Journey To The Supreme God Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Go meet the Dragon Queen

Even though Qin Tian doesn't know what kind of talent he has. But because he can absorb natural spiritual energy very easily. That would definitely make his cultivation much easier even though he cultivated without using spiritual stones.

After all, the reason why many people cultivate using spiritual stones, is precisely because cultivating using natural spiritual energy is far more difficult because of their rough nature.

But Qin Tian is different.

If cultivating using natural spiritual energy alone is already very easy for Qin Tian. It would definitely be a lot easier for him when he used spiritual stones that had very pure energy.

Hi Lala!

Qin Tian then continued to cultivate.

He absorbs the surrounding spiritual energy into his body, then purifies it to strengthen his body.

When he absorbed spiritual energy, the space around him also felt much denser as if there was water filling the space. It actually happened because of the large amount of spiritual energy concentrated there. Sometimes, there are even a few wisps of white light seen there. It floated in the air before it was quickly absorbed into Qin Tian's body.

Even though it was only a little, Qin Tian could feel his strength continued to increase little by little, as he continued to purify spiritual energy.

The small point of his soul that is in his soul space also continues to grow little by little.

And the more it grew, Qin Tian could feel his perception becoming much sharper and faster. If there is a way to describe it, it might be similar to how a computer feels when its specifications are improved. With that kind of perception, Qin Tian might be able to finish a conversation that takes 10 minutes in 1 minute.

Even though cultivation seems boring because it only does the same thing over and over again. However, when he felt his strength increase little by little, Qin Tian did not feel bored at all. That was because the feeling of increasing strength was too extraordinary.

Time keeps running.

The feeling of cultivation really made Qin Tian drunk so he did not realize that one night had passed.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

In the morning.

Just as Qin Tian was still continuing to cultivate, he suddenly heard a rustling sound similar to the sound of a train approaching his palace.

With Indra Qin Tian at this time. Even though he was immersed in cultivation, he could still feel interference around him. If the sound came from activities in the city, he would not care. But the sound of distraction this time clearly headed into place.


Qin Tian immediately opened his eyes, and staring outside the palace.

In his court yard, Qin Tian saw a gold-colored horse carriage pulled by two horses that were also gold and had a pair of golden wings on its back.

After the horse-drawn carriage stopped, soon the carriage door opened and a young man in his 15s got off.

The young man is Aluc.


Seeing Aluc's arrival, Qin Tian immediately stood up and welcomed him.

Towards Aluc, even though the two of them were already rather close, Qin Tian was still being quite polite to him. After all, Aluc's status seemed to be very high in the golden dragon clan.

As a regular guest, he naturally had to be polite to the host. Also, in the world of gods he was nobody. It was already extraordinary for a powerful clan like the golden dragon clan to welcome him.

"No need to be so polite." Seeing Qin Tian's polite attitude, Aluc tried to reprimand him.

Qin Tian might not know his own identity. But Aluc knows. With his identity, even the elders in their clan had to be respectful in front of him.

"Come on, come with me." Before Qin Tian could think, Aluc directly said his goal.

"Eh? Where to?" Qin Tian could not help but be surprised by Aluc's sudden invitation.

"Meeting my mother." Aluc answered.

"Your mother?" Hearing Aluc invite him to meet his mother, Qin Tian felt a little confused. But he guessed this might have something to do with the reason the golden dragon clan took care of him.

"Who is your mother?" Qin Tian asked. He was curious about the identity of Aluc's mother.

See the Aluc status. Clearly his mother's status was very high in the golden dragon clan.

Hearing Qin Tian's question, Aluc smiled slightly. His expression which was initially calm turned into a proud grin.

"Queen of the Golden Dragon." He answered in a casual tone but anyone who heard it would realize how proud he was.


While Aluc grinned, Qin Tian was filled with surprise.

Even though he knew Aluc's status was very high, he was still surprised when he heard that his mother was the dragon queen.

Doesn't that mean he is the dragon prince?

"Why does the queen of dragons want to meet me?" Even though he could guess the reason, he still couldn't help but ask.

After all, the one he would meet this time was the queen of dragons.

Who is the dragon queen? She is the queen of the golden dragon clan. In the golden dragon clan, there were many elders who were stronger than the Great Emperor Yan.

If this golden dragon clan isn't hiding. How many big planets they can have.

And the queen of dragons, she is only second only to the Dragon Emperor.

How could Qin Tian not feel nervous when he would meet a large character like the dragon queen.

"Don't need to ask too many questions. Let's go." In response to Qin Tian's question, Aluc directly pulled his hand into the horse carriage. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Qin Tian was pulled into the horse carriage, and when he saw the room inside the carriage, he sighed in admiration.

"Dragons do like to live luxuriously." Qin Tian quietly thought.

Hua! Hua! Hua!

After Aluc and Qin Tian entered into it, the horse-drawn carriage immediately departed.

The two horses in front flapped their wings so that the horse-drawn carriage immediately flew through the air.

When flying in the air, the horse-drawn carriage even emitted golden light as if it was the sun crossing the city sky.

Although there are many vehicles with modern styles in the city. However, when compared to Aluc horse carriages, they all really look dim.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

In terms of movement, the horse-drawn carriage does look slow. However, each step taken by the two horses actually makes the horse-drawn carriage cross a great distance.

The horse-drawn carriage flew towards the floating palace in the middle of the city.

"Looks like you already understand the cultivation method?" Inside the horse-drawn carriage, Aluc began a conversation with Qin Tian. He discussed about Qin Tian's understanding of the cultivation method.

"This would not have happened if it hadn't been for the help of your dragon clan." Qin Tian answered in a tone that was not too polite.

Because of Aluc's attitude, Qin Tian also feels uneasy if he behaves too politely. That will only make their relationship be awkward later.

From the way Qin Tian saw it, this Aluc seemed very enthusiastic about making friends with him.

"The cultivation method is not a secret in the world of gods. Anyone born in the world of gods will have it." Aluc answered in a relaxed tone. He did not really care about the cultivation method.

In fact, even the smallest clans in the world of god have cultivation methods. It's been spread since ancient times so it's not a secret anymore.

"Oh?" Qin Tian was a little surprised after hearing that. After all, the cultivation method was too extraordinary. It's too complicated that it can't be explained in words. But it seems like it's not something extraordinary in the world of gods. If it were on earth, it would definitely be an invaluable family treasure.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

The horse-drawn carriage continued to fly in the air while Qin Tian and Aluc continued their chat.

The more they chat the closer their relationship becomes.

Qin Tian also asked Aluc a few things he did not know so that his knowledge became far more.

Of course, things like the reason why the golden dragon clan took care of him, Aluc did not want to answer. He only said that his mother would explain later.

Although the city of the golden dragon is very large. That actually can't be considered big for cultivators.

For the Aluc horse carriage which every step can cross hundreds of meters, to arrive at the palace does not require much time.

After a few moments of flight, the horse-drawn carriage finally arrived at the golden dragon emperor's palace.

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