Journey To The Supreme God Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The origin of Qin Tian's Special talent

The words of the dragon queen really shocked Qin Tian and Aluc.

Who is Qin Tian's father?

He is one of the most powerful experts in the entire universe.

His strength, no doubt, was so great that he could easily destroy an entire large planet with just his finger.

The broken sword had actually been used by his father.

Even though the sword has been broken, no doubt, it is one of the most valuable treasures in the entire universe.

After all, every part of the sword itself is made of the most valuable and rarest materials in the entire universe.

Every drop of material will make a god become very rich. It is far more valuable than the big planet itself.

If such treasures fell in the midst of the hordes of gods, they certainly would not hesitate to slaughter each other just to fight over the sword.

Even for a god at the level of a dragon queen, it was still a very valuable treasure.

They can refine material from the treasure and reprocess it into weapons.

The dragon queen actually gave a treasure like that to Qin Tian.

Even though it was once owned by Qin Tian's father, but because it is in the hands of the dragon queen now. Naturally it will be her own.

Before Qin Tian and Aluc were released from their shock, the dragon queen resumed her words.

"In the past, your father used this sword to defeat many gods until he reached the peak. He continuously perfected this sword to become one of the strongest weapons in the entire universe." When she said that, the dragon queen's eyes couldn't help but shine brightly as she recalled the moment how the sword split through the stars.

"But unfortunately, during that battle, even this sword cannot escape destruction." When she said that, the dragon queen's eyes became wistful. She seemed to lament at the damage of the sword.

"Luckily at that time, right before your father disappeared, he sent this sword to the Dragon Emperor." The dragon queen continued, explaining how the sword reached her hand.

"Therefore, this sword will now be given to you. Even though it has been damaged, its power is still very large. And even though you cannot use it for now, in this sword, there are many records of your father's sword techniques. You can learn these techniques to strengthen yourself."

Saying that, the dragon queen handed the sword to Qin Tian while saying. "Drop your blood into the sword to tie it up."

Qin Tian then received the sword from the dragon queen.

Even though the sword was once owned by his father, Qin Tian still felt an enormous shock when he saw the treasure that could make a god shed their blood, had fallen into his hands.

"Although talent is considered important in cultivation, however, opportunities are far more important. Obtaining weapons that were once possessed by supreme experts is certainly one of the greatest fortune in the entire universe. Your cultivation will be much easier by learning the techniques stored in the sword." The dragon queen spoke again, explaining to Qin Tian how extraordinary the opportunity he had by holding the sword.

Qin Tian was still filled with shock when he held one of the most valuable treasures in the universe. When he heard the dragon queen talk about talent, he immediately recalled his body, which was able to absorb natural spiritual energy very easily.

Qin Tian immediately summoned the dragon queen. "Aunt Herine."

"Uhmm." The dragon queen responded to Qin Tian after hearing him call out to her.

"Like this, auntie." Qin Tian then told the strangeness that happened to his body to the dragon queen.

Although there was no record of such special talents in the information provided by the dragon clan, Qin Tian was sure that the dragon queen knew something.

Hearing Qin Tian's words, Aluc could not help but feel surprised.

The special talent that Qin Tian has is truly extraordinary. Even he, as a genius of the golden dragon clan which was a divine beast did not have such a thing. In fact, he had never even heard of anything like that. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Those who are geniuses usually only find it easier to improve their cultivation because their body structure is more suitable and their understanding is better. In terms of absorbing natural spiritual energy, they are the same as those who are not talented.

As for the dragon queen, she seemed to ponder a few moments before speaking. "Well, actually, I've never heard of such talent myself."


When they heard the words of the dragon queen, Qin Tian and Aluc were immediately shocked.

Even the dragon queen never heard of such a thing.

No wonder there are no records explaining such things in the information of the golden dragon clan.

Aluc initially thought such a thing still existed in the world of gods or other upper realms. After all, the universe is too broad. There are so many oddities. However, now he heard that even his mother had never heard of such a thing.

If his mother had never heard of such a thing, then that meant that there really wasn't any special talent like Qin Tian in the entire universe. After all, if such talent existed, there was no way the queen of the dragons had never heard of it.

When Qin Tian and Aluc were shocked, the dragon queen continued her words. "Um, I think it has something to do with your father who has peak cultivation in the universe." The dragon queen is guessing.

Hearing the dragon queen's guess, Qin Tian thought maybe it was because of that. After all, his father was at the peak of cultivation throughout the universe. And his mother is also very strong. It will not be surprising if their child has an unusual special talent.

"Ehmmm, what about other expert children who are equal to my father." Qin Tian then asked.

If it's because of his father, the children of other experts must also have the same thing, right. But the dragon queen said that she had never heard of it. What does this mean? Qin Tian quietly thought.

Before the queen of the dragons answered, Aluc who was beside him spoke first. "That's because there were no experts at your father's level who had children when they were cultivating at that stage." Aluc explained.

"Actually, the stronger a god is, the harder it is for them to have children." The dragon queen added.

"Oh?" Hearing that, Qin Tian finally understood why.

Usually, after someone enters the cultivation stage of a god, they will find it difficult to have their children.

Generally, the gods can only have two children at least. And that is for the new god. The stronger they are, the more difficult it becomes.

Only those who have never had children are likely to have children when they have become strong gods.

Of course, it was not because of the body of the god that was in trouble. The problem actually lies in their souls.

As for what the problem was, no one knew about it. People only know that the soul of a god is not easy to give birth to a new soul like the soul of an ordinary person.

"But Qin's nephew, even though you have a better body, but you shouldn't feel great first. After all, even though there are no talents like yourself, the others can still cultivate easily using spiritual stones." The dragon queen again said to remind Qin Tian.

She was worried that Qin Tian would become arrogant just because of the special talent he had.

In the world of gods, there are many geniuses who fell because of their own arrogance. The dragon queen certainly does not want her own best friend's son to suffer the same fate as them.

"Qin Tian will definitely remember auntie's words." Qin Tian immediately replied politely.

Qin Tian was not worried he would be like that. After all, he came from earth.

Although some people may have arrogance. It just feels a little superior to the others. It was not like the arrogance of geniuses in the world of gods who thought they were everything.

The perspective of people on earth is completely different from people in the world of gods. There are no such things as cultivation. Even if some people have advantages over others, how superior is that?

"Ehm." The dragon queen smiled satisfied with Qin Tian's answer.

With the experience of a very rich dragon queen, she could tell that Qin Tian answered sincerely. He really won't become arrogant just because of his talent and background.

She could not help but glance at her son and say. "Aluc, you must learn from your brother."

Even though Aluc isn't arrogant, the dragon queen can know that he has his own pride. The dragon queen wants her son to think realistically, and not get caught up in his own pride.

"I understand, mom." Aluc replies politely.

Even if the words of the dragon queen did not all enter his ears, he would still be polite when he talked with his mother. He did not have the slightest courage to refute his mother's words.

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