Journey To The Supreme God Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Special Talent

Because everything was already embedded in his memory, Qin Tian only needed to remember his memory to understand the cultivation method.

Every detail in the cultivation method was firmly embedded in his memory without a single word missing.

And only after seeing the cultivation method, Qin Tian then understood why the cultivation method was not written in the book, but was implanted directly into memory through the information storage jade.

This is because the cultivation method is very complicated. Even if it's written in a book, it's still very difficult to understand. Only those who have strong souls like Saints can understand it if it is written in a book.

As for divine warriors like Qin Tian, they would only feel confused if only read it through books. They can only understand it if it is implanted directly into their memories.

This is because everything is really too complicated.

There are too many things in cultivation methods that are very difficult to explain in words.

To cultivate, a cultivator needs to be able to control every part of the body from the soul to the smallest cell.

Explaining how to control small cells is not something that can be done through words. Only by instilling direct understanding, can one then do it.

That's like moving the body. Every living thing naturally knows how to move their body. But if they are told to explain how to move the body in words, who can do it. Especially if it involves small objects such as cells and hidden souls.

In this cultivation method, Qin Tian also discovered several other things.

For example, although the first to sixth stages of divine warriors cannot fly because they have not yet become one with the world, they can actually still fly if they learn certain cultivation techniques.

The techniques are simplified from a strong cultivator's understanding of the law.

Stronger cultivators naturally could simplify their understanding of the law and make it a cultivation technique, then give it to weaker cultivators.

Simplified laws will allow weaker cultivators to understand a little of the essence of stronger cultivators.

Not only can it help a weaker cultivator increase their fighting strength, it can also help them understand the law more easily. Making their cultivation path to the next stage much easier.

Of course, whether a cultivator can understand that technique or not will depend on the cultivator itself. Some might acquire certain cultivation techniques, but that does not mean they can master them.

Actually not only simplified laws, which can be given to other cultivators. Even complete laws can also be given to others. Naturally, the complete law can only be used as a reference. Because if weaker cultivators truly understood the complete law, they would naturally reach the same realm as the owner of the law.

Unfortunately in the jade given this golden dragon clan, no cultivation technique was found. There is only a cultivation method here.

In cultivation, talent is also one of the most important aspects.

Nobody understands how talent works. But certainly, those who are talented will have higher achievement than those who are not talented.

Their cultivation speed will be much faster.

Although each stage of the divine warrior will increase the age of the cultivator, it is not uncommon to see cultivators who cannot break through until their age is over.

There are many types of talent. Naturally the most important thing is talent in cultivation. However, besides cultivation talents, some people are also born with certain special talents that make them have certain innate abilities that make their strength stronger than other cultivators of the same cultivation level.

And those who are born with such talents, usually also have higher cultivation talents.

Of course, no matter how great a person's talents, that still does not guarantee that person will become a god.

To become a god, in addition to talent, a cultivator also needs a lot of luck and destiny.

Like getting resources, or getting the inheritance of cultivation from some gods who have died.

There are many resources that can help a cultivator to go further. In the realm of divine warriors, the most commonly used resource is a spiritual stone.

Spiritual stones are stones that contain the purest spiritual energy.

It was made from spiritual energy that had been filtered using certain methods.

Cultivating using spiritual stones will make cultivation ten times easier.

This is because besides being easier to absorb spiritual energy from spiritual stones, spiritual energy from spiritual stones can also help the soul to be calmer and cleaner, making cultivators feel better when they understand the laws of cultivation.

When cultivators run out of spiritual energy due to fighting, they can also use spiritual stones to replenish their energy faster. This is due to the purity of spiritual energy from spiritual stones which allows cultivators to directly absorb it into their bodies.

Apart from that, spiritual stones are usually also used as currency in the world of gods. At least for those in the realm of divine warriors.

Of course, besides spiritual stones, there are still many other resources that can be used for cultivation. Some very scarce resources can even allow a cultivator to break through to the next stage directly. Naturally, such treasures are very difficult to find. And there will always be bloody battles when such treasures arise.

After Qin Tian understood the cultivation method, he also began to understand how to recognize one's cultivation level through his aura. Now Qin Tian can know the cultivation that Aluc has and the man who delivered the information storage jade before.

Aluc may be in stage four or five divine warriors. As for the previous man, Qin Tian guessed he was at the seventh stage of a divine warrior.

"No wonder he can fly." Qin Tian thought.

Understanding the cultivation method, Qin Tian began to try to cultivate. Now he no longer has confusion. He now knew what he had to do to break into the next stage.

"Eh?" In the midst of his cultivation, Qin Tian suddenly felt that something was wrong.

"It is said, the spiritual energy circulating in nature is far more crude than spiritual energy from spiritual stones so absorbing it will be more difficult. But why can I absorb it so easily?" Qin Tian wondered.

Since he first arrived in the deva realm, he had never felt the rudeness of spiritual energy. However, according to information, it shouldn't be that easy to absorb spiritual energy from nature. Only spiritual energy from spiritual stones can be absorbed easily. But Qin Tian can absorb spiritual energy from nature as if it is a spiritual stone. Is not that strange.

Qin Tian felt confused by the state of his body now.

"Is my body a little special?" Qin Tian thinks.

In the information, there is no record of his case at this time. Even those who are gifted will still feel rudeness when absorbing natural spiritual energy.

"Ah. But this is definitely a good thing." Qin Tian immediately threw out his confusion. Whatever the case, his current situation clearly made his cultivation much easier. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Maybe this is my special talent." Qin Tian quietly thought.

The longer Qin Tian was in the world of gods, the more he felt special about himself.

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