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  • Kalars Continent

  • Genres : Weak to Strong -  Magic -  hidden gem -  western fantasy -  worth your time
  • Status : Ongoing
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Kalars Continent summary:

"The road of Magic is rocky and steep, but I will rise to the top, you will see!""The nature of magic is shapeless and colorless, impervious to the n.a.k.e.d eye, but with the right gift, it can be tamed.""The demons will taste my wrath, eventually!"***Meet Teo, a young boy with a gift for Arcane Magic and follow him in his quest for wisdom, power, and the lost secrets of an ancient era.With a rare magical bloodline and an ancient Golem by his side, he is quickly recognized for his talent and forges ahead a path for himself through wit, relentlessness, and a good portion of luck.From a nobody, born in a remote village, to a talented Apprentice. From useless assistant to respected Enchanter. From boy to man. From mortal to Magician. This is his story.***"What? You call that defense? Let me blast that apart for you!""You dare to lay your dirty hands on my friends? Let me teach you a lesson that you won't forget!"***The nature of magic will show its true colors soon enough, the secrets of the world laid bare, but will he be satisfied with the answers to his questions?Note:Greetings from the author! The release schedule will be 3ch/week until further notice. Feedback, fanart, comments, and reviews are heavily appreciated!

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Kalars Continent Chapters

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