Journey To The Supreme God Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Three Years of Training

Qin Tian fought against giant snake monsters.

In the beginning, because their cultivation realm was equal to each other, Qin Tian thought that the battle between himself and the monsters would be equally suitable.

However, beyond his expectations, after a few moments of fighting, he actually immediately fell into a disadvantageous position.

And as time went by, he was increasingly cornered by snake monsters.

But Qin Tian did not give up.

He finally realized the lack of experience he had in battle. He wanted to use the snake monster to practice his fighting abilities.

Even though he was constantly in a cornered position, Qin Tian was still able to continue to defend against the barrage of snake monster attacks. Occasionally, he also managed to injure the body of a snake monster with his sword.

Only after two days of fighting and he felt very tired, he chose to run away.

If he wants to escape, the snake monster will not be able to chase him. Moreover, he has a small body when compared to snake monsters whose length reaches 500 meters. He has more advantages in passing through the forest terrain which is full of bends and obstacles.


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Without Qin Tian himself realizing it, three years have passed since he first entered the wilderness to practice.

In three years of training, Qin Tian's ability to fight became more and more improved.

In the vast wilderness, Qin Tian found many types of monsters such as pig monsters, monkey monsters, lizard monsters, and various other types of monsters that most were not even recognized by Qin Tian.

Fighting with various types of monsters also makes Qin Tian's fighting abilities vary.

When dealing with different monsters, he needs to fight in different ways too.

In the past three years, Qin Tian's cultivation also increased rapidly to the peak of the second stage of the divine warrior, and he also succeeded in mastering the Dragon Wing technique, allowing him to fly through the air.

Even though Qin Tian does not have a spiritual stone to cultivate. But, while in the vast wilderness, he still got some valuable plants that could help improve his cultivation.

Qin Tian still does not know where he is now. However, in the wilderness, he had met other humans several times and they were involved in battle when they found valuable treasure.

For most of the time, Qin Tian only fought until he defeated them. However, there were moments when the enemy was truly evil and made Qin Tian had no choice but to kill.

In the end, even for a kid like Qin Tian. When placed in such a cruel world, he still changes as time passes.


Somewhere in the depths of the wilderness.

This place used to be filled with trees whose height reached ten kilometers.

However, at this time, trees in the area of tens of kilometers in that place had fallen, making the place an open area.

Some trees look neatly cut on the trunk as if it has been slashed by a sword. There was also a tree that was crushed in its trunk as if it was hit by a very powerful blow. And some trees even look uprooted along with the roots as if they were forcibly pulled from the ground.

Located right in the middle of the ruins of a tree, there is a huge pig monster. The size of the pig reaches 300 meters only from its body length.

The pig monster is currently lying there with blood flowing from many parts of its body. Clearly the pig is dead.

However, that is not what attracts the most attention there.

Right in the middle of the pig monster's head, there was actually a boy who looked to be in his late 12s.

He naturally was Qin Tian.

Even though three years have passed. However, Qin Tian who had broken through to stage two divine warriors had 300 years of additional age at least.

With that age, Qin Tian's physique naturally did not undergo much change even though three years had passed.

To be an adult, he may need decades of time. Naturally, if his cultivation continued to increase in a short time, his physical growth would become even slower.

Only when he becomes a saint, he can change his physical form to become an adult.

At the moment Qin Tian is sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed on a pig's head without clothes and leaving only his trousers that have been torn everywhere.

On his side, there was a sword that looked badly damaged. It was the sword he found when he first entered the forest.

Because his father used the sword, Qin Tian also thought of using the sword as his weapon. However, when he fought with many monsters, it turned out that his fighting style was very direct and straightforward. This caused the sword to be damaged after several battles.

One must know that it is a weapon made of very strong material. Normally, as long as it was only used in the battle of the early stages of divine warriors, it would never be damaged.

But due to Qin Tian's fighting style, the sword was broken after only three years.

Because of that event Qin Tian finally realized, with his fighting style, he was not suitable to use a sword.

Qin Tian thinks, with his fighting style like that, he is more suitable if he uses a saber that only has one eye and the other part is made thick which will add to the attack power.

But that was something he would think of in the future after he came out of this wilderness.

Currently, Qin Tian is at the most critical point in his cultivation.

After two years of cultivation, he had already reached the peak of the second stage of the divine warrior. Now, he wanted to try to make a breakthrough to the third stage of the divine warrior.

After reaching the third stage of the divine warrior, he can leave this forest.

His eyes were closed while his entire mind was focused into cultivation.

In the current Qin Tian soul space, his soul which was once very small, has now taken up two thirds of the space.

If he breaks through to the third stage, his soul will begin to enter the third part of space.

After it is full, he can then start trying to make his soul sensi come out of his soul space and break through to the fourth stage of the divine warrior.

Time passed while Qin Tian's eyes remained tightly closed.

Day and night. Hot and rainy. With Qin Tian's current strength, it would not be able to affect his body.

Even if he basked in the desert all the time, it still wouldn't change even the color of his skin.

Brek ...

After a month had passed, suddenly a sound similar to the sound of paper tearing was heard from Qin Tian's body.

It happened in a short time.



Whooss ... Whooss ... Whooss ...

From Qin Tian's body as its center, a very powerful shock wave blew around him.

The shock wave was so strong that the air in the 30 kilometer area around Qin Tian looked as if it was vibrating.

Fortunately, the area there had been bald before. If not, the shock wave might make the trees uprooted directly from the roots.


Immediately afterwards, Qin Tian's eyes that had been tightly closed had finally opened.

Qin Tian's eyes glowed as if it was a blade.

Eyes that used to look naive, now turn to be much sharper.

Besides his increased age, and his experience of fighting with many monsters up to even kill humans, made Qin Tian's mind mature more quickly.

Although his appearance was still the same as before, but his temperament had clearly undergone several changes.

"Finally. I have reached the third stage of the divine warrior." Qin Tian said while feeling the great strength that was in his body.

"Congratulations, Qin's nephew for completing training. You can leave now." Before Qin Tian could feel his entire body, the sound of the dragon queen suddenly rang in his mind.

At the same time, a golden light appeared again enveloping his body.

He then disappeared from his place and leaving only the dead pig monster.

Even though it's been dead for a long time, there are no signs of decay from the body of the pig.

It takes a long time for the body of the divine warrior to rot.

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