Kai Ken The Legacy Begins Now Chapter 10

10 Chapter 10: Upcoming Crisis

Kai Kenthe Legacy Begins now


Chapter 10: Upcoming Crisis

The King did what he promised and this made the 3 sisters full of joy, as now there is a chance that Kai Ken may have a talk with them

Though many people and even kings of other kingdom asked many questions and to answer all those questions, the king said "According to our sources, and all investigation, we found out that he is innocent and only killed those who have committed crimes"

In his talk, he also called Kai Ken as Justice Bringer

And after hearing all those answers, many people started worshipping their king as he uncovered the truth. Many people respected him more now

Though many people still fear to take his name out, still all people now see Kai Ken in a new light


But among all those people, there were 2 people, who were angry,

Kai Ken and Natsumi

The reason why Natsumi trembled in fear was because the king was one of the people from her past.


Natsumi said to her master "The face is different but the voice, its same. I can never forget those peoples voice"

Kai understood why as the king won't show his face when he is doing something evil. He is the king, surely everyone knows him, so he can't show his face openly and remain behind a mask to do the evil works

She also said "But there is no need to worry as it was all in the past and now I am happy to be with my master, and now we can roam freely. Aren't you a happy master?"

Her voice was little shaking but still, it was calm.

Kai ken noticed her pain, and he gave her a hug and keeping her in his embrace he said "Natsumi, let's burn this kingdom to ashes. You killed those people who harmed me in the past, so now; allow me to burn this kingdom to ashes. Especially that king"

Natsumi didn't say anything for a while as she knew, her master has made up his mind and he is angry right now

After a while, she said "There is no need to do it, master, it will only bring more pain to you as you will get further away from your sister. And I don't want you to be sad"

She was still in his embrace,

Kai ken looked down at her and then raised her face. Then gave her a kiss

*a long one*

After the kiss, he said "They are no longer are my sisters. There cause or reasons were valid, but the way they approach it was not good. I will take care of the king, you don't have to worry about anything"

With this, the talk ended

Also, the night was quite hot so some voices roamed around the mansion

Next day-

"What the?"

Yoshida woke up from her sleep and was about to take her bath when she saw something outside the window.

She walked out to her balcony and then saw the whole scene





The whole city was covered with crows, no mater where you see

Streets, sky, roofs, everything was covered by them

But it was not just crows that were around. The crows also carried letters, and they dropped it everywhere

One letter was also dropped near Yoshida,

She picked it up and read what was written on it

"7 days, thats the time I gave you Ide Shinji"

It was short but everything was cleared in this short sentence

"Maids, bring my clothes" Yoshida shouted to her servants

And after changing back to her military uniform, she left for the palace, visiting the king

Also, the crows have now left the city

At palace-

3 sisters are once again together, at the hall.

The king was sitting in his throne and was thinking something

"See, this is the reason why I was against the idea of making him free from charges. We did so much for him and this is what we get?"

An official said in a loud voice on 3 sisters

Yoshida looked at than man and said in an angry tone "Have you forgotten who we are?"


The official knew what she meant so he lowered his head

But in the next second King spoke "He is saying right, I have to go through so much to remove charges on him, and then also had a talk with kings of other kingdom and then this is what I get"

At this Yoneda spoke "Big brother always has a reason. He would never kill people for fun, there must be misunderstanding or-"

Yoneda didn't speak any further but her words were clear.

This made all officials go red and even the king shouted "What do you mean to say?"

3 sisters didn't say anything

After a second or so, Ide Kotone, princess, spoke "Shinju san, my father is a great king so please don't speak unnecessary stuff. There is no doubt that it is a misunderstanding, so let's try to talk with your big brother and solve this matter peacefully"

Yoneda didn't say anything; she remained silent and looked at her 2 sisters

After a few seconds of silence, the king asked: "tell me one thing, who are you to this kingdom?"

The reason for this question was because the king wanted to know if the 3 sisters are still loyal to the kingdom or not

Yoshida speaks first "General of granil Kingdom"

Following her, 2 sisters also spoke "Principal of Ranhora Magic Academy" "Knight of Ide Kotone, the princess of Granil Kingdom"

"Thats it then, if your brother wants war, he will get war"

The king said in his firm and imposing voice

Thus all people left the hall and now the only person left behind was the king, in his throne.

"Now this will be good, hahahahaha"

. . .

Kai Ken's words have now spread throughout the continent and everyone is looking at the name Kai ken, with anger.

The preparations for war has begun now

During the first 2 days nothing happened but on the 3rd day, the whole kingdom, literally the boundary of the whole kingdom was covered in black mist.

Many magicians tried to dispel it away, but nothing happened

And on the 4th day, the black mist started entered the city and then in the 5th day, all cities were covered in mist, except the capital city.

The black mist didn't have anything in it so people didn't mind it much at first but when the mist started taking over the whole city, people started getting scared.

People moved less and less outside their home. Shops were closed and an emergency was declared.

And on the 6th day, the capital city was also covered in black mist

But on the 7th day, the whole kingdom was now covered in darkness.

The sky was filled with dark clouds, and winds blew wildly. As for the kingdom down below, the cities were covered in black mist.

Standing at the border of the kingdom, Yoshida looked at the dark sky.

Behind her was Miyazaki.

"Is this necessary?" Yoshida asked herself in a sad voice

Miyazaki heard her words and with a sad smile she said "When big brother shows up, let's try to talk with him"

Yoshida didn't say anything and stayed quiet for a long time. Then she asked, "were you successful dispelling the mist?"

"No, we all are trapped" Miyazaki replied in a low voice

. . .

The mist may have looked harmless but when people tried to leave the kingdom, as the war or big battle was gonna come, but no one was able to leave.

The mist blocked all escape routes and magic, as well as any other skill, was useless.

They all were trapped and the only way to get out of it was to fight against that one man, who has announced the war

8th day, the time of war has come

The mist, slowly-slowly removed from borders but still remained in cities

Around 50,000 soldiers stood in front of the border and more than 1000 magicians stood in the border wall.

All these people were trained by Yoshida and Miyazaki, thus they all were best among the best

As for Yoneda, she stood with the princess as she is her knight.

The sky was still filled with darkness and no light was there. It was as if the night is still going on

. . .

After talking with Yoshida, about the army and war strategies, he was walking back to his camp but the moment he entered he saw someone sitting on his chair

And not just that, that man also had someone sitting on his legs while being hugged by him from behind


. . .

At the palace-

"Kotone- sama" Yoneda was looking around here and there, shouting as loud as possible, searching for her princess

The princess only said, she will go and pick some flowers (meaning, she wanted to go washroom) but she never returned


Yoneda was really frustrated right now.

And after trying to find her everywhere, still couldn't find her, she ran towards the battlefield, hoping she may have gone there

. . .

*Eagle Sound*

*Eagle Sound*

*Eagle Sound*

*Eagle Sound*

An eagle's sound could be heard through the battlefield

Hearing the sound, all soldiers look up in the sky and saw a full black eagle

"She is here" Yoshida said as she took out her sword, and following her, all soldiers and magicians also got ready to attack

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