Kar98k Upon Touchdown Chapter 684

Chapter 684 : Silent Grenade Holy Grenade

Chapter 684: Silent Grenade, Holy Grenade

Not far away from the guard tower, Mxey, the rifler of Faze, and renowned streamer Kinguin were seen cautiously moving forward.

Mxeys AK was erratically pointed up and down, and his crosshair was constantly in motion.

Wherever the silhouette of a person appeared, he would immediately aim his crosshair there.

However they had arrived at the front entrance of the guard tower, and not a single shadow was seen.

Kinguin curiously took a peek. He whispered, "Hey, partner! Looks like theres no one here?"

"Better be careful, I cant say that confidently yet." Mxeys experience and intuition told him that things were not as what they seemed.

Mxey deftly lobbed a smoke grenade toward the guard tower window.

The smoke grenade was not to obscure his position, but rather to solve the problem at its root by blocking his opponents line of fire. If someone was inside the guard tower, they would not be able to see neither him nor anything else.

They moved closer to the guard tower under the cover of the smoke.

Both of them were surprised when they heard slight footsteps coming from within the guard tower. They looked at each other in confusion.

Whats the situation?

Theres someone inside! Why arent they shooting at us?


Is there a conspiracy going on?

Mxey and Kinguin once again raised their guard.

They did not want to relive the suffocating agony of the last match when they were wedged between a car and a walking tractor by Liu Zilang. Not to forget, they were then burned to death with a Molotov Cocktail!

They had been extra cautious throughout the match.

Both of them did not storm the guard tower nor threw grenades. Instead, they half-crouched in front of the door on the first floor.

All the way until the smoke dissipated, there was no movement from within.

This scene caused the live audience members and live stream viewers to be dumbfounded.

Ive got my popcorn all prepared here, and all you show me is this?

"By the way why isnt Vic shooting?"

"Somehow, I have this feeling that hes luring them in."

"A conspiracy! There must be some ploy behind this!"

"I think I smell the stink of an unholy alliance"


Meanwhile, the three commentators were also confused by what they were watching. They were not able to analyze what was going on between the two teams which were hidden in separate floors of the guard tower.

Since the guard tower had no fights taking place within it, the casters camera did not linger there for long. Instead, it cut over to the fight at Factory and the edge of the safe zone.

The radioactive blue circle had started shrinking.

Those who were not in the safe zone yet were madly lobbing smoke grenades as a last-ditch effort.

Smoke grenades provided cover, but at the same time, it was a signal flare that accurately told everyone else ones position.

Especially when there were many enemies.

The perfect example of this is seen in the situation at hand. Before the grenade throwers could run into the smokescreen, they were showered by bullets from all directions and were shown the true meaning of cruelty.

As the blue circle passed them and the smoke dissipated, what was left was barren desolate land and several lonely crates with untold stories

Meanwhile, the blue circle coincided with the boundary of the safe zone. The third-last circle refreshed.

It was not a concentric circle.

Instead, it veered slightly toward the south and encircled the southern half of Factory as well as the guard tower.

There were only eight teams and fourteen people left on the battlefield.

Six people were at the small guard tower, five were in Factory, and three were hugging the base of the wall that surrounded it.

"Tsk tsk, that was an intense fight! The number of surviving teams has been reduced by almost half, from fifteen to eight."

"Well, thats because too many teams lost the gamble by occupying Mylta Power. Then again, it was statistically more probable that the circle would shift to Mylta Power."

"Unfortunately statistics dont apply in PUBG! Were talking about metaphysics here! Thats why the circle refreshed at Factory, and it will continue moving south."

"Wait a second, why do I have the feeling that the circle will eventually converge on the guard tower? That means itll be a destiny circle for Vic, right? That cant happen?"

"I believe with Menhera-chan around, nothing is impossible."

Everyone fell silent after Lord Rong had finished his sentence

From a metaphysical point of view, Misaka Mikoto had caused too many miracles to happen in the tournament!

Summoning Heavenly Fire was not even the most miraculous thing. The most miraculous thing was that she let the usually unlucky Liu Zilang enjoy several consecutive destiny circles.

There was no other term to describe it other than miraculous!

In the previous match, after Misaka Mikoto had died in a freak accident involving her own grenade, Liu Zilang was jinxed until the end of the match

With Misaka Mikoto around him this time, his life was drastically different.

He had the privilege of enjoying three consecutive destiny circles in an inconspicuous guard tower, and his streak of luck was not going to end anytime soon.

Liu Zilang could not have had such good luck. The only explanation to it was the existence of the golden koi carp, Misaka Mikoto.

The most inexplicable thing about the situation was that the guard tower was being occupied by three teams.

Outside the tower, Mxey and Kinguin were beginning to think that something was amiss. Liu Zilang and Misaka Mikoto had participated in the shooting of wandering nomads earlier as the circle shrunk. This was because they had a height advantage that expanded their field of vision.

Like a fox swiping chickens from a barn, they had managed to steal two or three kills.

Liu Zilang was perfectly aware that there was a team next to the wall right under them. He was a little disappointed that the two teams downstairs did not fight. Thus, he did not bother to hide his tracks.

However, what Liu Zilang had not thought of was

Mxey and Kinguin who were on the ground had heard footsteps coming from the second floor. Rather than disturbing the peace with the team downstairs, they decided to try lobbing a couple of grenades up

Mxey held a grenade in his hand, leaned backward and then threw it toward the window.


Unexpectedly, the grenade hit the iron grille of the window, and it bounced back!

Boom! A loud explosion.

Fire and smoke erupted outside the window.

"Sorry, partner, my bad."

Fortunately for them, Mxey had noticed his mistake in time and had warned his teammate to dodge the grenade.

"I think how about you let me try this," Kinguin said eagerly as he swapped to a frag grenade.


The safety pin of the grenade was pulled.

After counting to three in his heart, Kinguin drew his arm backward and flung the grenade toward the window with all his might!

The grenade traced an arc across the air and went between the bars of the iron grille.

It went in! Kinguin felt a surge of excitement.

He was going to brag about it to Mxey next to him but unexpectedly

The grenade then silently flew back out from the window.

All was silent

So silent that it was unnerving!

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