Kanna no Kanna Chapter 85

Kanna no Kanna Chapter 85

faima pov

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It seems to be a serious part


This act happens in another place around the time when Kanna is being released by an acquainted Imperial Knight.

For what reason do you keep forbidding me from visiting him(Kanna)?

As I had repeatedly said, I beg your understanding on this matter. That man may be involved not only in an attempted kidnapping but also in other major crimes. I cannot let you meet him so easily.(cpt dic?)

If he did intend to do anything untoward, there was innumerable opportunities available to him on the way to this city. Moreover, regarding the matter this time, if he had any malicious intent, he would not have expressly brought me back to the inn. Suppose that he took me captive as it was, you would not have caught him as you did. Am I wrong?

My deepest apologies. We must also consider the worst that could happen. Taking into consideration of your standing, it could not be easily granted, the young lady of Count Albena, Falmarias Albendono.

After Kanna was dragged away by a group of imperial soldiers, Falmarias -Faim and her entourage was transferred from their lodging to the guest room in the Imperial Palace.

The official justification was; although her lodging is located in an upper cla.s.s district with good security, she was the target of an abduction. Even though the attempt was foiled, continuing to reside there could pose a problem in the future.

The Imperial Palace functions not only as a residence for the Imperial Family, but also as the accommodation for distinguished guests such as Faima as well as housing the headquarter for the knight order responsible for palace security and quarters for servants working in the palace.

The soldiers who took Kanna away are members of a knight order based in the Imperial Palace, the Steel Dragon Knight Order. Their primary duty is to protect state dignitaries and those with equivalent status.

As a bit of a digression, having a headquarter inside the Imperial Palace does not necessarily correlate to the ranking of the knight order. Although the Genryuu Knight Order led by Regulus have their headquarter outside the palace, their status and ability are among the best within the military.

Faima had repeatedly raised the issue on Kanna's innocence. When Kanna was apprehended, she certainly had spoken impulsively out of confusion but after a day, she regained her usual state of mind and submitted a logical testimony to the commander and vice commander of the Steel Dragon Knight Order. However, no matter how many times she pleaded her case, the discussions ended without any satisfactory result, just like today.

Judging that it would be useless to say anything more, Faima leaves the commander's office.

Was it no good after all?

Rand who was listening to the conversation beside Faima earlier says so in a grave tone.

I might be addressed as a state guest but in reality, I'm only a powerless girl. I do not believe it is going to be that easy.

Even while talking calmly on the surface, Faima's countenance is fraught with irritation. Let alone Kanna's release, she did not even get the permission to visit him. She was granted freedom within the palace to some extent but it was practically a house arrest which included all of her escorts.




As Faima could not ascertain the current state of Kanna, her anxiousness deepens.

There are too many unnatural aspects about this incident. First of all, when Faima was reunited with Kanna, that was not the first time she went into the city alone. Prior to that incident, she had escaped the watchful eyes of her escorts twice. And yet, none of those developed into a situation in which the knight order responsible for safeguarding dignitaries would intervene. Furthermore, the Steel Dragon Knights had begun to act much earlier than Rand's request for help.

Milady is also a troublesome one.

Says Rand with a sigh. When the knights suddenly appeared in the middle of their search for Faima, the three of them could not hide their surprise.

In the first place, it's obviously strange to grant a guest of state treatment to a powerless daughter of a count's household.

The household of Count Alnabeth is a venerable family that has existed since the early days of Yulfilia. Although their territory is not particularly large, successive generations of the family head had a strong interest in scholarly pursuit, developing their territory into becoming the country's foremost academic hub.

While he is the family head, the current Count is also appointed as the headmaster for one of the magic academy. In the past, Faima graduated from that inst.i.tute as the valedictorian.

Still, as Faima had stated, the Alnabeth household does not have any influence to interfere directly with the internal affairs of Yulfilia despite their fame. Although the Count is the lord of a land that has produced many excellent human resources and his network of connections are not to be trifled with, the power he could exercise directly is limited.

I cannot fathom the motive behind this state guest treatment. It would be understandable if I were from a powerful family with a large dominion or a family deeply entrenched in national politics. But I am merely an eccentric stay-at-home girl from the countryside who spent most of her life in search of knowledge.

Wouldn't that be too much.

As far as that person is concerned, it would be a compliment.

Faima's lines might come off as disdainful to some but actually, her feeling is very similar to that of respect.

We've digressed. The question is, for what purpose was I invited to be a state guest at this particular timing?

Perhaps we should consider that it was fortuitous for us to spend the last month freely instead.

I wonder about that.

Faima cut down Rand's words and snaps her fingers.

Faima invokes the magical formation she secretly constructed and brought the air surrounding both of them under her control. It is a spell called [Silent Field]. It has the effect of preventing sound within the wind barrier from leaking outside.


Rand was puzzled by Faima's behavior but he immediate understood.

From here on out, anything heard by others will have a bad consequences. Faima puts her hand on her chin and ponders.

If their intention was to welcome me as the state guest, why did they not do so from the beginning, I wonder? We entered the city a month ago but it should have been relayed to the Imperial Palace's internal affairs.

No matter the status and reason, when a person of a n.o.ble background enters the capital city of another country, it is a general rule to issue a notification to the internal affairs of that country. Faima and her entourage went through the procedure when they arrived at Draknil's station by way of magic train. At the same time. they also reported where they would be lodging.

Regardless of how slow the information travels, it would not have been strange if there was any action on their part in some form or another within a week. But in the end, more than a month had pa.s.sed without any movement. Was this a mere dereliction of duty, I wonder?

It is quite late to be welcomed as a guest of state.

I also thought as much. During this blank period, I was not a person worthy of being a state guest, that is. After all, I am merely a daughter of Count from a remote frontier. At least, officially.

Does milady imply that milady's visit to Draknil has definitely reached their internal affairs and they knowingly neglected us? If that is so, then

Rand adds a short pause.

There was someone moving behind the scenes a few days before the Steel Dragon Knights were sent out to search for Faimsama.

I am also of the opinion. But this is not beyond what I conjectured.

Faima is being humble but she herself thought she is not that far off the mark.

However, it raises a new question. Who was the person who leveraged the internal affairs of this country to treat Faima as a guest of state? And why did the person left Faima untouched for more than a month? Above all else, the Steel Dragon Knights were dispatched as if they knew that Faima had gotten herself involved with trouble.

I cannot explain it well but it feels strangely incongruous.

There is no doubt that there was some ulterior motive but from the way the situation progressed, it has a streak of immaturity. By pouring some thought into the matter, the unnatural points Faima pointed out becomes more distinct. Consequently, a strong feeling of wariness rose up within her mind. Even though this should not be a desirable outcome for the schemers

After thinking that far, Faima decides to stop her train of thought. With her lack of information at present, she could not risk making a wrong conjecture lest she be caught in the wrong preconception and make a mistake in a crucial moment.




Milady, we have arrived.

Faima raises her line of sight when prompted by Rand to see that they had arrived in front of the room that was prepared for her.

There are much to think about but our immediate concern is to prove Kanna's innocence and acquit him.

When Rand opens the door to the guest room, Faima steps into the room and undo the [Silent Field]. Inside the room, one of the her escorts -Agatt- is standing by and turns to them as soon as the door was opened.

Welcome back, milady and Rand.

I'm back Agatt. Where is Kiska?

She went to probe the servants.

Although their actions are restricted within the Imperial Palace, Faima and her entourage did not spend their time in silence. Just as Faima went to have a direct discussion with the Order of the Steel Dragon, each of her escorts were also gathering as much information as they could. That said, Agatt who is catastrophically bad at expressing himself, coupled with his honest personality is often made to wait in the room.

All the talking wore me out. Agatt, would you kindly brew tea for me?


The role a.s.signed to him was to brew a cup of tea for the others who are tired after performing the roles a.s.signed to them. The guest room are equipped with a set of utensils for brewing tea as well as magic tools for generating heat to boil water.

To tell the truth, Agatt is the most adept at brewing tea in Faima's party.

After a short while, he places a fragrant cup of tea on the table. Faima sips the tea and exhales all the anxiety acc.u.mulated within her. By the time Faima finishes her cup of tea

Milady, I've returned.Kiska returns to the room.

Good work. So, what did you get?(faima)

Nothing of particular importance However, I was able to hear a troubling information.(kiska)

Troubling information?(faima)

In the last few days, a knight order was busily moving around. I'm quite sure they are the Genryuu Knight Order(kiska)

Speaking of Knight of the Phantom Dragon, aren't they the most powerful knight order within Diagal's army which is led by the former rank adventurer?(rand)

The valor of Ryuuken, who rose to rank at young age resounded not only within Diagal Empire but also in other countries. Rand is slightly surprised by the information.

Yes. I was informed that in the event of an emergency, they will be the a.s.sault unit playing the part of a vanguard but rumors of incidents that drove their mobilization could not be heard inside the Imperial Palace. If I had to speculate, there was the big outbreak of goblins that occurred recently in a mine of a region a few stations away from Draknil the other day but(kiska)

I heard about that too. If I am not wrong, they were collaborating with Draknil's adventurer on that subjugation mission. It was quite the horde and I've heard that it consisted not only with goblins but also groups of lizardmen. Multiple high ranking superior variant (general goblin) was also confirmed.(agatt)

Kiska nods to confirm Agatt's words and continue reporting.

However, that subjugation mission has already been concluded. The post processing was handed to another knight order and Genryuu Knights was relieved of their duty.(kiska)

Their mobilization this time is a different matter from the goblin subjugation.(faima)

Faima ponders over the matter but could not come up with a definitive answer.

Even the genius girl could not have expected that the leader of the Genryuu Knights has a personal connection with Kanna, much less with herself.

She will become aware of the fact a little further ahead in the story.

arunabesu alnabeth. tried googling for similar words as ref. got none

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