.

9th Wings Regiment was one of the highest ranked regiments in the 3rd Division back then. The Magic Ace Mecha Clan under it was also the runner-up to the position of the top titled special class mecha clan within the 3rd Division. Magic Ace Mecha Clan had the nickname Undefeated Mecha Clan. This proved that they were a sight to behold back in the day.

Back then, Liu Furong was still a small team leader. However, he had already caught the eyes of their regiment commander. Little Four had looked up the report Liu Furongs regiment commander had written about Liu Furong. One could tell that the regiment commander saw potential in Liu Furong and wanted to help him in his development.

If it wasnt for the fact that Magic Ace Mecha Clan was completely decimated 15 years ago from an enemy ambush, Liu Furong might even have developed to be even more monstrous than now Those, who were team leaders from other mecha clans weaker than Magic Ace Mecha Clan, had already become regiment commanders of ace mecha clans by now. Some even became generals. Liu Furong on the other hand only had his rank upgraded, but was still only just a team leader.

What happened 15 years ago has affected Liu Furong greatly. Although he led a broken team out of the ambush, he instantly went unconscious after getting out because of exhaustion. After he woke up, his memory of the battle was all mixed up. He was treated at the main military hospital for 5 months and then was discharged to rest at home.

Five months? Then, when he was discharged, it was already September, when Wang Baozhuang and Wang Qi arrived on Planet Muyang. Ling Lan saw the files Little Four had shown her and suddenly remembered what Aunt Liu had told her. Liu Furong had once mentioned that his regiment commander was powerful. He didnt mean Ling Lan six years ago! Instead, there wasnt any regiment commander that he had admired after Magic Mecha Clan was completely wiped out 15 years ago. Liu Furong would always go through different clans and he had never stayed for more than one year in each one. After joining 250 Ace Mecha Clan in the 23rd Division, he finally stopped moving around.

Little Four, check the files on the regiment commander of Magic Ace Mecha Clan. The most crucial person was this regiment commander.

The regiment commanders name is called Wang Junan Little Four brought out the file on Wang Junan and handed it to his Boss.

Ling Lan read through Wang Junans file quickly. She saw that before he was KIA, his wife was 6-months pregnant She gave birth to a son in June.

A baby boy? Ling Lan looked at the picture of Wang Junan and quickly had Wang Qis image appear in her mindspace.

Dont the two of them look alike? Ling Lan finally found a hint of some sort.

Somewhat. Little Four looked back and forth between the two images. He felt that when the two of them stood together, they did indeed look similar.

Then, that makes sense. Wang Baozhuang, Wang Qi and Wang Junan. They were willing to change their names and yet still didnt want to change the name of the regiment commanders son? It seemed Wang Junan was really admired by the soldiers in the clan. Even a logistician from a different clan was willing to help him even if it meant death.

The files on the battle back then were almost all gone. Even if there are some files, they are limited in information. Not sure whether it was because those involved had perished or someone had meddled with the information and purposely hid it away. Little Four couldnt find any detailed records on battle that completely wiped out Magic Ace Mecha Clan.

Of course someone meddled with the files! Its just we dont know whether those who meddled with it was helping them or their enemies, Ling Lan said with a frozen expression.

If the military wanted to know something, they would definitely get to the bottom of it. They were playing dumb on purpose since there werent any details about it. The military would rather let a titled ace mecha clan get wiped out without any reason than to investigate to get to the bottom of this. It seemed that this issue had a lot of politics involved.

Ling Lan was in dismay. She was only running away from home to have some peace and quiet. She didnt want to do anything to upset the balance of the world. Why did God hate her and always create problems for her?

Ling Lan knew that she was amidst a huge problem now

Little Four, you unlucky little thing, why did you chose Planet Muyang? Saddened, Ling Lan pinched Little Fours pink cheek and began to rub it furiously to quell her feeling of dismay.

H-ow suold I rnow (How should I know) Little Four felt wrongly accused. Although the galaxy map was created by him, wasnt it still his Boss that pointed to this planet? How come he was to blame now?

Boring, not as nice to pinch as Little White. Ling Lan disliked the fact that Little Fours face was not as chubby and wasnt as stretchy as Little Whites face.

Right, since were talking about Little White, it has been playing around with Aijun recently. Does it not want to leave with us? Ling Lan thought whether she should use this chance to toss away this dumb and cute pet.

Not sure, but Little White goes out to the surrounding area of the town everyday for adventures with Little Jun. Little Four told Ling Lan what Little White had been up to these past few days.

Its having a lot of fun, huh. It wasnt even think about her, his master, one bit. Ling Lan was disheartened that she kept a good for nothing pet. However, she wasnt apologetic about how she was just thinking of ruthlessly abandoning Little White.

Rawr! She suddenly heard Little Whites angry roar. This was the difference of spiritual power. Other than Ling Lan or experts in spiritual power, the average person wouldnt be able to hear it.

Not good! Ling Lans expression changed instantly. Little White was informing her that someone was making a move on Liu Aijun.

Ling Lan disappeared from the room and appeared at the location where Little White had screamed in the next second. However, she only discovered the grass and trees around her were a mess, while Little White and Liu Aijun were nowhere to be seen.

Ling Lan put out her finger, closed her eyes and felt the presence that was still lingering in the air

The earth element is quite thick here Ling Lan immediately knelt down and pushed her right hand into the ground to feel the changes in the earth element.

Who knew that a small planet like Muyang would actually have an earth element domain realm master. Plus, he is at least a titled domain realm master if he could kidnap Liu Aijun and Little White from my watchful eyes.

Right as Ling Lan felt the enemys location, she heard a loud explosion coming from the Liu familys home.

Ling Lans concentration was disrupted. Now, the trail she had caught on from the earth element domain realm master instantly brokne off. She sensing it again, but she could not sensed it


Sh*t! Ling Lan could only give up on searching and run back to the Liu familys house. She saw the originally old and tattered home of the Liu family had already become a pile of debris.

Aunt Liu was sweeping the yard at the time. Although she was sent flying by the shockwave produced by the explosion, she was not hit with anything. She didnt have any life-threatening injuries and was quite lucky.

Seeing Ling Lan appear, Aunt Liu, who was dumbstruck and had a blood smear on the corner of her mouth, instantly regained her focus. She cried happily, Jiang Hui, its a good thing youre okay. Just now, she actually thought Jiang Hui had perished in the explosion. That was because in her mind, Jiang Hui should have been in the guest room eating breakfast.

Ling Lan helped Aunt Liu up and brought her to rest in the open area outside. She then took out a vial of medicinal agent and gave it to Aunt Liu as she comforted her, Aunt Liu, Im fine. This is medicine for treating your wounds. Rest for now.

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