Journey Through The Universe Chapter 3

3 Chapter 3

Waking up, I felt refreshed now and not mentally tired, which was a relief to me since it felt incredibly weird to be mentally tired but not physically tired, especially so when I came to this world with a new body as well.



-Name: Jun Xiaoyu

-Gender: Female

-Race: Human

-Age: 1825

-Cultivation: Knight Rank Stage 3

-Strength: 417

-Agility: 410

-Dexterity: 420

-Endurance: 384

-Vitality: 375

-Intelligence: 440

-Wisdom: 430

-Points: 1005

-Stat Points: 0

-Missions Completed: 1

-Missions Failed: 0

-Skills: Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Wind Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Lightning Manipulation, Metal Manipulation, Wood Manipulation, Space Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Magma Manipulation, Dark Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Nature Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation, Alchemy Mastery

-Perks: Immortal, Godly Genius

-Inventory: Heavenly Grade Sword, Emperor Grade Robe, Monarch Grade Alchemy Furnace, Box of Alchemy Ingredients]

'System, I should be able to go to a city now, right? My cultivation got to Knight Rank already.'

[Host is recommended to create a few pills using Alchemy before heading out to a city. Being an Alchemist in this world will give Host many bonuses.]

'Is that so? I already know how to make them perfectly, but I guess I should get used to actually making pills then.'

I wave my hand and brought the Monarch Grade Alchemy Furnace and the Box of Alchemy Ingredients out of my Inventory and they appeared in front of me. The furnace is pitch black with a phoenix mark on it, making it look quite beautiful.

Since I got the skill Alchemy Mastery, I already know everything that an Alchemist needs to know and I also know that it is impossible for me to fail at creating a single pill since the System gave me the Alchemy Mastery, which would be even better than Alchemy Master's from this world.

I grab a few herbs from the Box of Alchemy Ingredients and begin the process of purifying, combining and creating the pills. The process is quite simple due to me knowing how to do everything properly, so I finish within a few minutes since I am just making a simple pill.

I open the furnace and pull out 5 white pills that seem to shine when I brought them out. I made Healing Pills first since I have no use for Qi Gathering Pills, since my cultivation speed is already fast enough without them.

[Congratulations to Host for completing her first Alchemy Creation successfully.]

[Host has obtained 75 points.]

[Host has obtained 13 Stat Points.]

[Host has obtained 1 Roulette Ticket.]

[Host has obtained 100x Pill Bottles.]

'Oh? I get rewarded for this as well, huh. Put all 13 Stat Points into Agility.'

[Host's Stats have been updated.]

'Also, use the Roulette Ticket.'

[Host has used 1x Roulette Ticket...]

[Host has obtained a rock.]

'... A rock?'

[Yes, Host. Host had abnormal luck and has not obtained anything bad until now, which is weird.]

'Right, I nearly forgot that Roulette Tickets can give useless things as well. Oh well, let's go and make a few more pills.'

A few hours later, I am taking out a few pills from the furnace and put them into a Pill Bottle, storing them inside. For the past few hours I have been creating Common and Uncommon grade pills and storing them within my Inventory.

I was going to create better pills, but the System said that just Uncommon Pills are already good enough for now, so I just made a few dozen Uncommon Pills and Common Pills, mainly being Healing Pills but I also made a few Qi Gathering Pills.

'System, can I go to the city now?'

[Yes, Host.]

'Finally, I have been bored of being inside this forest for the past 3 days.'

I felt somewhat excited to see the cities of this world since I want to see how different it will be compared to Earth, and I have just been inside this forest for the past 3 days since I came here, making me quite bored.

The System already told me which direction to go, so I leave the cave and run East, and since I am at Knight Rank, my speed makes me look like a blur each time I pass by anything. I scared a few Demon Beasts while I was running, which I found quite funny.

I was about 3 kilometers from the city when I suddenly heard a few screams and swords clashing against each other, making me interested in what is going on, so I follow the direction of the sounds and found a carriage being attacked by what seems to be bandits.

[Host has been issued a mission: Protect Yu Bai and become her Personal Guard.

-Description: Yu Bai is the Third Young Miss of the Yu Clan from the Imperial City. Protect her from the bandits and become her Personal Guard once you reach the Imperial City.

-Rewards: 320 Points, 32 Stat Points, 7x Roulette Tickets.

-Failure Penalty: Coma for 4 months.]

'That is a weird penalty... Do I have to be her Personal Guard for a little while or just a long time?'

[Host has to be Yu Bai's Personal Guard for at least 2 years. Host can still do normal things, just as long as Host protects Yu Bai from danger.]

'Great. Well, it is better than being a slave or being in a coma for 4 months, which would make me weaker, most likely.'

I was about to go out and kill the bandits but I decided to do something first. Using Metal Manipulation, I created a black mask made out of metal and put it on my face. The mask covers everything under my nose, leaving only my eyes visible.

I haven't forgotten that I made my body very beautiful, so it would be a pain for me if people started lusting after me after seeing my face, so I chose to hide my face until I am strong enough to do anything I want in this world.

Now that my face is covered, I pull my sword out from my Inventory and disappeared from my spot, appearing in the middle of a group of bandits. Before anybody could react, I spun around while slashing my sword out, causing the dozen or so bandits around me to instantly be cut in half.

The remaining 20 bandits were scared beyond belief after seeing me kill half of them in a mere second, and they started screaming while trying to run away, which just made it easier for them to be killed.

Not to mention me, just the guards of Yu Bai killed them quickly due to them being disordered. After I kill the final bandit by cutting off his head, I look over to the guards who look to be on guard and scared of me, which made me remember how I made my eyes.

I didn't bother saying anything, and neither did the guards. We just kept looking at each other for a while before the carriage door opened and a young girl about 15 or 16 stepped out of it, looking at the dead bodies everywhere her face didn't pale at all, which made me surprised as it is extremely gory here.

"Thank you for your assistance. My name is Yu Bai, may I know you name?"

She looked at me after and thanked me with a slight bow, making me a bit awkward since I haven't been bowed to before, but I shook it off and looked at her. Seeing me look at their Young Miss, the guards all stepped in front of her, probably worried I will attack her.

"Jun Xiaoyu."

Short and simple, which is how I like it. Apparently it is the same for Yu Bai as she nods her head to me after I introduce myself. I was wondering how I could somehow convince her to let me become her Personal Guard when she brought it up herself.

"Jun Xiaoyu, is it? Looking at you, you must be very strong since you could kill these bandits easily. Would you like to become my Personal Guard? Naturally I will pay you."

I was surprised that she brought it up herself, since I was struggling on how to ask her to let me become her Personal Guard. Nonetheless, this works perfectly for me since I need to become her Personal Guard either way.

Also, I can obtain money of this world from her, which also works. Although I could sell my Pills to get money, it would just give me unnecessary attention as well, making people want to have me make Pills for them and so on.


Yu Bai for some reason didn't seem surprised that I agreed, while her guards did. I was confused by how Yu Bai was behaving, since it was quite weird. First she wasn't scared at all of all this bloodshed and gory stuff around, and she wasn't surprised when I accepted her offer, which shouldn't be something a sheltered girl from a big family should be capable of, making me confused.

Still, I didn't say anything and neither did she. She simply brought me onto the carriage with her while the guards stood outside. The carriage began moving shortly after, and we began heading to the Imperial City.

"I will pay you 5 Medium Grade Spiritual Stones per month, and you can also get access to the Yu Clan Library, if you so wish to read what is within it."

Yu Bai suddenly spoke up about my payment, which actually made me surprised. According to the System the money for this world are Low Grade Spiritual Stones, Medium Grade Spiritual Stones, High Grade Spiritual Stones. 100 Low Grade Spiritual Stones is 1 Medium Grade Spiritual Stone, while 100 Medium Grade Spiritual Stones is 1 High Grade Spiritual Stone.

Just the fact that I get 5 Medium Grade Spiritual Stones per month by being her Personal Guard is quite worth it, since I probably won't be her Personal Guard for more than 2 years. Also, access to the Yu Clan Library is also extremely useful, since I can get some information about the world from it that the System didn't tell me.


I reply simply again, which seems to make Yu Bai satisfied as she nods her head. I notice she has extremely cold eyes, just like the ones I put on my body, making me almost 100% sure she came from Earth as an assassin or something similar.

'System, am I correct? Did she come from Earth?'

[Host is correct. Yu Bai was originally just a trash Young Miss from the Yu Clan. She died from being beaten to death by the Crown Prince's underlings after looking at him for too long, which made him annoyed. After which, a Gold Rank Assassin from Earth, who was also named Yu Bai, transmigrated into her body 3 months ago.

Yu Bai was a professional assassin as well as a medicine master on Earth, so she fixed the bodies meridians and she can cultivate now. She is currently at Warrior Rank Stage 6, but everything thinks she is still trash, as she told nobody.]

'Wow, cliche plot from a novel. Well, since she isn't a simple good-for-nothing Young Miss from this world and is actually as assassin from Earth, it probably isn't going to be bad to follow her as a Personal Bodyguard for a while. Also, how does she have 5 Medium Grade Spiritual Stones for me if she is trash?'

[Host, Yu Bai's father, although she is trash, he still loves her greatly. He dotes on her constantly, giving her whatever she wants basically. The original Yu Bai was quite arrogant because of this, so she offended the Crown Prince before, which is why he got annoyed by her and ordered her to be beaten to death.

So, Host has no need to worry as Yu Bai can easily get 5 Medium Grade Spiritual Stones from her father. Even if she didn't have a doting father, she can work as a doctor and obtain dozens of Medium Grade Spiritual Stones from it.]

'I see, that works. As expected of a transmigrated assassin from Earth, a cliche master indeed. Well, maybe it will be fun to be with her for the near future.'

While I was communicating with the System, Yu Bai was constantly inspecting me. She was quite interested in me from the moment she saw my eyes, which were just like hers. She was wondering if I was like her, a transmigrated assassin from Earth.

Still, she didn't bother asking me because that would just give her identity away, and if she was wrong it would be awkward to deal with me who would probably think she was a demon as that is the situation most people from this world would think.

"Young Miss, Miss Jun, we are here."

We suddenly heard a voice from one of the guards coming from outside the carriage, and I open the carriage door and step out first, with Yu Bai following after me while I hold the door. Although I didn't have to do this, it is what subordinates should do for their Master.

Even though she isn't my Master, she is still my employer, so I can do this much for her. As we walk into the Yu Clan, I look around and notice that it is just like I imagined, extremely outdated buildings compared to Earth.

It looks like middle ages from Earth, back a few thousand years or so, if I am correct. Still, everything around looks quite beautiful. As expected of one of the Great Clans of the Imperial City, quite lavish indeed.

Yu Bai leads me to a room, and I can feel a strong presence inside of it, most likely being Yu Bai's father, the Clan Leader of the Yu Clan. Although I can't tell his exact cultivation, I can tell he is at least many times stronger than the current me.

"Come in."

Yu Bai knocks on the door and we can hear a deep and cold voice coming from inside the room, coming from the strong person inside. Yu Bai seems unaffected by the voice and opens the door, stepping inside the room with me after her.

There is a man that looks to be in his thirties sitting behind a desk in the room, looking at a few papers. He looks up when we come in, and seeing Yu Bai, the cold look on his face disappears and a doting look appears on it instead as he stands up and hugs Yu Bai.

"My dearest daughter, why did you come to see Father? Do you need some more money?"

"No Father, I am just introducing my new Personal Bodyguard to you. Her name is Jun Xiaoyu, and she saved me and the guards from a bandit attack on the way home, and I offered her to be my Personal Bodyguard and she accepted. She is quite strong, so I thought it would be a good idea."

Yu Bai looked a bit uncomfortable being hugged like that by the man, but he ignored it and looked at me sharply, and I felt a strong pressure come over my body. I almost wanted to kneel down to it, that's just how strong it was.

Still, due to me having the System, the pressure was relieved shortly after, so I stood up tall, not faltering from his pressure at all, making an admiring look appear in his eyes after seeing me seemingly not be affected by his pressure.

"Indeed, she is quite strong. Not affected by my pressure at all, and she is also a Knight Rank Stage 3 cultivator. For someone so young, she is indeed strong."

'Young my ass, I am hundreds of times older than you.'

I think that but naturally I don't say it aloud, since it would be awkward if I did. Yu Bai and her father talk a bit before he sends us away, and Yu Bai leads me upstairs, bringing me outside of a room and she opens it and enters.

"This is my room, you can sleep in the room beside mine, just in case anything happens. Even though I doubt anything would happen inside the Clan, it is better to be safer than sorry. I will be going to sleep now, so I will see you in the morning."

She then closed the door and I could tell she was indeed going to sleep. I shrugged and entered the room beside hers, and inside was quite lavish. There was a large bed which is probably a king size bed from Earth in size.

There are also a bunch of expensive looking things around the room, but since I don't know what they actually are I just ignore them. I sit down on the bed and begin cultivating. Even though there isn't much Qi here, I can still increase my cultivation slightly.
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