Kaminoniki Chapter 48

57 Chapter 48 Malignan

"How will that help to take the town people down? So, what do I do if they see me as a 'beautiful' thing and want to have me for their pleasure?" Medusa confused.

"Oh, Medusa... My sweet little girl! If you want to survive in this cold, wild, curl world; you need to be smarter, much smarter than you are right now. With a brain like yours, you will be killed or get eaten by those savage out there." The boy shows signs of disappointment and unpleasant as disapproval of what Medusa asks.

"..." Medusa looks upset because she knows that she had failed her 'sensei' again. She then takes a deep breath and accepted the fact she is not a bright nor a clever girl.
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She then said, "I'm sorry." However, this will be the last and final time she will ever speak of those words again; at least not to her 'sensei' that has given her a second life after all the horrible years of life.

"Oh, young lady. Apologies will not be a choice for you to live in this crucial world."

Just when Medusa is about to feel bad about herself again, the boy then puts up his big, not so warm looking smile on his face and said to Medusa gently,

"But I will be here to fight against all odds in this world with you ~" Then he leans forward onto Medusa and kisses her on her forehead and then softly pets her head.

"..." Medusa blushes as her tiny and dirty hand clutches together nervously while looking down at her own feet. She is too shy to express her feeling with the boy that stands the identity of her teacher, the male model she fears and her second father.

"Ok, enough chit-chat; we've wasted a lot of time in the woods. I can't wait to show all the wonderful things you will see outside this damn town!" the boy leans back in the midair and attempt to seduce her with the fantasy of how great her second will be furthermore.

With no reply from Medusa, the two people start to plan out their tactics.

All of a sudden, the boy asks, "Aren't you cold?"

"What...?" Medusa has no clue why all of a sudden the boy would ask her a question that has nothing to do with their current situation.

"A little...?" but she couldn't resist the urge to obey the boy's any needs.

"Ah...~ I'm sorry! My little princess! I'm so caught up with the idea of getting you out this horrible town, I forgot to consider you! The one thing I care the most" The boy sincerely said to Medusa.

" >.< .... I'm... It's... It's fine... I'm not that cold..." Medusa is in shock that the boy that has always been so serious would suddenly say such nice and heartwarming things to her.

"No! Medusa... You are the reason we are getting out of this town...! Of course, I will satisfy all of your needs! " The boy smiles at Medusa; then without Medusa's reply, he disappears in thin air.

Upon Medusa realizing the disappearing of the boy, it is too late to refuse. Not that she would've in the first place. The place the boy stands in her heart was now too high to disobey.

Not too long after the boy disappeared. He returns. With a strange yet charming smile in his face.

Gently stares at Medusa and asks, "Do you know what all beautiful women have in common?"

Medusa has never left the town, of course, she has no idea what do beautiful women have in common; not to mention that Medusa has never considered herself as a beautiful woman.

With confusion and a little upset tone, replies, "I... I don't know..."

As soon as she said that, Medusa's head subconsciously tiles downward only to stare at her own feet again to avoid eye contact with the boy because she knows that with all the negative answers she has been given to the boy all day must've upset him.

The boy smiles mysteriously then place his index finger against Medusa's chin and lifts her head. With a dominant yet seductive voice, he said, "It's true that I have seen a lot of beautiful, sexy women in my life; and yes you are not as beautiful, as sexy as all of those women. You are naive, slow, and childish compares to them..."

Just as Medusa is about to tear up because of the boy's vicious comment about her.

The same tone of voice continues, "But... You are the purest soul I have ever met. You have what all of those women don't have. Indeed, you are naive, but only because you are an innocent young girl that everyone abandons. You are childish because you are a child and have the right to enjoy your life as a little girl, you need a childhood to complete your soul. It is okay to be "not pretty"! It is okay to be "not sexy"! Be who are you, have confidence in yourself, be pure, love yourself...and most importantly...love me!" The boy then kisses Medusa's dry yet soft lips.

Medusa is in shock that the boy would pour all the sweet compliments like honey all over her broken heart. These honey-like compliments glue her once shatter in pieces heart together once again.

"I will love you no matter what! I will obey you no matter what! Even if you ask to die for you, I will! You are my lover, you are my sensei, you are my master...!" Medusa promises quietly in her mind, while openly, this time, shamelessly kiss against the boy's lips.

"Yes...you will...!" It is like the boy can read Medusa's mind and thinks to himself.

A few moments after their kiss. The boy said, "Guess what I bought you."

"Uhmmm...food?" Medusa answers this time she didn't look down at her feet like all the other times.

"No silly... How can I find food in the middle of nowhere?" The boy jokingly replies.

"... Uhmmm...?" Medusa looks at the boy with confusion, "I have no clue..."

The boy smiles and hands over medusa fur material cloth...

It is beautiful and astonishing; it is nothing like what she had seen in her life.

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