Journey To The Supreme God Chapter 2 1

Chapter 2: Spatial Tunnel, Part 1

As soon as Qin Tian was sucked into a black hole, he entered a tunnel.

The tunnel was like a whirlpool that sucked everything into it. However, the vortex was not in water but in space.

Qin Tian felt his body being pulled into the depths of the spatial tunnel. His body bobbed to and fro in the spatial tunnel as if he was hit by strong winds.

Qin Tian could not help but curse Old Yuan in his heart for sending him to a damned place like this.

Even though he was in an empty space so he didn't crash into anything, however, he still felt his head dizzy, and his vision was filled with star spots.

He wondered where he would be sent after passing through this damned spatial tunnel. Will he go to where the gods live as Old Yuan said?

At first, the tunnel was a dark place so that Qin Tian could not see anything. He could only feel his surroundings. However, after a while he passed the spatial tunnel, the tunnel began to emit a different color. Different types of colors can be found on each side of the tunnel. Qin Tian even saw many colors that he did not recognize. These colors never existed on earth. He never saw it. Or it might just not yet be found.

Qin Tian's body continued to move with unimaginable speed inside a spatial tunnel. The further he entered, the more various colors he saw.

And after a few more moments, the scenery he saw changed again. However, what he saw next was something even more amazing.

He saw a red planet with a size much larger than the planet Earth. The extent of reaching more than 5 million kilometers.

The planet is filled with vast expanses of desert. Hills from small to large whose height reaches the clouds can be found on the planet. And what's even more amazing is: Qin Tian saw living creatures that were no different from humans roaming the red planet. Those humans look very strong. Their bodies are large and filled with muscles. If on earth, only wrestlers have a body like that. But even though their bodies were similar to wrestlers, the power they displayed was far stronger than wrestlers on earth. Qin Tian even saw a human who punched a stone tens of meters in size, and the stone was directly destroyed after being hit by his fist.

"What? There really is another world!" Qin Tian was secretly shocked in his heart. He could not help but be surprised after he saw another world.

Qin Tian never imagined there was another world with life. And it lies before his own eyes. Although the people of earth know that there are many planets in space, but no one knows that there is life there. Now he can see another life. This made him feel amazed. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

He focused his gaze to look at every part of the planet. He wondered if there were gods on this planet. Old Yuan said, gods have the power to destroy heaven and earth. Qin Tian felt Old Yuan was only exaggerating his words. After all, even planets like Earth are already so vast, how could anyone possibly destroy them. Therefore, he hopes to see the gods on this planet to see how much power the gods have. Unfortunately, the speed of movement in the spatial tunnel is too fast. Only a few moments passed, he had passed the red planet. He continued to move in the spatial tunnel to a more distant place.

After he passed a planet, the scenery in the spatial tunnel returned to darkness as before. And after a while moving in the spatial tunnel, various colors as before appeared again in his view. Even though the scenery looked the same, but Qin Tian knew, he was currently in a different place. He guessed, after passing through that colored place, he might arrive in a different world again. He wondered what the world was like.

And sure enough, in just a few moments, he saw another planet appearing in his view. However, unlike the previous red planet which has a size much larger than the earth, this new planet has approximately the same size as the planet Earth. This planet also has life. But life on this planet is no different from planet Earth. Humans on this planet are as weak as those on planet Earth. And that's even worse than on planet Earth because the civilization on this planet is very outdated. That might be the equivalent of the earth three thousand years ago. They are just barbarians. Qin Tian does not believe there is a god on this planet.

However, even though this planet looks very outdated when compared to planet Earth, Qin Tian still looks at this planet with great interest. After all, this is another world. Who is not interested in seeing another world.

Unfortunately, because the size of the planet is too small. Qin Tian had passed him in just a few moments, and continued his journey in the spatial tunnel.

Quickly, he arrived in another world. And the next world that Qin Tian saw this time truly amazed him. The size of the planet this time is only one third of the previous red planet. But that is still far bigger than planet Earth. As for what fascinated Qin Tian was the progress of civilization on this planet. Because it only passes in spatial tunnels, Qin Tian is not clear how advanced the planet's civilization is. However, seeing from tall buildings that look very modern, and various kinds of vehicles flying in the sky, Qin Tian knows, the civilization on this planet is exactly the same as the civilizations in the sci-fi genre films. And people on this planet also have powers like those on the previous red planet.

The further Qin Tian entered the spatial tunnel, the faster his flight. In just a few moments, he had passed the world of sci-fi, and proceeded to another world.

He passed from one world to another. Since entering the black hole, and traveling in spatial tunnels, Qin Tian has seen nearly 100 worlds with different civilizations. However, the world he has met so far is not too different from the red planet and the sci-fi planet. Most planets are the same size as the red planet and the sci-fi planet. And humans there have powers similar to those on the red planet and the sci-fi planet.

Qin Tian continued to fly in spatial tunnels, and passed through many worlds. After some time, Qin Tian suddenly saw a white tunnel in front of him. He then flew into the white tunnel.


When entering the white tunnel, Qin Tian had a feeling that he had entered another tunnel. However, after passing through the white tunnel, the thing that happened was still the same as before. The tunnel went dark again and then turned colorful.

It's just that, since he entered the white tunnel, the feeling he felt was completely different. He felt as if he were in a dimension that was completely different from the earth.

Previously, even though he passed through many worlds, the feeling he felt was still the same as the feeling when he was on earth. But now it's really different. He felt as if he was in a higher place.

After a while, he finally arrived at the end of a colorful tunnel. Qin Tian knew, he would soon arrive to a new world again.


He continued to fly in the colorful spatial tunnel until he finally saw a new world.

However, when Qin Tian saw the new world, he directly widened his eyes. His mouth is also wide open so that an egg can enter.

The world in front of him was completely different from the world he had seen. All that the world he saw was a round world called a planet. However, the world he saw now was not a planet, but a continent. Right. That is a continent. The continent was floating in space as if a ship sailed in a vast ocean.

And what's even more amazing is that the continent has an endless size. If the red planet was previously made flat, it might only be about five percent of the continent. It was so vast that Qin Tian could not see its end even though he was far above the continent.

Because he was far above the continent, and his flight speed was too fast, Qin Tian could not see life on that continent. But he felt enormous pressure from the continent.

"Is there a god there?" Qin Tian could not help but ask.

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