Kanna no Kanna Chapter 83 84

Kanna no Kanna Chapter 83-84


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Doing part time development of a new technique in jail (lets be serious about studying physics)


Although hes a member of the citys hoodlum, Tamar is going to be released after just two days in jail since he had no particularly prominent criminal record and his arrest was probably done to stop the scuffle between his gang members.

Well then, Kanna aniki. Sorry but Im leaving first. Ill return triple the money I got right awayNo, Ill pay you back ten times!

Triple is enough. Ill wait patiently, so dont rush.

Kuuuu! Anikis willingness to care for such a b.a.s.t.a.r.d{me} makes me admire you even more!

Tamars character was supposed to be scary.

Theres no longer a fragment of the intimidation he exuded when he grabbed my clothes. How did this happen? I think I mightve reset his character. Be that as it may, hes getting out of prison early so isnt this just right?

Oi Tamar. If youre going outside, can I ask you to do something?

If its for aniki, Ill do anything! Whether its stopping a gunshot or doing a suicide attack!

Dont do that. Both will kill ya. Why is his favorability strangely high?

Leave aside the jokes. When you go to the adventurers guild, tell a receptionist called Cindy-san that Im being held in jail. Oh and take this with you.

I hand over a guild card to Tamar.

Th-This is anikis guild card, right? Isnt it important?

I got my own circ.u.mstances. For special reasons, I have two identical guild cards. That is one of them.

I dont have any mana so I cant register my magic wave, which acts as a subst.i.tute for fingerprints in this world. Hence, the two cards specially issued for me by basan. The magic wave in this card is registered under my name, so Tamar holding on to it should be enough for him to be recognized as my messenger.

hee As expected of aniki.

Heck if I know where did that [expected] comes from but its best to let it pa.s.s.

I left the card to Tamars care when I saw him off. And now, Im left with a lot of time to spare.

Taking the opportunity for being alone, I decided to try out the new Spirit Art technique based on the idea given by Faima.

As a recap, there were a lot of issues to be addressed before the [cold wave] I was working on could be controlled during a battle.

It takes time to acc.u.mulate the cold air and high concentration is required to maintain it. If I relax even for a little bit, the acc.u.mulated air will diffuse, rendering it useless.

As it is currently, the only use it can serve is to make an opponent exclaim [its cold]. That could be useful in its own way but what I want now is a new offensive ability.

Then, Faima took a look at Reactive Ice Field. Specifically, the ice crystal carrying that effect.

Cant you manifest the ice crystals with this effect?

Thats right. Although this ice crystal was developed for Reactive Ice Field, theres no reason not to use it other than the intended framework, namely [defense].

The essentials doesnt differ much from when Im making the ice barrier.

In contrast to the time needed when Faima took to teach me, I completed the first prototype quite easily. The resulting ice crystal is larger than the one for ice barrier and the inside is hollow.

Going by size alone, it wont blend in with the one for barrier. Shall I take the opportunity to differentiate the shape as well?

From now on, ice crystals for the barrier will take the form of 3D rhombus. The new ice crystal will take on the form of a sphere.

With this arrangement, I would be able to determine whats what by hand and take out only what I want from my chest pocket.

To test the prototype, I throw it at the prison wall. The ice crystal shatters while making a sound similar to a gla.s.s breaking. In the next instant, cold wave of [ultra low temperature] stored inside the crystal sweeps through the area.

Water vapors floating in the jail freezes instantly, creating a glittering and fantastical sight.

macalania woods?

Cold wave by itself diffuses easily because all the coldness in the area are concentrated in it. In that case, I only need to prepare a [vessel] to store the cold air and fill it in advance. Having a few of these will save me the extra focus I need during a battle.

I wonder if [ice bomb] would do. Feels like its too simple though.

Simple is best. Or is it?

From there, I ma.s.s produce the crystals for ice bomb and continue the experiment in a way that would conceal it from the patrol guards stationed above. Suppose that they patrol down here, I can always ask the spirits to diffuse the cold wave, making the temperature return to a slightly chilly degree.

As the experiment progresses, a question comes to mind.

What would happen if I lower the temperature to the limit?.

Driven by curiosity, I further lower the temperature of the cold wave packed inside an ice bomb. Thereupon, a mysterious [liquid] emerged inside the cavity of the crystal.

Normally itd freeze, right?

The mysterious phenomenon had me inclining my head.

Setting aside my question, the inside of the crystal is filled with [extremely low temperature], a state further beyond [ultra low temperature]. At such an extreme temperature, my mental capacity{source} is severely strained, making it impossible to create a new ice bomb or to maintain this [cryogenic] ice bomb for a long time.

If I lose focus, it will explode. Miniaturization is also difficult. Its a size larger than normal bombs.

But since Ive created it, itd be a waste to revoke it without any test. Besides, even if Im hit by an intense blizzard, it would just be like a gentle breeze to me thanks to the [Principle of Frost].

Immediately after that, I utterly regret my earlier [waste-not train of thought] and [nave perspective].

The explosion of the cryogenic ice bomb consumed nearly half of the Reactive Ice Field I deployed on my body.

Its been about five days since Tamar was released.

I suspended the production of ice bomb since then and while Im working hard on creating new crystals for the ice barrier which is my lifeline, I can hear a commotion going on upstairs.

It seems that my plan has succeeded.

After a while, a nervous patrol guard walks down the stairs.

Youre being released. Get out.


While giving a listless reply, I walk out of the prison door. The patrol guard looks at me like Im someone strange.

hn? Is there anything on my face?

Ah no. Nothing in particular

I can guess what hes thinking so I didnt pursue the matter.

After going up the stairs, we head to the waiting room of the garrison. In there lies the figure of the person I was expecting along with a few other patrol guards.

What in the world did you do?

An unfortunate clash of misunderstanding?

With a laughter, I reply back to the exasperated words of the knight clad in full body armor, covering everything including her face -Regulus-.

I asked Tamar to pa.s.s a verbal message to Lydeal basan through Cindy-san. From there, through the teacher and student connection they have, I intended for the message to reach Real=Regulus.

Since the guild and Imperial Army are separate organizations, I cant directly ask basan for help but its a different story for Real. I thought that Real, who has a high fighting power inside the Imperial Army would be accommodating in one way or another because the patrol guards entrusted with the security of the city is a subordinate organization of said army.

The heroics of [Ryuuken] seems to be famous among patrol guards. Guards talking to Regulus (calling her that when in armor) are all jittery in their fan-girl mode. While I got a look of suspicion from them.

The moment Regulus sign the doc.u.ments and submit them to the patrols, Im cleared and acquitted.

It is a story often told that connection and influence should be used.


this is the last chapter featuring kanna in this arc

100% accuracy and grammatically correct not guaranteed. revisions, corrections and edits are periodically done. only on my site tho. corrections are welcome. text inside { } is kanji reading provided by author-san

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I did it


Although Im out of jail now, I wasnt really free from accusations. So for the time being, Im being held in the custody of Genryuu Knights.

Good grief. When I got the news from Lydeal-sama, it was really shocking you know. Here, your guild card.

Sorry bout all this. Ya saved me.

Along the road, I receive the guild card I had entrusted with Tamar and thank her for the help. I could see that the beauty behind the mask is sighing in response to my light tone.

For now, Ill have you come with me to the knights headquarter. Since I was in a great hurry to complete the procedures for keeping you in the custody of Genryuu Knight Order, I dont know much about the details. I just glanced through it lightly.

By the way, how much do you know?

You were detained on charges of [trying to kidnap a young lady from the n.o.bility of another country].

Seems to to me that she still doesnt know who the ojou-sama I was allegedly trying to kidnap. They are travelling incognito after all and Im sure they will hesitate to publicly reveal her name.

I should say this first. Without my intervention, you could have been [executed] in the worst case scenario.


It took me nearly a minute to process the bad ending smoothly flowing out of her mouth before I could finally digest it and offer an idiotic reply.

Thought you have a discerning eye on interpersonal subtleties, youre really lacking politically. But there was nothing you can do in that situation.

I was only taking an ojou-sama around for a little bit though?

It seems that person you took around was a little too high in status. Normally, you wouldve been imprisoned for a while or sentenced to forced labor.

Anymore details would have to wait till we arrive at the headquarter. So she says while picking up her pace. I smell something fishy from her gesture and from there I follow along without attempting to start any conversation.

The headquarter for the Genryuu Knight Order is a building beside the Imperial Palace. The scale of this place is incomparably larger than the garrison. If that place is the local police station then this is the central HQ.

Two knights are standing by at either side of the entrance and when they confirmed the appearance of Regulus, they go [Thank you for the hard work!] and salute her. She enters the building after saying [good work].

When I follow behind her, the two knights look at me as if theyre seeing a suspicious person. Well, Id also think itd be strange if their commander returns to the headquarter with a fishy youngster (lol) in tow. Setting aside their response, I continue to follow Regulus deeper into the headquarter.

Before long, we arrive in front of a double door more ornate than any other in the corridor and enter it. The furnishings are different but the layout is similar to the ones in Lydeal basans office. Apparently this is the office of the Genryuu Knight Orders commander.

Im going to change into a lighter clothes. You can sit down on that sofa while you wait for me.

Regulus heads to an adjoining room while tampering with the clasp on her armor. Seems like a changing room.

In that room, Regulus is unleashing the content under that armor.

Waitwaitwait. I cant do that.

An adolescent youth who is about to burn lecherously calms down through sheer willpower.

I cant deny the feeling of wanting to worship the enchanting double hill hidden under that armor. While that may be true, I couldnt possibly repay the enormous favor I owe to her ever since I came to this world with ingrat.i.tude.

With a heartbreaking resolution, I endure the thought of charging in while shes changing.

Only for her sake!!

This is too pathetic to cry over.

Thinking about pointless things made me dejected in a lot of ways.

After a while, the leader of the Genryuu Knights -Real-, having took off her armor and is now lightly dressed, returns to the room. She sits at the desk and picks up the doc.u.ments that was on it.

I kept you waiting. Sorry for the rush but I want you to tell me in detail on how you were detained. Ive already received a brief report about it but not directly from the parties involved.

As prompted, I explain to Real the details starting from my reunion with Faima up to the point where I got detained by imperial soldiers and chucked into a jail by them. Unlike the questioning I had when I was detained, this time I told her everything without concealing anything.

After listening to my story, Real put a hand on her forehead to endure a headache.

What in the world did you do?

I just heard the exact same line earlier.

No matter. It wouldnt be a problem to ignore that strangely gaudy man at this point. Rather, the blame can be placed on him the moment he tried to reach out for [the girl] without knowing her ident.i.ty. Your way of dealing with him was somewhat problematic but raising a fuss about it would bring more harm to him.

Reals conclusion isnt that much different from my expectations but I didnt overlooked the conviction contained within her voice.

Is that girl Faima so esteemed within the social rankings?

I never wouldve thought that Miss Faima was involved in this case until I heard your story. Even on the doc.u.ments, other than the [n.o.ble young lady from another country], no other information was disclosed.

Real moves her line of sight to the doc.u.ment at hand to reconfirm.

No matter how many times I read it, theres not a single mention of Miss Faimas name on this doc.u.ment. I dont know exactly which household she belongs to. However, since then, instructions have been handed down to welcome her and her party as a guest of state

A guest of statea term used when welcoming the highest level guest officially recognized by the country.

Is that the reason behind [execution] I heard on our way here?

Thats the worst possible outcome. You took a state guest around without permission. Taking into consideration of the worse case scenario, you couldve been heavily punished.

I wonder if my outlook was too nave? Or

Im compelled to say that Miss Faimas outlook was the nave one this time.

Considering its only a tea break of an ojou-samaisnt this out of proportion?

Although Faima is a bit reckless, she shouldnt be that shallow without putting any regard to discretion

In fact, when we parted a week ago, she said [just how did it come to this?]. In other words, she herself didnt know shes being treated as a state guest. From her reaction, its probably not a mistake.

When she had arrived here at Draknil, she shouldve been only a travelling n.o.ble instead of a state guest.

Real, when was the instruction to welcome that ojou-sama as a guest of state issued specifically?

It wason the exact day you took her around. The doc.u.ment carrying that instruction came to my hand the day after I received the news from Lydeal-sama that you were being detained though.

The timing was too precise to brush it off as a mere coincidence. Having said that, its not enough to draw a definitive conclusion.

I wont ask what came to your mind after hearing that but stop with the speculation. At least, for the moment.

She seems to have her own thoughts. Following Reals advice, I couldnt inquire anything more so I zip my mouth.

To change the topic, Real starts speaking in a lighter tone than before.

Fortunately, your ident.i.ty was guaranteed by Lydeal-sama. Although the guild and Imperial Army are separate organizations, she is deeply trusted by His Majesty the Emperor. As the commander of the Genryuu Knight Order, I (Regulus) too, testified that you are a person who can be trusted from the case at the mine. It wont be immediately, but the suspicions will clear away soon.

I was thinking of simply relying on my connection and influence through the guild but apparently, Im acquainted with a person whos more reliable than I thought.

However, I must apologize. Id like you to refrain from going outside Draknil for a while. If you try to leave before the charges are cleared, you may be suspected of fleeing. Please refrain from accepting any adventurers request.

No problem. Ive been saving money since I started being an adventurer. It wont be long until Ive saved enough to buy a cheap house.

If I have too much free time, I can always kill some time with miscellaneous type of requests, like the ones that I suggested to Tamar. After all, helping with their garden maintenance can sometimes net me a lunch or some snacks from the wives and grannies who commissioned those requests.

Come to think of it, the one you entrusted with your message, Tamar, was actually a thug.

Dont tell me he caused a problem with the guild?

No. He took the registration exam on the day he came to the guild and managed to clear it. Though he is still immature in terms of ability, the examiner praised him for his guts.

Thats a relief.

I was a little worried about Tamar at the junction before becoming an adventurer. Its great that he pa.s.sed the exam. The rest depends on his hard work from here on.

Hold on. I left Tamar with a message but I havent told you anything else. Why did Tamars topic came up?

When I ask her about it, Real had an indefinable expression between being exasperated and wanting to laugh.

I heard that he shouted [Im going to meet anikis expectation!] quite a lot during the exam. When the examiner asked out of curiosity who is this [aniki] he spoke of, he said that it was you who encouraged him to become an adventurer. I was listening to your situation when Lydeal-sama took the opportunity to tell me about it.


I didnt think it would be this embarra.s.sing to hear my name spoken by another person.

While Im covering my face with both hands due to shame, a knock can be heard from the door.

All right, come in.

Commander, excuse me.

After Real gave her permission, the person outside opens the door and steps into the room.

Ive met this guys before. Hes wearing the same armor as Real with his helmet removed and held under his hand. I guess it was Becht or something like that.

He narrows his eyes slightly when he sees me sitting on the sofa but walks to the desk without saying anything.

Instruction came from the higher echelons. This is the instruction.

umu Good work. You may leave.

um Commander.

hn? What is it? Do you have any other reports?

N-No. Its not a report but

While being hesitant to continue, Becht glances over at my direction. It must be strange seeing a white-haired youngster relaxing inside the commanders room.

Ah I shouldve told you about it as well. Our Genryuu Knight Order will be taking care of one person for a while.

No way!This one of all people!?

Whatcha mean by that, punk?

Well, from his standpoint, Im the one who caused him to receive the [training from h.e.l.l] directly from their commander. It was his own fault though.

Ive heard about it but are you intending to take responsibility of someone with a doubtful origin from who knows where within our knight order!?

Calling him a person with doubtful origin from who knows where is too much, dont you think? Hes a favorite of Lydeal-sama, the special advisor to our knight order.

Thousand Blade-sama!? This man!?

A special advisor is someone who doesnt issue instructions unless in times of trouble, right?

I have that kinda impression of it.

A favorite of that babsama huh

Strangely Im not too happy bout it.

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