Kiddnapped By Mafia Idols Chapter 19

19 ...

Wendy:that's our baby sister her name is Graciela she's 4 years old

Daehwi:really your mom had another kid how many is that know?

Y/n:8*theres a brother combing *

Daehwi:how's your parents

4 minute:*looks down*...

Katie:they went on vacation that's what unnie's said

Daehwi:where to?

Katie & Graciela:we don't know

Mariana:daehwi we will tell you later

Daehwi:okay*still confused*

Y/n & Wendy:can we leave now!!!!

Mariana:*sighs*not yet until they make sure you don't have anything else

Y/n & Wendy:but eomma!!!!!

Mariana:you both like twins

Y/n & Wendy:yeah we know

Daehwi:you too haven't changed a bit *chuckles*

Y/n:how's your big brother and little sister

Daehwi:*sighs*my parents made my brother an arranged marriage

4 minute:really I feel bad for Jacob how about your little sister??

Daehwi:she got pregnant by an stupid playboy

4 minute:poor tzuyu who's the guy

Wendy:can I be the god mother

Daehwi:the guy that got her pregnant is Jackson wang but he left my sister now a nice guy is dating his name is taeyong

4 minute:we know Jackson he's an asshole I think he's dead though

Daehwi:why do you think he's dead
for visiting.

Y/n:I think bts killed him and his group so yeah he's probably

Daehwi:why did they killed them

RM:Jackson and his team tried to kill the whole family for some reason before they died they said they are v-then got cut off by someone*stares at suga*we still wonder what Jackson meant by that


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